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Expert Tips and Good Argumentative Essay Examples for You to Succeed

High school students often begin their paper writing journey with 5-paragraph argumentative essays, which are highly favored by teachers in various humanities and even certain scientific disciplines. Taking into account the peculiarities of this type of essays, many students start looking for good argumentative essay examples for high school. would like to offer a helping hand by providing you with a tutorial on how to write an argumentative essay, ideas, and topics for your writing as well as a great high school argumentative essay example.

The first thing you need to remember is that an argumentative essay is not only assigned in the course of study, but can often be found in tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, ACT and many others. This article features good argument essay samples and ideas about how to write an argumentative essay properly in order to come up with a paper that stands out. 

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The Specifics of an Argumentative Essay

First, let us define an argumentative essay. In its essence, argumentative writing is similar to many other forms of academic assignments, however, requires you to defend certain ideas or suggested point of view. You are supposed to appeal to stats, facts and scholarly sources to defend your position and bring arguments sufficient enough to prove you right.

Very often students wonder whether there is any difference between argumentative and persuasive essay. Yes, while persuasive essay relies on moral components and emotional reasoning, the argumentative essay should use numbers and logic as foundation for an argument. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to present a balanced and well-supported explanation of why your opinion is valid. Additionally, the final main body paragraph should address the opposing viewpoint and demonstrate its flaws.

While the task may seem straightforward, many students struggle to accomplish it successfully on their first attempt. In most cases, when students are assigned an argumentative essay, they have a specific topic to cover. However, if you have to write a paper for your class and have no topic assigned, check out the list below!

Three Major Types of Arguments and How You Can Use Them

There are three primary methods for organizing an argumentative essay. Select one of the options below or combine them to compose your paper:

Classical Approach

Rogerian Approach

Toulmin Approach

Here you should present the main argument, state your viewpoint, and make a compelling case for why your stance is correct. Also known as Aristotelian, this strategy is widely used as it provides a clear and concise explanation, making it effective when your audience lacks extensive knowledge or a strong opinion on the topic.

A good way to define Rogerian argument is to describe it as a negotiation tactic that aims to identify the opposing points of view as objectively as possible and then create a common ground so both sides can reach an agreement. It’s a good tactic to use when the other party is biased toward the topic you are discussing (for example, social norms). We should also mention that it can only be applied to subjective spheres like politics, religion, and social topics, and not to objective ones (position of Earth in the Solar system, etc.).

Using this type of argument, you should present your claim, provide supporting evidence for that claim, and then justify the connection between the evidence and the claim. This type of argument is also effective for polarizing topics. Instead of presenting both sides, it focuses on presenting one side, relying on factual evidence that makes the claim difficult to dispute.

Thus, whether you are writing an essay for artistic purposes or aiming to capture the attention of a reputable publication, understanding how to structure your viewpoint correctly is crucial for a strong argumentative essay.

Great Ideas and Topics for Argumentative Essay

Choosing a topic is a tricky task, as you have to choose something you have feelings about, something that you can argue about and yet not to be the most obvious choice. We would like to begin with argumentative essay topics for high school students:

  • IOS vs Android: which mobile platform offers more benefits to students?
  • Any investment in crypto currencies are not safe or reliable
  • Do electric cars stand a chance to win the market?
  • Do superhero movies inspire kids or make them more violent?
  • What comics universe is more successful from the economic point of view, Marvel or DC?

If you do not like any of these topics or they don’t fit your studying/interests, here is another list of topics for high school argumentative paper:

  • What language would you consider to be the best second language to learn in the US?
  • Should students majoring in Arts or Engineering be forced to take standardized tests?
  • What is the most overpaid profession?
  • Should drinking, driving and voting age the same in all states?
  • Can high school students make an informed choice about their future on their own?

As you may have noticed, these topics are a bit complicated as they rely both on your position and ability to find arguments.

50+ Thought-Provoking Rogerian Essay Topics

A good topic provides an extra push for a great essay, so below you can check our list of topics for a Rogerian essay to find the one you’ve been looking for!

