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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography: Guidelines, Tips and Topics

College and university students are often given tasks that require them to write annotated bibliographies. Despite the fact that this is just an extended version of a usual bibliography, it is not uncommon for students to have difficulty in preparing it. An annotated bibliography essay is usually more energy and time-consuming, since students need to not only list sources, but write descriptions and evaluations for each of them. In addition, the annotated bibliography topics that students receive from their professors are often quite broad. Hence, it is only up to students to narrow the research topic and select the most relevant sources. Thus, if you don’t know how to write an annotated bibliography paper or cannot choose worthy topics for your essay bibliography, read the recommendations and tips below.

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What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

Before learning what annotated bibliography is, you should understand the essence of the word “bibliography.” Let us first answer the question "what is a bibliography in an essay?" Bibliography is associated with a reference list because it enumerates all sources that were used while writing an academic paper. However, to the larger extent, bibliography includes the list of all sources that were used during the researching stage and writing itself (books, articles, reviews, reports, electronic sources, etc.). Please differentiate between a reference list, which includes all names of authors cited in the text, and a bibliography. The latter allows writers to include all sources that were processed while working on the academic assignment. Even if you did not introduce a source in the text in the form of in-text citations, you can still mention it on the bibliography page, if you analyzed it during the research stage. There are different citation styles that dictate the way how a citation in bibliography should look like. However, according to the most writing standards, the writer should mention a full author’s name/authors’ names, year and date of publication, title, and information about the publishing house.

Annotated bibliography, in its turn, includes an evaluation and a small analysis of the text. Let us now provide the complete definition of the term. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, articles, journals, websites, etc.) that includes a brief summary or evaluation of each source. Annotated bibliography paper provides a reader with an overview of the sources available on a particular topic and used in researching the topic. Each entry in an annotated bibliography includes a citation for the source, followed by a brief paragraph that summarizes the main ideas or arguments in the source and evaluates its relevance, accuracy, and credibility. The annotation may also include information about the author’s qualifications, the intended audience, and any limitations or biases in the source. An annotated bibliography can be used as a standalone document or as part of a larger research project. It helps researchers keep track of their sources and provides audience with a more detailed understanding of the sources used by an author. Annotated bibliographies include some critical data about the source. Thus, writing an annotated bibliography makes further researching simpler.


Some annotations can take one sentence only. However, most of commonly assigned annotated bibliographies are rather extensive in their nature. A writer should present a full description of the source formatted according to the required citation style. Afterwards, one should dedicate a paragraph of around 100-150 words to the evaluation of source. Before working on your annotated bibliography, you should have answers to the following questions:

  • Predict the scope of work. Carefully read your instructions to understand how many sources should be analyzed. Do they have to be primary or secondary? Does your teacher ask for printed sources only or you can rely on electronic ones as well?
  • Find out if you are able to retrieve information from online databases or if you should visit a local library.
  • Always write down a full name of the source and try to format it according to the assigned citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

What Elements Do Annotations Include?

After you place the name of the source, you should write the annotation itself. Please remember that there are diverse requirements for writing this type of paper. Therefore, you should consult with your instructor and carefully read paper requirements. Usually a typical annotation includes the following points:

  • Explanation of the author’s purpose of writing the paper.
  • The primary focus of the chosen source (theme).
  • A short discussion of the major content points.
  • The suggested audience.
  • Weaknesses and strengths of the discussion (logical gaps).
  • Possible bias and subjectivity of the author’s position.
  • Evaluation of the special features of the source (appendices, glossary, etc.).
  • Your personal analysis of the source.

Though the abovementioned list includes many points, most of them are optional. Always make your annotations short, which implies that adhering to the word count requirements is a must.

The Purpose of Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Do not think that annotated bibliographies can be associated with an abstract, which represents a short summary of the whole work. Annotated bibliographies serve a completely different purpose – they describe the source and evaluate its content. No matter what kind of source you choose (book, article, interview, and so on), the aim of writing an annotated bibliography will remain the same:

  • To show the quality and scope of the research conducted on the assigned topic.
  • To review what has been already published pertaining to your topic.
  • To categorize sources according to specific classifications.
  • To prove to the reader that you consulted specific sources in your research.

As you understand the purpose of preparing this type of paper now, it is time to learn how to write an annotated bibliography step by step. Read on to find out what you need to do.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography: Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the necessary steps for writing an annotated bibliography:

  1. Select your sources. Choose relevant sources that pertain to your research topic, such as books, journal articles, websites, or other materials.
  2. Document your sources. Create citations for each source using the appropriate citation style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.
  3. Summarize the source. Write a concise summary of the source, highlighting its main ideas, arguments, and conclusions.
  4. Evaluate the source. Analyze the source's relevance, accuracy, and credibility, considering factors like the author's credentials, intended audience, and any biases or limitations.
  5. Write the annotations. Combine the summary and evaluation into a paragraph that explains the source's significance to your research, ensuring clarity and conciseness. Follow steps 2-5 for every source in your bibliography.
  6. Format the paper. Arrange your annotated bib according to the chosen citation style, alphabetizing sources by the author's last name and including a title.
  7. Revise and edit. It is of paramount importance to review your paper for accuracy, clarity, and completeness, making any necessary revisions and proofreading for errors.

