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APA Format Essay Example

This guide explains how to format a paper using the APA formatting style. As an added bonus, we have provided an example of a cover page formatted in the APA style, which you can use as a guide. In the event you require any further assistance writing an APA style paper, feel free to contact and we will be happy to help you!

APA, which is an abbreviated name for the  American Psychological Association, is North America’s largest scientific organization for psychologist professionals. Over the years, this Association has created and developed a formatting style of its own – called APA - and this is mainly used in essay writing and for writing research papers concerning natural and social sciences. And, remember, just ask the professionals at for assistance if you have any difficulties using the APA style in any of your papers.    

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The latest rules pertaining to the use of the APA formatting style can be found in the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual (6th Edition). This manual can be obtained through the Association’s (APA’s) website and, additionally, there is an abundance of information on the style available through various online sources.

The most frequent request our writing company gets from students is for help writing and formatting essays and other papers in the APA style. As mentioned previously, APA is used for papers related to the natural and social sciences and it is inevitable that this style differs in a number of respects from the MLA style.

One key difference concerns the way APA style papers are structured. Essentially, an APA essay is comprised of four main sections. These are a title or cover page, an abstract, a varying number of main body paragraphs, and a references page. More serious type APA style papers may be structured a little differently and include a title or cover page, an abstract, an introductory section, a methods section, a results section, a discussion section, a list of references, and appendices (if required).

This particular article addresses the following aspects of APA formatting – e.g., paper type, title or cover page, font style/size, page formatting, page numbering, use of indentation, headings, line spacing, citations, and reference lists. We have also provided an example of an APA-formatted title page for your convenience. 

The Paper Type

  • Type your essay on a sheet of white A4 size paper i.e. a size of 8.5”x11”. Allow margins of one inch on all four sides of the page. 
  • Title or Cover Page: This part is mandatory in an APA essay. You should add the term “Running head:” and then the title of your paper. This heading should be placed flush left i.e. aligned to the left-hand margin. Press the “enter” key eight (8) times and type the title of your paper again, this time including your first name and surname, the name of your academic institution, and your professor’s name. This block of title text should be placed in the center of the page.  
  • Page Numbering: You should number the pages in your paper in consecutive order, starting with page number 1. Numbers should be positioned in the top right corner of the page. 
  • Use of Indentation: Indent all paragraphs flush left. To do this, press the “Tab” key once.
  • Headings: You should capitalize and center all page headings.
  • Line Spacing: Your paper should be typed in double-spacing throughout.
  • Citations: The most basic form of in-text citation is limited to the “author/year” format as per the fictional examples below:

In most nations, economic climate forces government agencies to implement changes if they are to survive (Bingham, 2005).

White & Jones (2011) report, however, that the rate of success in implementing effective change appears to be quite low.

    • Reference Lists: References are placed at the end of an essay or paper. When you have finished writing, you should begin listing your references on a fresh page. Place the title “References” in the center at the top of the page. Then, starting on a new line, you can begin entering your references in alphabetic order. The following is an example of a (fictional) entry, as it would appear in a reference list:
    • Challis, K. (2003). Ten steps for implementing change in an organization: A practical analysis. Understanding the Psychological Aspects of Organizational Upheaval: Looking at Change through the Eyes of an Employee, 148.  
    • A good thing about the APA style of referencing is the fact it is now fully automated. At, we have a special machine for creating APA referencing lists. This creates references automatically according to the entry information you provide. Once complete, you can download the file with your references as a stand-alone document or file, which you can then attach to an essay or paper.
    • The formatting of an essay in APA or any other style is a prime example of a task you can outsource to the professionals at We employ a large team of writers (hundreds in fact) who are entirely conversant with the APA formatting style. With the help of these experts you can save time just by requesting assistance with formatting. You may order formatting assistance from as part of our professional proofreading and editing services.


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