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Writing Argumentative Essays against Abortion Help

Essays against Abortion: How to Write an Argumentative Paper

What do professors expect when they give a task of presenting thoughts about abortion? They want students to either work on essays against abortion or explain why they support this idea. Abortion can be explained as the pregnancy ending via the embryo removal with no chance for it to survive. The term ‘miscarriage’ means spontaneous abortion, while induced abortion is always caused on purpose. Thus, when essays are written about abortions, it means they are devoted to the ethical aspects of induced abortions. Late pregnancy termination means that a similar procedure is done with a chance for the fetus to survive.

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If you contact our writing company, we will demonstrate how well we can work on argumentative papers on abortion. We will demonstrate our views and tell all details about handling the abortion procedure. We will show that it is relatively safe to do the procedure when the pregnancy term does not exceed twenty weeks and the unborn child does not weigh more than 400 grams. We will also mention the characteristic features of anesthesia, both general and local. Moreover, we will emphasize the fact that there are no medical guarantees that the consequences for the woman’s health will not be harmful.

We know how to make an argumentative essay abortion outline effective. We will definitely mention the history of the abortion procedure and start the story from antique times. In the Roman Empire as well as in Ancient Greece, abortion was not seen as killing a baby. According to Ancient Greeks, only when a father brought his child to the temple, it could be seen as a human. Taking the baby by the head, the father gave blessing to a little one. With the introduction of Christianity, the people’s view of abortion has changed.

It is a must to start thinking about the introductory part and main body parts only after the outline is done. There is a continuous debate about the pros and cons of abortion, and both the opponents and supporters of the idea have their own powerful arguments. They try to prove that their view is correct and try to persuade the others to join them.

Currently, there are more and more opponents of abortion in the societies. They have already developed persuasive arguments, and you can use them in your argumentative abortion essay to prove your point of view. Although the ideas presented against the ideas of abortion may sound convincing, there are still a lot of problems in the society and many women try to resolve them with having their children aborted.

Make sure that the arguments you have chosen for your essay are convincing, and you will make your paper memorable. Have a look at the following items to make an abortion essay flawless.

Arguments “Against”

  1. Conception is the start of human life, and abortion can be compared to a murder. A woman does not give a chance for her baby to be born and deprives it of the chance to live. It violates the human morality idea about the human life inviolability. Your papers should focus on this argument when you write your essays against abortion.
  2. It is wrong for the civilized community to allow casing harm on purpose. Abortion is life deprivation and this cannot be tolerated.
  3. If a woman wants to get rid of a child, she can give it for adoption instead of taking its life. The result will be the same for her, but the child will be alive. Only in the US, more than a million of families have applied for child adoption.
  4. There are a number of serious health complications caused by abortion. In the future, a woman will find it impossible to become a mother and have conception. Every new abortion causes the risk of miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, and inflammations of pelvic organs.
  5. There are numerous methods of contraception, but abortion cannot be one of it.
  1. Even if a woman has been raped or she has been a victim of incest, there are specific medical measures which prevent pregnancies. There is no fault of the unborn child that the father has committed a crime, and there should be no punishment for the innocent one.
  2. Some women struggle to gain the right over their bodies and defend their right to do everything they want with themselves. However, they should use contraceptives not to get pregnant and take care of control before the intimacy.
  3. There are a lot of people who have never supported the idea of abortion; thus, it is not fair to use the taxes to fund the abortions.
  4. More than 75 % of abortions are made by young girls or minors. Their life experience is too small to understand the scope of their mistakes. It is natural that almost all of them are later sorry about their decision.
  5. The typical consequence of abortion is depression and resulting severe stress.

Arguments “For”

  1. Typically, the time for abortions is within the first trimester. It is the period, during which a fetus does not exist independently and cannot function separately. An umbilical cord and placenta connect the embryo to the woman, and the fetus cannot be viewed as a human being as its health is in direct dependence with the mother’s state of health. Argumentative essay abortion pros and cons should always mention this aspect.
  2. It is essential to differentiate between life and consciousness. Conception gives the start to a new life, but it is also important to take into account particular features of artificial insemination. Fertilization in vitro uses impregnated ovas, which also contain lives, but still those ovas that are not attached get ruined. So, is that murder as well? It is complicated to answer this question, especially seeing numerous similar features with abortion.
  3. Adoption cannot be seen as an alternative option as the decision to give a child for adoption is made independently, while there is no control over pregnancy. According to the collected statistics, those women who were taken out seldom give away their own babies even if they are under severe pressure. 
  4. It is safe to undergo abortion as a medical procedure. It is done in the course of the first trimester in the majority of cases (88%). The percentage of possible complications with medical indications to have an abortion is approximately 0.5%. Besides, the women’s reproductive health is not affected in the negative way.
  1. If a woman gets pregnant as a result of rape or violence, it is unfair to make her give life to this child. The psychological trauma of a woman will only double and there will be no good for the baby either. If women are not willing to tell someone about the act of violence, it can be too late to take the emergency contraception means.
  2. Abortion has never belonged to contraception methods. Sometimes it is possible that even if a man and a woman use contraceptives, pregnancy can still occur. According to the statistics, 8% of the women, who decided on having abortion, had no contraceptives in use.
  3. Every civilized society protects all the rights of women, in particular their right to get overall control over their bodies. It is wrong to deprive women of fundamental rights. The state can make women neither carry fetuses nor undergo sterilization.
  4. Money from taxpayers is used for providing adequate medical care to poor women and wealthy women. Medical care covers abortion, however unpopular it may be.
  5. It is complicated to consider the lives of minors as happy and successful. They interrupt their education, leave schools, get unemployed, lose the chance to have good jobs, and raise the children in poverty with the assistance from social services. Moreover, their health always suffers.
  6. Abortion is a complicated life situation, and it leads to tremendous stress. However, according to the researches, the stress level is lower after the abortion procedure than before it.

Argumentative Essay as a Kind of Writer's Response for the Particular Issue

This response has argumentative character because the author experiences the influence of intellectual or emotional factor. Argumentative essay is based on the topic that has shadow of personality and informality. When giving arguments it is important to adhere to certain ethic manners and rules. Different stylistic devices that are used in writing are appreciable as well.

All statements are given in logical sequence for the better understanding of argumentation. In the end there is a conclusion that is based on the arguments given above. The conclusion whether gives the idea of incomplete assurance or total denial.

Very often argumentative essay contains such powerful arguments and personal attitude that the recipient can perceive it as aggressive and poignant criticism.Therefore, argumentation should be constructive and look like an opinion of the elder brother on the issue. Don’t let the discussion to grow into fiery debate. Careful and systematic analysis is beneficial for the high quality argumentum.

Read our Argumentative Essay Example
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Argumentative Essay Sample on Abortion

The question of abortion is the most complex and debatable issue in medical practice dealing with moral and ethical principles and concerns. Two main stands are exist: "pro-choice" advocates support woman's rights to choose while "pro-life" advocates underline divine right of fetus to live and God's will. From a moral standpoint, it is wrong to abort a fetus but it is legally wrong to deprive a woman a chance to prevent undesirable birth...

Work on the essays against abortion using our guidance and ask our experts for writing, proofreading, editing, or revision help if needed. We can either present a new essay from scratch or make your paper polished and brilliant.

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