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Is Using Chatgpt Essay Writing Tool a Good Idea?

It goes without saying that the studying process is rather complicated. Students are overloaded with numerous tasks, writing projects, and assignments of different levels of complexity. Sometimes, the number of assignments is so huge that students have no time for their personal life or some sort of social activities. However, the situation is not hopeless since there are trustworthy writing companies which students can cooperate with to get respective assistance. Apart from the writing services, students discovered Chatgpt essay writing tool - the application that has recently become rather popular.

Not going into details, Chatgpt is the so-called virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence that can generate texts. The basic purpose of both options seems obvious and similar, i.e. to help students cope with their writing assignments. Still, it is necessary to delve into both options to figure out which one is more effective and better for students.

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Choosing between Artificial Intelligence and Writing Services

When looking for the solution to the problems with paper writing, students try to find the best option, the one which would suit them in all terms. They are concerned about not only prices, delivery terms, but also the quality of the delivered papers since this is the aspect which their grades depend on. Moreover, the matter of plagiarism also concerns them since they don’t want to get into trouble because of this. The writing services provided by are safe and convenient for use because our team cares about the mentioned aspects. And what about the tools based on artificial intelligence? Are those safe in terms of the said points? Can one be sure of getting completely unique, grammatically correct and profound content? Let’s clarify the matter.

Beneficial Aspects of Chatgpt Essay Writing Tool

Since many students are eager to use AI writing tools, there must something good about them. So, what exactly makes the use of Chatgpt, for example, so tempting? Here are some points for consideration:

  • Cost-effectiveness. AI writing tools are considered affordable. This is the aspect which surely suits students and fits in their budget. The question is whether the final output is quality enough to please students so that do not have to pay once more to get the job done well.
  • Speed. Using the tools powered by artificial intelligence is a quick solution to some writing issues. You just need to provide the query and wait for the result. Still, will the final outcome be desirable?
  • Accuracy. It is believed that Chatgpt is less prone to errors, which means one may get properly created content without any mistakes. The question is whether it is really so.
  • Easy is use. Using Chatgpt is not complicated. Customers need to pose a question to the AI tool and the result will be provided immediately. The question is whether users won’t need to spend time looking for another solution.

Of course, the listed benefits would be appreciated by students. But they shouldn’t forget about the possible drawbacks which may lead to very unpleasant consequences for them. The chances are very little that students are ready to sacrifice their academic performance just because of the easiness and speed of Chatgpt or any other AI tool.

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The Cons of AI Writing Tools: Examining Chatgpt

Some people working in different areas are obsessed with the idea of using AI writing tools not noticing obvious disadvantages. The same is with students. With the appearance of Chatgpt, they started to think that the era of their problems with assignments came to an end. Still, closing one’s eyes to its drawbacks is not an option since the consequences may be disastrous. Let’s see what makes Chatgpt not as good as one may have thought:

  • Not Enough Informational Base

The informational base of Chatgpt is limited. It includes the data till September 2021. So, if you are assigned to create a paper about the events that occurred after 2021, your task won’t be completed.

  • Low Quality

It is apparent that artificial intelligence is something unbelievable. Still, its functions can’t be compared to people’s skills and their way of thinking.

  • False Sources

Chatgpt can’t determine whether the used sources are credible or not. It follows that you can receive the paper based on irrelevant and outdated data.

  • Network Errors

Everyone knows that the web connection can be unstable meaning the access to AI tools will be cut off. It means that you won’t be able to get your essay or research paper on time.

  • Textual Content

Chatgpt can process textual information only. In terms of assignments, this is a serious drawback since the tasks, which students are supposed to do, are of a different character.

Keep these points in mind before using this specific application for writing your essays or some other papers not to get into trouble. There is a much more efficient option of overcoming difficulties connected with academic papers and this is

Writing Services versus Chatgpt: Which Option Is Better

You must be curious to find out the difference between custom writing services and AI writing instruments. We offer you to have a look at the table drawn below. It contains the core points that differentiate writing services from artificial intelligence.

Writing Services versus Chatgpt


Human writers can produce the texts of any length. There are no restrictions. Whether you need a short essay or a lengthy thesis, address a reliable writing agency such as ours.

You can’t ask this AI instrument to write the content of any length since there are some restrictions. Creating essays in sections? It doesn’t sound nice.


Experts produce authentic material. They do scratch writing in accordance with the provided requirements. On completion, each work is scanned for plagiarized content.

Originality of the produced texts may be doubtful because AI doesn’t generate unique ideas. It processes already available texts and, as a result generates the so-called new material.


