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Academic Research and Writing

Exclusive Papers Writing: Useful Tips

Not sure how to start your exclusive papers? Below are some helpful suggestions that can get you started.The research paper is one of the most common academic assignments and is used in virtually all fields. By learning how to do it properly, students can make a major contribution to society.

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Research papers are used to address serious issues and attempt to find solutions. By writing research papers, you can learn valuable skills such as:

  • Managing your time
  • Developing important research questions
  • Conducting proper research
  • Creating synthesis between related key points by organizing them in a coherent manner
  • Presenting logical arguments that are backed up by evidence
  • Providing the reader with insights about the research

Every field conducts research in its own way. This affects how the research paper should be written and how the final copy should look. If you have questions about the guidelines for your particular discipline, the Prime-Essay.net has some helpful information about it.

In addition, every instructor might have their own expectations for how their assigned research papers should be written. For this reason, you should always look over their requirements carefully. Writing a research paper is not always an exact science, and for that reason, the following suggestions only serve as a general presentation.

The knack to academic research and writing is following a prescribed format

Most academic research and writing adhere to a generally-accepted model:

  1. Introducing your subject and its purpose. In the essay introduction paragraph, you need to describe the purpose of your academic research and list the key questions to be addressed.  You are likely to have identified these in advance.
  2. List your research objectives.  In this essay section, you can list your objectives, describe the thesis to be examined and what you intend the research to prove.
  3. Describe your area of study and any existing work in that field. Here, it may be appropriate to provide a snapshot of your study area and any existing work that is relevant to it.
  4. Research method. Describe the methods used in your custom research. Keep this paragraph short and cite any sources used, unless yours is the first work in this area. However, your work should be informative enough for others to use in the future.
  5. Research results. Dedicate a section to your research results. If these are lengthy, you can add them as supplementary data or appendices. Your data and any figures should be clearly laid out in diagrams and tables.
  6. Argument or research discussion. This provides the opportunity to discuss the results of your custom research within a wider perspective. This part of academic research and writing can be the most challenging. What implications does your work have and how do these apply to previous efforts? What is its meaning? How has your work improved knowledge in that field?
  7. Your research conclusion. The final paragraph of your academic research and writing allows you to offer a summary of your findings. The use of bullet points may add clarification. One option is to take your original aim and summarize how your work meets it. From there, describe your activities, results and what you found, which is your conclusion. Have your discoveries lead to any changes? Do you agree or disagree with the thesis of your academic research and writing?
  8. Acknowledge any assistance you received. You should provide an acknowledgement of any assistance you received from other people who provided data or read your academic research, any site or laboratory help or any financial support you received.
  9. Citations/references. Provide a reference list laid out alphabetically and chronologically. Verify the required reference style with your tutor or publisher.

The majority of academic papers can be categorized as research or topic papers. In research writing, you should choose a topic and research it in a library or through online sources. With topic assignments, one is generally allocated a topic, or a choice of topics, based on their class activities and they are meant to develop their essay on these materials, rather than library or online material. The advice provided here is equally relevant to both types of academic papers.

Two Major Types of Research Papers

  • Analytical research paper: For this type of paper, the student usually begins by asking a question for which his/her position is neutral. The purpose of this research is to explore and evaluate. The student should not try to persuade the reader or otherwise make an argument that his/her ideas are correct and any opposing views are wrong. Rather, the goal is to critically interpret primary and secondary sources as a way of strengthening the analysis of the topic.

As the student starts the writing process, their original thesis statement will likely change substantially since they will have acquired more knowledge on the topic. In comparison to the argumentative research paper (which will be discussed below), the writer has more flexibility in changing their thesis.

  • Argumentative research paper: For this type of paper, the writer wants to express a position and convince the reader that his/her points are logical and sound. It starts by introducing the topic and writing a clear thesis statement. Remember that the topic should be based on something for which there is significant debate. Using primary and secondary sources, the student needs to find strong evidence to support their thesis throughout the paper.

