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Common Types of Plagiarism

The word “to plagiarize” is Latin in origin and means “to kidnap.” There are different ways of “kidnapping” the ideas or concepts developed by other people. Certainly, one may steal the ideas of a certain person unintentionally. However, if you want to build an excellent academic career, you should not even think about copying someone’s thoughts. For this reason, you need to learn to make citations properly. In addition, do not forget that a key to a perfectly written paper is a proper understanding of the topic and collected facts about it. Think twice if there is a great temptation to take someone’s ideas and pretend them to be yours. You should also consult your professor about it.

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It can be hard for a student to write a prime essay due to plagiarism issue. Unlike general understanding that plagiarism is a copy pasted text from other source, its meaning is a little deeper. Plagiarism can also be presented in a form of using thoughts of other people without giving a proper credit. The deal is that every student is supposed to write the original content of the paper supported by the facts and evidences from other sources. However, if the writer uses too many of other people’s thoughts, his own personality may be lost among them. As a result, such paper will not be considered as a prime essay.

Considering the characteristics of plagiarism, it was perceived as a form of theft. The meaning of the word comes from Latin and means “kidnapper”. Just like any other crime in a society, plagiarism is considered a form of a crime in academic circles. That is why, it is very important to avoid it. It is proved by the fact that in some universities, students are often expulsed for plagiarizing the ideas of other people in their papers.

Plagiarism is also closely connected to the issues of moral behavior of the students. The deal is that in every college or university, you are expected to show yourself and reveal your hidden talents. However, if you are using thoughts of other people, you are pretending to be some other person, which is a sort of cheating. In addition, such behavior leads to the fact that a student him/herself erases his/her individuality. Besides, students who plagiarize should clearly realize that they do not make any contribution neither to the existing studies not to other students. It is impossible to make a contribution using thoughts and ideas of other people. That is why every student is encouraged to take a personal approach towards every discussion and every prime essay he/she writes.

What Is a Common Type of Plagiarism?

The term “common types of plagiarism”is used to define the ways in which information can be plagiarized.

Tree types of plagiarism

As a result, in order to avoid problems with your writing assignments and avoid being accused of using plagiarized content, one should provide clear information regarding where the information comes from. It does not matter what source you use as an evidence or support of your own thoughts, you should give credit or consult your professor on how to do it properly. The sources may include printed and non-printed materials, Internet resources, etc.

List of the Most Common Kinds of Plagiarism

The types of plagiarism are numerous. Down below, there is a list describing the most common kinds of plagiarism.

Mosaic Plagiarizing

This type of plagiarism means presenting the ideas borrowed from another source in your paper without any quotation marks. It also means rewriting author’s concepts by using synonyms but preserving the structure and meaning of the original pattern. Even if you mention your source in footnotes, this type of plagiarism is considered a crime and is punished severely.

Accidental Plagiarizing

This type of plagiarism usually occurs when the writer ignores citing sources, makes improper paraphrasing, i.e. by using similar words and word combinations without referring to the author. Note that citing sources properly is of immense importance. Additionally, you should note all the collected data appropriately. Accidental plagiarism is taken seriously as any other plagiarism form.


There are some cases when students submit their previous papers stating they are exclusive. They combine some sections of a previously written work with those of a new one without professor’s permission. You need to understand that copying a part of your high school essay and inserting it into your college work is unacceptable. Another case of self-plagiarizing is submitting the same assignment to professors teaching different courses without their permission.

Direct Plagiarizing

The term “direct plagiarism” means copying exactly a particular passage of someone’s piece of writing without referring to the author.

Note that it is an academic crime to plagiarize deliberately that can result in serious punishment.

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