Academic Research and Writing

The knack to academic research and writing is following a prescribed format

Most academic research and writing adhere to a generally-accepted model:

  1. Introducing your subject and its purpose. In the essay introduction paragraph, you need to describe the purpose of your academic research and list the key questions to be addressed.  You are likely to have identified these in advance.
  2. List your research objectives.  In this essay section, you can list your objectives, describe the thesis to be examined and what you intend the research to prove.
  3. Describe your area of study and any existing work in that field. Here, it may be appropriate to provide a snapshot of your study area and any existing work that is relevant to it.
  4. Research method. Describe the methods used in your custom research. Keep this paragraph short and cite any sources used, unless yours is the first work in this area. However, your work should be informative enough for others to use in the future.
  5. Research results. Dedicate a section to your research results. If these are lengthy, you can add them as supplementary data or appendices. Your data and any figures should be clearly laid out in diagrams and tables.
  6. Argument or research discussion. This provides the opportunity to discuss the results of your custom research within a wider perspective. This part of academic research and writing can be the most challenging. What implications does your work have and how do these apply to previous efforts? What is its meaning? How has your work improved knowledge in that field?
  7. Your research conclusion. The final paragraph of your academic research and writing allows you to offer a summary of your findings. The use of bullet points may add clarification. One option is to take your original aim and summarize how your work meets it. From there, describe your activities, results and what you found, which is your conclusion. Have your discoveries lead to any changes? Do you agree or disagree with the thesis of your academic research and writing?
  8. Acknowledge any assistance you received. You should provide an acknowledgement of any assistance you received from other people who provided data or read your academic research, any site or laboratory help or any financial support you received.
  9. Citations/references. Provide a reference list laid out alphabetically and chronologically. Verify the required reference style with your tutor or publisher.

The majority of academic papers can be categorized as research or topic papers. In research writing, you should choose a topic and research it in a library or through online sources. With topic assignments, one is generally allocated a topic, or a choice of topics, based on their class activities and they are meant to develop their essay on these materials, rather than library or online material. The advice provided here is equally relevant to both types of academic papers.

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