  1. Should school meal programs provide healthier food options?
  2. Should the health care system provide free services to those in need?
  3. Should companies be held accountable for their practices in developing countries?
  4. Is censorship of the internet necessary?
  5. Should public colleges and universities offer free tuition?
  6. Are standardized tests an effective measure of intelligence?
  7. Should scientists be allowed to conduct animal testing?
  8. Are video games beneficial to children's development?
  9. Should the government regulate the media?
  10. Should the government pass legislation to protect the rights of immigrants?
  11. Should the government fund research into alternative forms of energy?
  12. Should the government limit the amount of chemicals and pollutants in the environment?
  13. Should the government pass stricter laws to regulate the use of pesticides?
  14. Should the government impose stricter regulations on the use of artificial intelligence?
  15. Should the government impose stricter regulations on the banking industry?
  16. Should the government fund research into renewable energy sources?
  17. Should schools be required to teach about sexual education?
  18. Should the legal age for voting be lowered?
  19. Should there be limits on the amount of money people can spend on campaigns?
  20. Should all citizens be required to vote?
  21. Should there be stricter laws for animal rights?
  22. Should students be allowed to opt out of standardized tests?
  23. Should the government increase taxes on the wealthy?
  24. Should the government invest more in education?
  25. Should the government provide free childcare for low-income families?
  26. Should the government ban the sale of guns?
  27. Should the government require businesses to provide parental leave?
  28. Should marijuana be legalized in all states?
  29. Should there be more support for veterans?
  30. Should standardized tests be eliminated?
  31. Should the US education system be reformed?
  32. Should religious organizations be eligible for government funding?
  33. Should privacy rights be more strictly enforced?
  34. Should the military budget be reduced?
  35. Should the US immigration system be reformed?
  36. Should government subsidies be given to renewable energy companies?
  37. Should there be strict limits on campaign contributions?
  38. Should the use of plastic be limited?
  39. Should there be an international limit on carbon emissions?
  40. Should the US reduce its military presence abroad?
  41. Should the US be involved in foreign conflicts?
  42. Should the US economy be deregulated?
  43. Should the US have a foreign policy of non-intervention?
  44. Should the US government acknowledge its role in human rights abuses?
  45. Should the US government provide more aid to developing countries?
  46. Should the US provide more aid to refugees?
  47. Should the US government provide more assistance to poor communities?
  48. Should there be a limit on the size of school classrooms?
  49. Should employers be allowed to discriminate based on gender?
  50. Should convicted criminals be allowed to vote?
  51. Should child vaccination be mandatory?
  52. Should companies be allowed to advertise to children?

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Argumentative Topic Examples for You to Inspire

Good argumentative essay examples usually deal with an inspiring and interesting topic that people are always ready to discuss. Our list of prompts is divided into categories to make it easier to use and the topics we have included cover every element of modern life, so you are sure to find one that interests you most, inspires you or that you feel strongly about. Check out this list of argument essay topics and choose one you want to write about.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Discuss the perspectives for changing the modern-day system of taxing.
  • Do you believe that Shakespeare could have been an imaginary person?
  • Do you agree that CEOs and PMs are paid too much money? Who do you think deserves high salaries? How can it be decided?
  • Is admission to higher educational institutions overly competitive?
  • Do you agree that tests can evaluate a student’s knowledge and academic performance in the most accurate and objective way?
  • Do you agree that both men and women should serve in the army due to the equality of genders?
  • How far do you agree that left-handed guitarists are more talented?
  • Do you believe in life after death?
  • Was Johnny Depp the best choice for the role in the movie Ed Wood?
  • Is it important to follow trends and buy clothes according to fashion?
  • Do you agree that girls are meaner than boys?
  • In what ways are humans causing global warming? How can climate change be tackled?
  • Can one achieve success in life by being a good philosopher?
  • Do you consider art to be a profession? Or is it merely a means of inspiration?
  • Do you agree that old films are better than the modern ones?
  • Contemplate what a true meaning of love and passion is.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do you believe that elections can be fair?
  • Do you agree that it is fair and ethical to conduct experiments on animals?
  • Should death penalty be more widespread in judicial decisions? Is it effective?
  • Should drugs testing be undertaken in middle school?
  • Do you believe that religious controversies lead to wars and hostility among people?
  • Do celebrities be restricted from acquiring a political career?
  • Can corruption be effectively tackled?
  • Can political be fair? Or do politicians always “play dirty”?
  • Who could be the best president of the USA?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of feminism movements?

School Topics for Argument Essays

  • Do you think smaller schools are more or less effective than larger ones?
  • Should equal cover be given to all students in a Yearbook?
  • Should students who are schooled at home be permitted to participate in public school sports events?
  • Would you prefer to go to a private or public high school?
  • How important is which high school a student goes to?
  • Should pre-school be obligatory for all children?
  • To whom should student records be made available?
  • How much of a problem is cheating?
  • What methods are best for controlling student behavior in the classroom?
  • Do girls and boys do better when they are separated?
  • Should the age for dropping out be increased?
  • Should the number of years spent in high school be reviewed?
  • Do you think the school day is too long or short?
  • Should students go to college/school early?
  • Should schools start later in the day?
  • Is it right to allow students to skip high school senior year?

