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Usually, people write book reports to provide brief information for the different kinds of media. In most cases, report has narrative style and major idea of the author that goes through the whole writing. The adjustment of book report according to the requirement of customers has long history that is full of laughter and tears. The neutral character of the book report is considered to be a great achievement of the book report writing history.

Report writing should be unprejudiced and contain no personal interpretation. Experienced book reporters examine thoroughly the part for analysis. They can formulate comments about the general notions but should not deepen into the style and structure.

Narration style of the book reports is needed for the further presentations. Receptors perceive information better when it is delivered in narrative form. During the book report writing and presentation, it is advisably to maintain neutrality.

It is true that writing a book report is challenging. A student will need to review a massive amount of data, select only the most important ideas throughout the book, and fit them in several pages of the exemplary writing. However, there is a way minimize the stress caused by this assignment.

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How to Complete Book Reports

Read these short pieces of advice on how to complete such tasks, and there will be no barriers to you receiving an A for the book report.

Nobody Has a Perfect Memory

The first and most important thing one should do when working on a book report is taking notes. Do not just scan the text for keywords that seem interesting. It is highly unlikely that you will get a comprehensive understanding of what the book is about by just scanning it. Only taking notes can prove helpful in this case. Your records will be extremely useful in organizing the paper in a proper manner.

Nevertheless, not all information is equally useful when it comes to the notes. It is vital to know what exactly one should focus on not to waste time on the unnecessary details. In addition, if a college-level paper is concerned, the element of analysis might be required in a book report. In case appropriate records are not made, a high grade and meeting the relevant deadline are at risk. Hence, keep in mind that when reading the text, you should take notes about the following elements:

Central figures. Virtually every story revolves around certain characters that are central to the plot. Working on a book report, a student should take notes of such figures as well as the ways in which their conduct may be described. For instance, the story can be about a woman who works at a drug store, and in the first part of the book, she sets the store on fire because the employer let her go. In the episode few pages after this one, the very same person attacks her boyfriend for splitting up with her. Although you should not bother with taking notes about the details of the incidents, you may mention that this character is impulsive and often seeks for revenge.

Background and plot. Like in the case with the main characters, keep a record of the events described and their setting. Frequently, authors use a particular background to illustrate the mood of the chapter of a book. In other cases, a location of the main character may be crucial to the plot unfolding. For example, the woman that was mentioned above may live across the street from a retired police officer. Because of this fact, when she eventually goes too far and kills her boyfriend, she will be uncovered by her neighbor. In this example, the place where the main character lives serves as a key to the understanding the plot. The latter is also a must-have element of the notes; therefore, make sure you to create a timeline of the main events.

Metaphors and analogies. If you are attentive enough, you can find numerous images in the text of the book that are not directly related to the plot. The reason why writers use such symbols is that it can be hard to convey emotions using words. Using symbolism, an author may create the necessary background and appeal to a reader’s emotions. The most widespread images are a night when it is employed to symbolize death, a red rose that stands for love, and spring as a reference to the beginning of life. Typically, the writer uses some symbols repeatedly throughout the entire book. It is rarely accidental, so it is important to take notes about such metaphors and analogies. Sometimes, the final chapter of the book may not provide the key to the understanding the main idea of the book and interpreting plot. In this case, only symbols, which were used in the text, may help a reader to deduce what the author had in mind.

The skills of finding and identifying the meaning of symbols are crucial for students. If you acquire them, your marks will definitely go up.

Questions to ask when you encounter unexplained image in reading

When you finish reading and follow these guidelines, you will see that your notebook is now full of little notes, doodles, and underlining. These are the things that will help you in working on the report. Such an approach is the best way to get a reasonable impression and profound understanding of what the book is about.

Paper Structure

After the book is covered and the notes are taken, writing the report itself will be an easy task for you. The first thing you should do is to write down up to ten things that, in your own opinion, are of paramount importance to the book. At this point, such a list should not follow any specific format. Instead, it should be your reflection of the reading. Next, on another piece of paper, write down headings like “Central Figures,” “Background and Plot,” and “Metaphors and Analogies” and categorize your list of the book’s vital features. In your notes, find examples to support ideas included in the sections.

Now, you understand why taking notes is important when writing a book report. Undoubtedly, such a technique is not for those who want to read a book of several hundred pages in one night. Taking notes, however, is crucial for a well-written report. You will not only understand the book but also receive a basis for further writing. The paper structure will be clearer to you, and every subheading will be associated with certain parts of the reading. In the end, you will receive an excellent paper that is comprehensive, concise, and easy to read.

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