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How to Write a Book Review Essay: Superior Tips and Detailed Recommendations

Book reviews belong to the common tasks assigned to students of different grades and courses. The purpose of such an assignment is to see whether students can do critical thinking, analyze data, and express their personal viewpoint on the discussed topic.

In order to succeed in writing a book review paper, one has to know its peculiarities and essential features. For example, one should understand that a book review is neither a synopsis nor a book report, which means the techniques of creating the latter can’t be applied to the former. To help you avoid confusion, writers’ block and misunderstandings, we have prepared a detailed guide as to how to write a book review essay. The following pieces of advice and instructions will come in handy for you.

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What Is A Book Review Essay?

A piece of academic writing of critical character that provides an in-depth analysis of the plot, author’s writing style, content is called a book review. When writing a book review paper, one needs to include a short description of the major points discussed in the text and an evaluation of weaknesses and strengths. A common length of book reviews varies greatly, but the most typical word count is around 500-750 words. Such a paper is written from a personal perspective because the writer’s task is to state if he/she enjoyed reading a book, what were the downsides, what the author should have added or excluded, etc.

Being required to create a review a specific publication, you should understand that it’s not the same as reporting on a particular literary work. A book review and a book report are the writing assignments that have much in common, but they are definitely not identical. Book report writing incorporates the discussion of what happened in the book. The writer should present the basic details about the work, its major themes, plot, characters, etc. The length of a book report depends on the teacher’s instructions, but it usually takes around two pages of the written text. If you want to know more about how to write a book report, you may either check a special guide on our website or browse the Net in search of helpful tips.

As to book reviews, these papers demand a thorough evaluation and in-depth analysis of a specific work unlike a book report. One more thing to consider is that this type of academic writing is not a summary. Apart from academic writing, book reviews can be found in a great number of journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. As to the specifics of writing a book review essay outline, writing the very paper and structuring it, relevant information will be provided below.

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How to Write a Book Review Essay: Explicit Instructions to Consider

When writing a book review, you may need to examine a publication of any character and genre. Some types may be easy to deal with, while others – extremely challenging. At the same time, a book review format remains the same. Now, let’s see what stages are involved in the writing procedure to get a proper understanding of how to write a book review essay.

Before Exploring the Text: How to Start a Book Review Essay

First of all, you need to choose a literary work, which you want to explore, unless you are assigned one. Before reading the text, you will have to take into account the basic elements of the book. Here is the list of questions that will guide you in the right direction:

  • Author: Write a full author’s name. Do you know any other works of this author? Did he/she win any awards? What can you tell about his/her typical writing style?
  • Genre: Indicate the genre of the book (romance, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, etc.). Can you identify the author’s purpose of writing? What about the possible audience and its age groups?
  • Title: Can you find any connections between the title and the text itself? Does it effectively get the message across? Is it compelling or vague for one’s understanding?
  • Preface/Introduction/Table of Contents: Does preface sound interesting to you? Has the author provided a clear introduction to understand the future sequence of events? What about a book organization? Does it have chapters or sections?
  • Printing and book cover: People say that book covers are mini-reviews. After a careful analysis of the book cover, some interesting details may become obvious. Does the book cover include maps, graphs, pictures, or any other visuals? Does the author use any unusual fonts that distract your attention?

As You Read: Doing a Detailed Book Analysis

While reading the text, it is vital to make some notes including the key points about both the characters and plot. Since you will have to include a short summary of the book, taking notes should not be underestimated because you will save time while writing. Besides, detailed notes will help you make an in-depth book analysis and provide readers with valuable information. So, consider the following points:

  • Characters: How many characters are there in the text? Did you manage to identify primary and secondary characters? How are they interrelated? How do they influence the storyline?
  • Writing style/Motifs/Themes: What themes and motifs did you manage to identify in the book? Are there any hidden motifs? Do you think that all readers will be able to recognize themes and motifs just like you did?
  • Argument: How did the author construct his/her argument? Did you manage to find enough evidential support of argumentation? Does the text reflect a clear argumentation line?
  • Central Ideas: State the key idea of the book. Do you find it interesting and innovative?
  • Quotes: Did you write down any interesting quotes? What made you remember these specific quotes?
  • Key Ideas: What is the main idea of the work? What makes it good, different, or groundbreaking?

