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Also referred to as personal statements or application essays, an admission essay is a short written piece prepared by a student when applying for acceptance in a graduate school, college, or university. Editing services are not just used by those who find writing difficult. They are a service for anyone who wants an impressive essay to submit to an admissions board.

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College Admission Essay Editor

Getting into the college of your dreams depends partly on your grade point average, SAT scores and extra-curricular activities. But since every high-achieving student has a 4.0, high SAT score and is involved in a bunch of school clubs, colleges place a lot of emphasis on the application essay. If you want to stick out from the rest, hire a college application essay editor to make your essay look impressive in front of the admissions committee.

The admissions essay amounts to a personal statement that demonstrates how you are the right fit for the college that you are applying. While the format and questions for this essay varies from college to college, they are ultimately looking to achieve the same results: determining whether you have the personality to thrive in their campus culture.

Choosing a Topic

When writing the admissions essay, the two key things you need to focus on our honesty and originality. You want to prove to the admissions committee that you are not just another cooking-cutter student who gets good grades. They want to know how your experiences have shaped your life and how you will contribute to making that college a better place for everybody who attends. You obviously need to start by grabbing the committee’s attention.

Sometimes the college will give you a topic to write about, but in many cases, you are free to choose your own. If you are responsible for selecting the topic, make sure you use great care while doing so. Pick one that really shows who you are and enhances your qualities.

Common Admission Essay Question Examples

  • Do you have a unique background? Or perhaps you have a talent that really sets you apart from the rest. If you have a story to share that makes you truly original, the committee would be interested in reading it.
  • Write about a time in which you failed, how it affected you, and how you have used this experience to succeed.
  • Have you ever grown skeptical about a certain belief or idea. If so, what caused you to feel that way? If you had to do it over again, would you make the same decision?
  • Discuss one problem in this world that you would like to solve and what steps you would take to find a solution.
  • At what point in your life did you finally realize you were not a child anymore?

While the topics will differ depending on the college, one thing is certain: the writing needs to be focused and of high quality. The best way to achieve this is to leave it up to a college application essay editor. Our professor editors know exactly what to look for as they edit your paper. Here are some of the ways to write a succession admissions paper:

How it works

Proper Essay Format

While a lot of universities allow (and even encourage) you to write your admissions essay in whatever style or format you prefer, it is usually best to stick to the conventional “Intro-Body-Conclusion” format since this will allow you to express yourself in the most coherent, organized manner.


The introduction provides you with a platform for telling the admissions committee who you are or what issue you are going to address. If you really want to get the board’s attention, it is essential that you put a lot of thought into this. Ask rhetorical questions, use a memorable quote, or start off with a factual statement.

Ultimately, do not forget that the purpose of the essay is to give the committee a glimpse of your personality. Establish a connection between you and the committee members and give them a preview of what to expect.


This is where you identify the topic of the paper. It needs to show who you are. Here are five things to think about as you put it together:

  1. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
  2. What are your achievements? (Note that the committee will already be aware of your GPA and test scores, so discuss something else that cannot be found on the application)
  3. What are your beliefs?
  4. How can you contribute to the success of the college? (as opposed to how the college you are applying to can help you succeed)

The content of the body paragraphs should focus on elements related to your life. Do not make it a general autobiography about yourself. Also, do not give in to the temptation to exaggerate your accomplishments. The admissions committee could very well request verification.


Finish your essay with a strong statement for why you belong at this college. In particular, explain why you deserve to be selected over other applicants (just make sure to focus on confidence, not arrogance).

Final Tips

  • Yes, the admissions board is looking for high achievers when considering who to invite to their college, but they are also looking for students who will be able to get along with each other. Your admissions essay is a way to show that you are both intelligent and likeable. Show off your sense of humor and creativity.
  • The committee is looking through a whole lot of applications, which means they are not going to have time to read a novel of an admissions essay. Many colleges will ask you to limit the word count to around 250. If the limit is not specified, do not exceed 500 words. Another purpose of keeping the essay short is to demonstrate to the committee that you are able to be concise while still providing as much essential information as possible.
  • Most essays will be objectively “passable.” In other words, the committee is going to look at them and find that they are decent, but nothing special. So be original! Take a controversial stand on a topic such as religion. Show them that you are a free thinker!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so if you want you get into your first college choice, your admissions essay needs to look perfectly. When you request a professional college application essay editor to check the spelling, structure and grammar of your papers, you will gain an edge over other applicants and stand a better chance of getting accepted! So order your editing services today! Has Great Experience has been writing and editing application and admission essays for quite a long time, and we understand what admission boards look for in these types of essays. Our work is unique, entirely devoid of clichés, and we can improve any written piece so that it attracts the attention of the intended reader. The experience we have in this field means we understand the requirements of many different institutions. The assistance provided by our editors is fully personalized and we can edit essays for college and university level, for medical school, law school, and for any MBA program.

Our Editors are Very Competent

Our strict recruitment procedures enable us to hire the best editors. Everyone who works for us is an English language grammar expert and is familiar with the terminology for different disciplines and schools. Some of our editors have even been tutors or have worked in admission offices. They understand what should be included and what should be avoided in an admissions essay.

All Works Are Delivered On Time

We realize that time is critical when it comes to writing admission essays, not least because there are hundreds of applicants for every college place. Our vast experience means we understand the requirements of the different institutions. Moreover, this experience enables us to work quickly and we know what to focus on in order to deliver your papers in a timely manner.

The Process for Ordering Essay Assistance:

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    • Upload or attach the essay you want to have reviewed and edited
    • Pay the indicated price
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Quality Control

The editors we employ are highly skilled and superbly well qualified. Each one undergoes a strict selection process so that we can be confident he or she is capable of editing essays for any college or institution. In fact, most of our editors hold Master’s or PhD degrees so they are familiar with the application requirements for all levels of education. Moreover, our editors undergo regular training that involves writing and editing admission essays in a number of different styles, tones, and formats.

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