Social Media and the Internet Topics

  • Is it right that people are allowed to hide their online identities?
  • Can online/Internet reviews be trusted?
  • Does Facebook always make you feel good?
  • Is Facebook maintaining its edge?
  • Should the things you post on Facebook cause you to get fired?
  • Do you ever thinking about closing your Facebook account?
  • How to change or alter consumers’ behavior in the fastest way possible?
  • Is it normal for a girl to ask a boy for a date?
  • Should cigarettes be banned from public selling?
  • Should children be used in advertisements?
  • Do you think there could be an alternative to social networking sites?
  • Is it really effective and fast to find work via LinkedIn?
  • Do you believe that people who are active online be shy and reserved in reality?
  • Is it possible to earn much money on YouTube or Instagram?

These lists offer incredible ideas that can be used for your upcoming assignment. Take a look at them and ensure you select a pertinent topic to address in your writing.

Great Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Sometimes, you may find yourself bored, so here is a little challenge for you: essay topics that are more likely to be assigned in college:

  • Do traditional media present biased information and have hidden agenda?
  • Could legalization of light drugs be justified from the medical point of view?
  • Whom would you consider to be a super nation and opposition to the USA?
  • What is the most revolutionary technological advancement of the XX century?
  • Should the quality of public services be sacrificed in order to lower taxes?

What topics do you like? Do you have strong feelings about any of them? If you have chosen your topic, let us move on (you can choose or adjust your topic later).

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Many people hate any form of writing as they have no idea of where to start, or how should their paper look like. So in order to help them, here is what should be done:

Writing an argumentative essay

What Is a Successful Structure of an Argumentative Essay for High School?

Similar to any other essays, this writing should have introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion. However, if you are planning to make a great essay, keep in mind that every section is supposed to have structure and serve a specific purpose.

Let us begin with an introduction:

  • Hook sentence. First, you need to catch your readers’ attention buy intriguing them by writing something so controversial they will keep reading.
  • Background information. Before you introduce the main idea of your paper, narrow down the broad topic or provide an explanatory context for your writing.
  • Thesis statement. Directly state the idea you will be covering in your paper.

Depending on the number of arguments or points you plan to cover in your essay, the number of body paragraphs may vary. Do not forget that each paragraph should have:

  • Topic sentence. Small introduction within the paragraph will help the reader understand the micro-context and know what to expect.
  • Claim. The idea of certain paragraph should be clear and have to be stated in the second sentence.
  • Supporting evidence. The point of the argumentative essay is to convince the reader, so make sure your evidence matches the ideas.
  • Concluding sentence. Before moving to the next paragraph, make a logical transition to the next idea by presenting the link and connection between them.

The last part of each and every essay is conclusion, which is supposed to provide you readers with:

  • Restated thesis statement. Rephrase your statement, so the message behind it would be ‘as you can see from everything above, I was 100% right’. The more confident you are, the more likely are people going to believe you.
  • Brief summary. In case people have forgotten the arguments you brought up, summarize all the information
  • Overall conclusion. Draw a logical and confident conclusion to sum up your paper.

Another aspect you should pay attention to is argumentative essay format. Check the initial requirement to find the formatting style requested by your professor and pay attention to all those tiny details like margins, footnotes, citing and bibliography. Some professors are extremely cautious about the way your paper looks. If you are not certain which version of formatting you should use, check your syllabus or school’s website for more information. If you need help formatting your paper, you should know that we offer such services at a reasonable price.

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Professional Tips for Writing a High School Argumentative Essay

  1. Focus on rational, rather than emotional. The type of assignment demand you look for the way to convince your reader without appealing to their emotions.
  2. If you know any counter-arguments, address them in your paper. This step will help you make your paper more convincing and believable.
  3. Get help with editing. Sometimes you won't see your own mistakes, so outsourcing your editing or asking for help from someone more experienced might be a really great idea.

As we promised at the beginning of this article, here are some great samples of writing we performed on behalf of our clients. These argumentative essay high school samples can be used as studying material or source of inspiration, but shall not be submitted as your assignment.

If you liked any of these argumentative essay examples for high school or would like to order a custom-made paper for your class, feel free to place a request right now. Here is what we need to know:

  • Topic of your essay (if you haven’t chosen one, please type ‘writer’s choice’)
  • Number of pages (we count 1 page as 300 words double-spaced);
  • Deadline (from 11 days up to 3 hours);
  • Academic level;
  • And, if needed, number of sources to be cited.

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Want to Look at Good Argumentative Essay Examples? Here Is a Great One!

Read our Argumentative Essay Sample
for free and improve your writing skills!

According to Christian principles, it is evident that God will not save all humankind. This is mainly because not all human beings follow His path. Christian principles are those values that are derived from the teachings of Jesus.

They are communicated by Christians all the way through the history of this religion. Although God would like to save all people, it is not possible because some of them do not follow His teachings outlined in Christian principles. God uses the Bible to give instructions to the people on how they can live according to His will. For that reason, one can infer that following God’s path means adhering to what the Bible says...


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