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Why You Should Consider Progressive Delivery for Larger Orders

For the most part, we classify larger orders as those with at least twenty pages although a large order can be ten pages (or more) if it is typed in single rather than double-spacing since, clearly, the latter type of line spacing can greatly increase the number of pages in a document. For example, it can bump a 10+ page document up in size to 20+ pages. In any case, when it comes to managing these bulkier assignments, progressive delivery is a great option and, if you place orders with, it is a service you can avail of.    

Benefits of Getting Papers Delivered Section by Section:

  • As well as making large assignments more manageable, progressive delivery removes the difficulty from such tasks as order tracking. Moreover, before the final date for submitting their paper arrives in parts, this method gives the customer sufficient time to check the work we send to them since they may want some adjustments - unless they are immediately ready to approve it. 
  • You get the best assistance possible – talented writers to craft your paper(s) and professional editors to look for and eliminate errors.
  • A bigger window – a whole month (30 days!) - to get your papers revised/corrected free-of-charge. While we provide free revisions to every customer and with every order, we usually apply a limit of 2 days in the case of standard service).    
  • A competent supervisor within our company takes charge of each new order and personally ensures it is taken successfully through the lifecycle that applies to writing a paper – from receipt to satisfactory completion. It is also their job to provide the facilities to enable you and the person at our company who is helping you to communicate with each other in as fast and efficient a manner as possible for the duration of your project.    

How orders are delivered to you via the progressive delivery method*: 

  • 4 or less days: Assuming this is the amount of time has agreed to complete an order in, we complete Section One (25% of order) and deliver this upon expiry of 50% of the agreed completion time. (Example: You ask to provide 20 pages of content in 2 days. We complete 5 pages (Section One) within 1 day and deliver it to you.          
  • 5 to 11 days: Assuming this is the time allowed, we complete Section One (25%) and Section Two (50%) and deliver these upon expiry of 25% and 50% of the agreed completion time.       
  • 12 or more days: Assuming this is the time allowed, we complete Section One (25%), Section Two (50%), and Section 3 (75%) and deliver these upon expiry of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the agreed completion time. 

Clearly, has to charge a little extra for this service, which we think you will find reasonable at just +15%. 

* Please feel free to contact our friendly representatives or your personal order manager in the event the delivery option above does not suit your needs. Our staff will cooperate fully with you to find a solution that best suits you.   

Additional Services – Options for Customers with Short Orders – Less than 20 Pages


If you order a summary from us, you will receive a 1-page document that will quickly let you (and your readers) see the most important ideas/points/information from a longer text. We especially recommend these page-long documents to customers who need to show a tutor or supervisor how they are progressing with a research project i.e. they can be used as a reporting tool.    


If you order a draft from us, we can let you have these once we reach 50% or half the time allowed to complete your order. For example, if our company agrees a completion time of 2 days with you, we will either send you a) a 600-word draft in single line spacing or b) a 300-word draft in double line spacing upon expiration of 1 day of the agreed completion time.

Extended Revision undertakes to revise/correct the work we provide to our customers – free-of-charge – for a limited period after delivering an order. Currently this time is 2 days. However, we give customers the option of extending this revision time from 48 hours to 14 days if or when they believe more time is necessary or desirable.   

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