Research papers are very important components of a class grade, which is why it is so important that you prepare properly. Stay disciplined, maintain focus, avoid distractions and keep to your original timeline.

The First Steps  

The foundation of many research papers is built upon a certain argument, position or theory. However, it is perfectly appropriate to explore a specific topic (or important figure) and explain its significance.

For instance, you might make the argument that Bitcoin will eventually render traditional currency obsolete. To achieve this, you would:

  • Support your claim through good evidence. For instance, you might discuss how Bitcoin has already changed society and what the future portends.
  • If your view about Bitcoin is a positive one, you could persuade the audience that they should invest in the new form of currency.

Once you have done some research and gathered some ideas, you will begin the process of working on the outline. Do not overlook the importance of this. A good outline keeps you focused throughout the paper.

Much like a layered cake, each piece of the paper should built on top of the other in a way that makes sense. As you organize the introduction, you should identify a question or problem statement, provide some background and explain why the issue is important. Next, you will create a thesis in which you spell out your argument. For the rest of the essay, you will support your arguments based on evidence that you have gathered from the research. When you get to the conclusion, you would want the audience to understand why they should care about the topic of your research and what actions they should take.

Picking a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the foundation for the entire research paper, and for this reason, it is important that you pick one that is clear and sound. Depending on the type of paper, there are a few approaches you can take. For instance, you could:

  • Come up with an idea and explain it to the audience
  • Make an argument about a claim
  • Analyze a concept
  • Take a position on an issue

Moving from the initial thesis statement idea to a more defined one will take some time and the need to brainstorm. Here are some strategies:

  1. Take a general idea and create a question. Then take that question and think about how you make it more specific and refined.
  2. Do some research, gain some more knowledge about the topic, and use this in order to develop a more specific thesis.
  3. Always go back to the thesis statement as you go through this process.

Starting Point: The Introduction  

The introduction should be interesting and capture the audience’s attention. Start by discussing your main idea and the argument that you are making. As you ponder your introduction, here are some ways to make it more effective:

  • Start with a quote or statement that surprises and intrigues the reader.
  • Provide some background about the topic, especially if you assume the reader lacks knowledge about it.
  • express your main idea or thesis
  • Offer a preview of what the reader will find when they reach the body of the paper

The majority of introductions in a research paper discuss its main point, but the rest of the details could differ. For instance, there might be cases in which the paper goes straight to the main claim without a hook. Note that if you are writing a lengthy paper, you will be expected to write an introduction that is longer in order to provide the reader with enough information.

If you are not certain how to get started, consider these suggestions:

  1. Jump right into the body of the paper first. Take a look at your outline and write out a paragraph based on information that you feel most comfortable with.
  2. Keep the target audience in mind. For instance, if you are making an argument against increasing college tuition, college students (or their parents) are likely to care more than somebody who has no stake in the issue.
  3. Think of a few versions of the introduction and pick the one that looks best.
  4. Ask family and friends to help. Tell them to read what you have written so far and to get feedback. You are also welcome to email your instructor or meet with him/her during their office hours.
  5. Take a break, relax, and come back when your mind feels refreshed.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Every research paper should end in memorable fashion. Of course, this is always easier said than done. How can you come up with a way that drives home the point and explains to the reader why this issue should matter to them?

There are several options for achieving this, as there is no universal “right” way to conclude a paper. Much will depend on the tone and style of the research. For instance, if the topic were serious, you obviously would not want to end it by using humor. Instead, you would want to use emotional language to implore the audience to take a similar stand.

As you work on your various drafts of the conclusion, think about the answers you have uncovered. What solutions are you proposing and which ones might leave an impact on the audience? What information you want the audience to walk away with? How should they take this and help advance your cause? Why should they care at all?

One final suggestion: remember that your conclusion does not need to take up a lot of space. In fact, for most research papers it should be relatively short compared to most of the other parts. What matters is the emotional effect that it has on the reader, not the length.

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