By following these steps, you can create a well-crafted annotated bibliography that effectively organizes your research and provides valuable information to your readers.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography: Possible Styles to Choose From

It's important to note that annotations are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on your purpose, there are different ways to create annotations, including descriptive, summary, evaluation, or a combination of all three. It is crucial to adhere to your instructor's guidelines when creating annotations.



Informative/Summary Annotations

Informative or summary annotations focus on providing a summary of the various sources. Within these annotations, you describe the main arguments or points covered in the source, as well as the different topics addressed. This is where you demonstrate why the source is essential and why it appears on your list. If you have no idea how to do it properly, an example of informative annotations can illustrate how this type of annotation functions.

Descriptive/Indicative Annotations

Descriptive or indicative annotations, on the other hand, serve the purpose of describing the source. They provide a quick summary of the source's argument, highlighting the main points and even specific chapters within the source. If you want to have a clue about how to do it correctly, a good example of an indicative annotation in MLA format can demonstrate how this type of annotation works.

Evaluative Annotations

If you want to go beyond summarizing and descriptions, you can opt for evaluation annotations. In this case, you compare and contrast the source, explaining why it was chosen and how it fits into your paper. Additionally, you assess the reliability of the information presented and identify any potential bias. In an evaluation annotationt, it is important to delve deep into the source.

Combination Annotations

Annotations do not necessarily have to adhere strictly to one specific format. You have the flexibility to combine all three types of annotations in your annotated bibliography. For instance, you can spend a few lines describing and summarizing the work and then conclude with an evaluation. The key is to tailor your annotations to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Tips on How to Write Annotations Properly

To provide accurate and well-written annotations, stick to the following rules:

  • Make each annotation succinct. You don’t need to write too much. Remember that your annotations shouldn’t be longer than one paragraph (unless your assignment instructions state otherwise);
  • The source summary should be a short outline of the main ideas and arguments;
  • You can omit the information that is evident in the source title from the annotation;
  • Usually, the references to previous work by the same author and any background materials are not included. Since you are addressing one source at a time, it isn’t necessary to use in-text citations or cross reference to back up your annotation;
  • Learn what referencing style you are required to use for the bibliographic citations, and be sure to use it consistently;
  • Reserve in-text citations for quotations or when referring to specific pages;
  • Unless specified otherwise, use full sentences and academic vocabulary in your annotations.

A lot of students also ask "can you use first person in an annotated bibliography paper?" The use of the first person in an annotated bib depends on the guidelines given by the instructor or the citation style you are required to use. In general, the use of the first person is discouraged in academic writing, including bibliographies. However, some citation styles like MLA and Chicago allow the use of first-person pronouns in annotations, while others, such as APA, discourage it. Therefore, it is vital to check the guidelines provided by your instructor or the citation style guide to determine whether you are allowed to use the first person or not. In case it's allowed, use it sparingly and only when it's necessary to convey your personal perspective or opinion about the source. As a rule, it is recommended to write annotations in the third person to maintain a formal and objective tone.

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Good Annotated Bibliography Essay Topics

If you are looking for great topics for your paper, here are some ideas straight from the experts.

Nursing Topics

  • The health of toddlers
  • Exploring common breastfeeding practices
  • The causes and symptoms of heart attacks
  • Analyzing prevalent skin diseases among teenagers
  • Understanding the impact of bone fractures
  • Highlighting the importance of diagnostic tests
  • Studying eating habits in adults
  • Exploring medical surgeries and their consequences
  • The roots of antibiotic resistance in schoolchildren
  • Analyzing and preventing stress in nursing responsibilities

Business Topics

  • The impact of racial discrimination on modern business opportunities
  • The challenges of expanding business initiatives in the Middle East
  • The relationship between business ethics and politics: Should they be separate or can they work together?
  • The role of women in the business environment
  • The leading factors to business success: Should prestige and fame be prioritized?
  • Educational practices that make business accessible
  • Common Nordic business practices in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
  • Forming business ethics for finance-focused companies
  • The role of social media and blog posts in business
  • How basic knowledge of psychology can help entrepreneurs manage stress and anxiety

Now you are familiar with the strategies, rules and tips on how to compose your paper well. Keep in mind that mistakes may destroy both the quality of your project and the overall impression it creates. So, if you want to submit a superb paper and avoid all possible mistakes, you can always turn to our experts for help; just say "write my annotated bibliography."

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