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Argumentative Essay Writing

About the team who provide our argumentative essay writing

Since we founded our essay writing business in 2005, we have made considerable strides towards becoming one of the most professional service providers to buy papers from in our field. 

How we hire experts who are capable of the best argumentative essay writing

Should an individual wish to apply for a writing position in our organization, they must first undertake several assessments as part of our obligatory application process. To start with, we assess each candidate’s English knowledge, which involves a four-hour online assessment prescribed by the Oxford University Press.

Then, they are assessed on their knowledge of such popular citation styles as APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and similar. Finally, they are required to compete a samplete or test essay paper, which is scored by our evaluation team.

How do we evaluate these samples to ensure they make a good essay?

Evaluations are based on language usage, grammar, style, professional quality and legibility.

This means that, as well as having an excellent command of English, potential writers are expected to be knowledgeable in any specific topic for essays they will be required to write about.

Great Quality Essays

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Do we monitor the work and achievements of those involved in argumentative essay writing?

As happens in any other workplace, our custom writers need to be rewarded and motivated by appropriate systems. Hence, we have put a flexible Quality Assurance system in place. Each essay writer’s work is appraised twice per month. We randomly select three or four pages from the custom assignments they produced over the previous two weeks and pass them to a qualified editor who decides if, say, the persuasive essay papers they have written are good quality.

Where do we recruit our argumentative essay writing team from?

We recruit freelance researchers and writers from every part of the globe. Our online writers hail from such countries as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Pakistan, the Netherlands, the UK and USA, to name but some. But, regardless of their country of origin, all writers must demonstrate they have excellent English and a good range of other subject knowledge so we can ensure that, when our customers have essays to write, they receive a quality of work that matches their educational level.

Should you specifically require a native English writer for the paper you buy, you can indicate this on the order page, which also displays a pricelist.

How do we allocate your argumentative essay writing to a suitable expert?

Once you accept the price and place your order, we look for the most suitably-qualified writer straightaway. Our allocation process is constantly evolving. We select a writer according to their knowledge and experience, and whether you have chosen a standard, cheap paper or whether you have more detailed essays to write. Essentially, we match your assignment to the most suitable writer according to their skills, qualifications and experience. Above all, we ensure that a writer’s existing commitments allows them to create a good essay in line with your expectations, whatever topic for essays you have chosen. 

Can you be sure in advance that a writer is capable of creating the persuasive essay of your dreams?

The answer is yes. For an extra $5.00, which is still quite cheap, we can let you have three previous samples of a writer’s work so that you can assess how well qualified and proficient they are for yourself. However, you must select this option when ordering. Alternatively, you can place an order and have the first page of your assignment competed by several writers for free. From there, you can choose the writer you deem the best match.

If you are having some troubles with choosing a topic for perfect argumentative esay, you are free to choose one of from our great Argumentative Essay Topics List.

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