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List of Steps to Take before Writing Book Review Essays

You should include a small summary of the assigned text. However, do not present too many details. You should provide the basic discussion of the plot, which will constitute the first part of your book review writing.

The most important part in your paper is presenting your opinion. You should focus on the following details:

  • Always keep your audience in mind: Assume that your target readers haven't read the book. Therefore, you will present the key details about characters and themes. At the same time, do not think that your task is to enumerate the key details; you should encourage readers to explore your evaluation further. Did you find reading smooth and interesting?
  • Interesting points: Now you will have to write about the most exciting moments in the book. Do you agree or disagree with the characters? Has the author engaged you in the action? Do you think that the author should have included some other writing elements to make the reading productive?
  • Organization: Always have a clear writing pattern. Do not forget that review writing should include a small part of summarizing. You should find a perfect balance between a summary and your evaluation. If you do not know how much text should be dedicated to each part, check your instructions.
  • Personal evaluation: Focus on one or two points from the text that seem the most memorable to you. What appeals did the writer use (logical reasoning, appeal to emotions, etc.)?
  • Reference: In the end of your paper, include information about the book and its publisher. You can also mention an ISBN number.

These points together with those listed above will help you properly prepare for the writing stage. One more thing that should be also discussed is an outline. This structural component shouldn’t be neglected since it will help you construct a logical paper with all important points included.

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Make a Book Review Essay Outline to Ease the Writing Process

Outline writing is one more step, which you should take before starting producing your paper. A good plan will allow you to not only create a logical text but also make a coherent structure. So, what an outline should look like? Have a look at the example provided below:

I. Introduction

  • Title of the publication and information about the
  • Author and publication date
  • Thesis statement

II. Body Section

  • Brief summary
  • Text evaluation
  • Your core idea
  • Quotes supporting your ideas
  • Discussion of the quotes and symbols

III. Concluding section

  • Summary of the major points
  • Your final viewpoint
  • Recommendations

These are the points, which your outline should include. Of course, you should pay close attention to the instructions provided by your professors. Perhaps you need to construct a more elaborate plan or a shorter one. If you find it hard to make a good book review format and structure, turn to us for assistance.

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Hints on How to Start a Book Review Essay: Mind before Your Begin!

Starting doing your assignment may be complicated. You may not know what aspect to begin with, which order the preparation steps should be taken in, etc. We want to help you avoid troubles and the waste of time. That is why we have prepared one more list of tips for you to follow to get a full understanding of how to write a book review. So:

  1. Make a book review and consistent. Create a concise introduction. Avoid unclear and vague sentences.
  2. Avoid exaggerations. Even if the book doesn’t seem engaging to you, be objective. Don’t use insulting words and expressions.
  3. Use the past tense since you’ve already read the literary work.
  4. To make a book review expressive, use adjectives.
  5. Be specific when explaining whether you like or dislike the book.
  6. Concentrate on the literary work and not the author.

Mind these tips is you want your academic book review essays to be compelling and catchy. Still, remember that you can always turn to our good book review writing service if you encounter difficulties with this kind of assignment. Our experts know how to write a book review up to the set standards and criteria. Moreover, they know how to make a book review format correctly.

Writing a Book Review: Revision Stage

Before submission, always follow such steps:

  • Check if the title and author’s name are spelled correctly.
  • Take a break and read your paper one more time. Assume that you did not read the book. Are your paragraphs logically organized?
  • Did you evaluate the book or included a summary at most?
  • Check if all your quotes are properly cited. Organize your paper in a specific citation style mentioned in the task file.

Mistakes my ruin both the quality of your work and the overall impression it creates. So, it is essential to follow these steps to submit a good book review.

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