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By definition, most academic essay paper writing, and research writing in particular, requires the writer to uncover a great deal of subject-related facts before writing a paper. It is a good idea to choose essay topics you find interesting before you embark on the project. When the subject interests you, you are likely to approach your essay paper writing project with more enthusiasm. Therefore, choose your English essay topics with great care and attention.

One can, of course, buy their college papers on any topic imaginable from reliable online providers within a varying price range, but they shouldn’t feel daunted about tackling their own assignments.  It’s not necessarily as difficult as it may first appear. The first step is to make sure the essay question or thesis statement assigned to you fits with material you are researching, analyzing and writing about.

Topic ideas for an essay paper

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The following are some topic ideas in case you are having difficulty choosing one:

  1. By what means does GPS technology function?
  2. In ancient Greece, what Olympic events might one enjoy?
  3. In 2008, what caused the stock market crash?
  4. Why is sleep necessary for humans?
  5. What damage can computer viruses do and what makes them spread?
  6. What daily activities might a Buddhist monk enjoy?
  7. Describe the Magna Carta and its consequences?
  8. Is it possible for casino gamers to beat the house?
  9. How is Internet censorship applied globally?
  10. What causes mirages in a desert?
  11. Was Leonardo Di Vinci a better inventor than Thomas Edison or vice versa? 

Some controversial topic ideas for an essay paper:

  • Was the invasion of Iraq justified after the 9/11 WorldTradeCenter attack?
  • Would you say that Public Surveillance Technology is necessary to keep cities safe or is it an unacceptable invasion of privacy?
  • Would tighter Gun Control legislation protect public safety more effectively?
  • Because he questioned the Holocaust’s existence, is David Irving imprisonment justified? 

How to choose the best topics for an essay paper

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In choosing to buy papers from a custom writing service, you can put forward your own topic ideas or seek ideas from your allocated custom writer. Your writer may offer the following helpful tips when helping you choose good topics for your assignment:

  1. Should you feel you will have difficulty finding suitable material for your existing topic, or there is a shortage of it, swap it for a different one.
  2. Understand that any research you undertake should be in line with the topic and thesis statement assigned to you. Make a list of several topics prior to beginning your research work.
  3. It is important to conduct some preliminary research, which can be undertaken relatively quickly online.
  4. Examine all the arguments pertaining to a specific problem in order to strengthen your own arguments and make them more convincing when writing essay paper assignments.

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