Human writers are good at creative writing. They can use different literary devices an expressions to make the text sound creative.

Chatgpt as well as other AI tools function according to the embedded patters. The tone of the generated texts may sound rather formulaic and lack creativity.


Qualified writers are versed in different areas ranging from Literature to Medicine. It means that they can cover any topic.

AI writing software may lack data related to a specific research area, which means no quality essays can be produced.

Emotional aspect

Trained human writers can create texts that provoke strong emotions and feelings.

AI tools have no such a function to generate emotionally colored content.


When writing papers, writers always follow customers’ directions. In case of unclear instructions or lack of material, they ask customers for clarifications. Moreover, there is always a possibility of requesting a revision.

Using AI writing software, students are also supposed to get the papers based on their requirements. However, in case something is wrong, no revision can be asked. Students may fail to make an accurate query what may result in an inappropriate outcome.


Professionals write essays that encourage readers to exchange ideas, share sentiments, and even dig deeper into the matter under consideration. The papers provided by human writers are always focused on the target audience.

The papers generated by the tools based on artificial intelligence may lack focus on the target audience. The generated texts may sound artificial and lack a personal touch.

It seems obvious that human writers can do much more in terms of essay writing than AI-powered tools. The papers they create are non-plagiarized, catchy, and sound more profound. So, if you want to be sure that your essay meets the specifications provided by your professor, make careful thinking about which option you intend to use: artificial intelligence software or writing services.

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Online Services That Can Beat Artificial Intelligence offers its services for a reason. We know that many students encounter difficulties with their assignments and can’t achieve the desired grades. Our company offers assistance in creating different types of papers and completing diverse projects. No matter the kind of academic task you are to fulfill, our team is here for you.

We’d like to admit that we are aware of all the modern trends and tendencies in the academic area. We follow all changes that take place in education to improve our services and be able to provide our clients with what they need, i.e. valuable assignment help. We know that there are different online tools powered by artificial intelligence, which can be used to create content. At the same time, we take an objective and serious approach to such tools since we believe that everything requires thorough examination before being put into practice. Considering the data provided above, we may conclude that Chatgpt does not appear to be suitable for writing academic papers. Academic writing does not tolerate inaccuracies, copied material, improper citations, wrong voice and tone, incoherence, and inappropriate structure. All these aspects are considered by our writers unlike AI software. So, the matter “writing services versus Chatgpt” should not bother you anymore. Entrust your assignment to us and be confident of getting a completely customized outcome!

Why Instead of AI?

We understand that you want to know what is so special about and why you should rely on it to complete your assignments. For this reason, we have prepared a list of points that will help you get a better understanding of us as a writing company:

  • No Problems with Deadlines

We can meet any deadline from those indicated on our website. If you are afraid that the Internet connection may be lost and you may not get your work on time, consider ordering it in advance. Such an option is not applicable to AI writing instruments.

  • No Nervous Tension

Imagine you’ve just entered college or any other educational establishment and have no idea how everything works (if it can be said so). You encounter serious stress and complete confusion. You are not sure about how to meet the imposed requirements, etc. So, delegate your task to us and get a peace of mind.

  • No Issues with Citing

Our experts know all the ins and outs of formatting. They can arrange citations in any formatting style like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. This option is not embedded in Chatgpt. So, don’t waste your time on using if you need help with formatting. Address us straight away!

  • No Non-existent Sources

When working on customers’ assignments, our writers do thorough research and use reliable sources that provide up-to-date information about a specific topic. As it has been mentioned above, AI tools may list the sources at the end of a paper that do not exist.

We always make much effort to provide our customers with awesome papers that completely satisfy customers’ demands. We make sure that no deviation from customers’ instructions and comments takes place. Additionally, we make certain that the tone and voice of the completed papers correspond to their types and specifics. So, are eager to obtain top-notch essays or any other pieces of writing? Now, you know what website to access.

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AI in the Writing Area. Ethical Considerations

Is it ethical to use AI software? Isn’t it cheating to use Chatgpt to write essays? These questions sometimes bother some students. Well, there is no exact answer to these questions since some say that using AI tools is unethical, others claim that there is nothing wrong about it. The only thing that can be stated for sure is that the use of AI technologies may result in low quality papers that will hardly bring you excellent grades.

One more thing that should be stated is that the use of AI instruments is prohibited in some countries. As to colleges and universities, professors use special detectors to find out whether the submitted papers have been written by students themselves or AI. So, is it worth putting your grades at stake using AI? The answer to this question seems obvious. At this point, it can be said that the matter “writing services versus Chatgpt” is solved.