Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is a kind of writer's response for the particular issue

This response has argumentative character because the author experiences the influence of intellectual or emotional factor. Argumentative essay is based on the topic that has shadow of personality and informality. When giving arguments it is important to adhere to certain ethic manners and rules. Different stylistic devices that are used in writing are appreciable as well.

All statements are given in logical sequence for the better understanding of argumentation. In the end there is a conclusion that is based on the arguments given above. The conclusion whether gives the idea of incomplete assurance or total denial.

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Very often argumentative essay contains such powerful arguments and personal attitude that the recipient can perceive it as aggressive and poignant criticism.

Therefore, argumentation should be constructive and look like an opinion of the elder brother on the issue. Don’t let the discussion to grow into fiery debate.

Careful and systematic analysis is beneficial for the high quality argumentum.

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