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Classification Essay 

Classification essay is often confused with definition essay

However, classification essay is in the same row with descriptive and definite essays, it slightly differs from the definition one. There are many discussions at schools about this issue. Some people claim that the main difference lies in the fragile surface.

The main reason for this confusion is similarity between the paradigms of both definition and classification essays. Those paradigms extract objects from its analogues raw in the same way.

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The slight difference is that classification paradigm consists of the whole raw or group of objects that are one substantial unit or belong to the same morphological family but definition paradigm does not always response on additional analogues description.

Monoidentical classification essay is an essay that classifies only one thing, phenomenon or person. Contrary to monoidentical, polyidentical (or group) classification essay comprises interaction of two and more major notions.

Classification is a process used to classify or group things, people, or phenomena based on their unique characteristics. In a strong classification paper, a student will have to explore each phenomenon and item in detail, figure out their common criteria or characteristics, and categorize them based on these characteristics. For example, things can be classified by color, texture, size, or function.

Drafting and Purpose

You will hardly find any student or professional writer who can cope with a classification essay task easily without prewriting or drafting it. The thing about a great classification essay is that the writer must first outline the categories he or she will use in this work. Moreover, it is quite possible that you will have to change or rewrite the initial categories to make your paper look better. Therefore, prewriting is unavoidable when you are working on a classification paper.

When prewriting your classification essay you will have to describe the various ways in which the items, phenomena, or people in your paper can be categorized or grouped. For example, you can describe the various vehicles manufactured in the United States, depending on their size, complexity, modern design, use of electric engines, and so on. Of course, you will have to keep the purpose and context of your classification in mind when you are developing these categories. For example, if you are in an ecology class, then it will be better to look at the way U.S. automobile manufacturers meet the newest ecology standards and how they can be classified based on their adherence to the principles of renewable energy.

Do not use too many criteria for grouping or categorization. Also, make sure that the categories you use fit in the purpose and context of your study, and vice versa. That is, if you are in an ecology class, you do not need to categorize U.S.-manufactured vehicles by their financial cost or luxury status. This would better suit a sociology or economics class. Be very thorough when you are prewriting your classification paper, as it will further determine the success and ease of your writing. When you have decided upon the categories, you can develop a strong thesis statement. It will need to be included at the end of your introduction:

Many U.S. automobile manufacturers have shown their commitment to green technologies, but while some have invested their resources in developing green vehicles, others have decided to stay away from it.

Of course, you must be ready to provide enough evidence to support your categories and the way the work in practice.

Creating a Strong Thesis Statement

Previously, you have drafted a thesis statement that would be included in your introduction. You will have to write the last sentence of your introduction as a thesis statement. Now you can revisit what you have written so far to ensure that your thesis statement contains all necessary elements. More specifically, write a thesis statement that includes

  • Things, items or people you are going to classify
  • Criteria used to classify them
  • Categories you have created to classify things or people in your paper

Look down to see how your thesis statement could look like:

U.S. vehicle manufacturers have developed different attitudes toward green technologies: while some have become extremely green-oriented, others have decided not to invest their scarce resources in green technologies.

How to Order Your Categories

One of the most important things to consider is how you prioritize among your categories. You must have a clear idea of how your categories should be ordered. If you see the example of the thesis statement provided above, you will see that the category of the U.S. vehicle manufacturers who are committed to green technologies comes first, followed by the category of the manufacturers that do not want to invest a penny in green production.

In fact, the way you order these categories will also show your attitudes and viewpoints, as well as the principles and values you want to promote in your paper. Looking at the thesis statement above, you can see that the author of the paper is more about green automobile manufacturing than the traditional non-green technologies used to manufacture vehicles. This is why the category of the U.S. manufacturers that create green cars and use ecology-friendly technology comes first. This way, the writer gives the reader an impression that non-green manufacturers are inferior to their "green" rivals.

Use Signal Words

Do not ignore the value of transitional phrases and signal words, which can add colors to your classification essay. Some of the signal words you could use in your paper include:

  • those categories;
  • divide companies into;
  • according to the proposed classification;
  • more than one category outlined above; and so on.

These are the phrases and words you can use to tell your readers what direction and purpose you are pursuing in your classification essay. They will help you reduce the scope of abstract and confusing categories in the paper. At the same time, do not mislead yourself into believing that classification essay writing is about classification. Rather, it is just an instrument and a way to show how various categories of items or people work in their social, historical, or cultural contexts. 

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