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Biology Essay Topics (Questions + Free PDF): Choosing the Best Topic for a Paper

There are different biology essay topics students can choose to write their essays. However, in order to create an interesting topic, students have to use special approach. Besides, it is also useful to set specific biology essay questions, which will finally lead to creation of a good topic. Here is a list of possible biology essay topics:

  1. The relation between obesity and genetics. Are you doomed to be obese if you are born in a family of overweight people?
  2. How can the statement that vaccination leads to autism be explained? Is there a connection?
  3. How can alternative medicine be helpful in the process of treating illnesses?
  4. Are there ways to postpone or stop processes of aging?
  5. How can cloning be justified?
  6. The influence of miscarriage on the future possibility of women to have children.
  7. What are the ways of spreading epidemic diseases in modern world?
  8. Are there any ways to make changes in DNA?
  9. Is there a possibility to treat cancer? At what stage is the science today?
  10. How can be modern technologies applied today to help cure diseases that are considered untreatable?
  11. Is there a chance that epidemic diseases can be used as biological weapon by terrorist organizations?
  12. Is there a connection between how people treat environment today and the increased cases of cancer development among population?
  13. Is love an uncontrolled spiritual process or a disease? What biological factors are involved in the process of falling in love? Can it be prevented?
  14.  How can people’s ability to control birth influence the evolution processes?
  15. What are the factors that cause mental disorders? How can environment influence mental well-being of people? Are chemical reactions within a human contribute to disorders development?
  16. What are the ethical considerations in regard to cloning? How the process should be controlled and who is going to take responsibility for that?
  17. What diseases should be paid the greatest attention today? How can cells stemming influence the process of improving health condition of modern people?
  18. Is it possible to make people younger? If so, should this practice be private or available for all?
  19. Love: biology or spirituality? How can we control our emotions?
  20. Where will the evolution lead us? What is the next step? How did people evolve and how long the process lasted?
  21. Is there a possibility that there exist a horrible disease that can wipe out a half of humanity in a short time span? How can people prepare to fight such disaster?
  22. Is it possible to make our brain work harder? How to stimulate brain activity and become a super-human?
  23. How can DNA studies help people fight diseases?
  24. What steps should be taken to save humanity from attacks of deadly flues?
  25. Is it possible to stop physical aging? How will it affect mental condition of people?

There are many other possible biology essay topics. The most important thing is to choose the one that is controversial enough to evoke discussion.

Biology Essay Topics


Read More Sample Questions

  • A comprehensive program for transporting the types of medicine sensitive to temperature.
  • Single out the forms peculiar to the neuromuscular junction and analyze their functions.
  • Enzymes are categorized according to their functions. One of the biggest and properly analyzed groups of enzymes is oxidoreductases which speed up oxidoreduction reactions.
  • Mary, a 70-year-old European woman with a BMI of 17.5 accidently fell at home and broke her left ankle. She addressed her family physician who supposed that Mary may suffer from osteoporosis. She was said to take a DEXA scan. After scanning, the initial diagnosis was proved.
  • A sudden outbreak of salmonella in milk products.
  • The connection between the religious issues and eating traditions. Produce an essay on adequate nutrition.
  • Create a coherent piece of writing on laparotomy.

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  • Prepare a paper on fundamental ecological peculiarities of Ranunculus spp.
  • Examine the epidemiology of a particular disease and propose appropriate measures for preventing its spread.
  • Identify the elements of cellular phones that cause the reperfusion injury of cardio protection.
  • Analyze the case history in detail. Answer the queries based on the data presented in the case history. Discuss the diagnoses and clinical presentation.
  • Refer to the given examples to explore the functions and forms of accessory proteins which transform the actin filaments into contractile and tight parallel bundles, and gel-like structures.
  • Investigate the pathophysiology of children having asthma.
  • Experience gained from using Rofecoxib.
  • Write a critical essay on doing experiments on animals.
  • Analyzing the Alzheimer's disease. Identifying the neurotoxic type of amyloid. How can the acquired knowledge influence the treatment methods adopted towards curing this disease?
  • Your organization has developed an oral product of an anti-hyperlipidaemic agent. The drug is supplied from one of the Asian countries. You are to monitor the clinical trial application submitted to a medical board of a certain country.

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