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How to Create a Prime Essay? A Step-by-Step Guideline

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said that planning is everything, and he was totally right. If you want to do anything well, you need to plan your work accordingly. When it comes to writing a prime essay that should bring you an excellent grade, you have to remember this rule. However, if your writing skills are not that perfect, do not fall into despair. We have created a great guide that will help you understand all the essential stages of the prime essay writing process. Follow the suggestions gathered and structured by our skilled experts and boost your academic results!

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  1. Select a good topic for your essay

You may think that this rule is pretty obvious and undeniable. However, unfortunately, many students fail their academic essays being unable to develop the topics that are boring and irrelevant. We assure you that, first and foremost, you should select the topic that fits your research interests. Being engaged in your topic, you will find it easy to analyze it from difficult angles and, thus, please your audience. After all, only when the essay is interesting, intriguing, and thought provoking, it will bring you the highest grade.

  1. Research

No matter what topic did you choose, the following step involves in-depth research. Go to the library or enter your school database and try to find relevant, credible, and peer-reviewed sources that will help you prove your reasoning. Take a cup of tea and enjoy reading the interesting ideas of other scholars.

  1. Structure your ideas

To create a prime essay, you need to organize your ideas in the right order. However, before you start working on your essay, you need to understand what to write it t. Many students practice a brainstorming process since it helps them focus on meaningful information skipping the details that are not important in the development of the topic. Write the list of your keywords and references for each of your ideas. If you are able to think creatively, feel free to organize your ideas in the form of a concept map with the graphs and diagrams. Such an approach will surely turn the writing process into a fascinating journey.

  1. Write the outline

Now, when you have all your notes written on a sheet of a paper, it is time to organize them in a well-structured outline that will be followed when writing your paper. Many students decide to skip this stage considering it as not important. However, we assure you that spending some time on writing your outline, you will significantly economize your resources when writing the essay itself.

  1. Start writing

You may take a pause after writing an outline or start creating your paper right after the outline is composed. Actually, every student has their own vision on the writing process. The only thing you need to know is that procrastination will significantly spoil your final grade. Having enough time for writing and revising your paper, you will be able to polish it until perfection.

  1. Write an essay

Following your outline point-by-point, start writing your paper. According to the classic structure, you should have an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Of course, the structure of your paper depends mainly on the nature of the assignment. However, almost all academic papers follow the classic structure which assumes developing a prime essay according to a clear and concise thesis statement.

  1. Have a rest

No, it is not a joke. When the paper is written, you need to have some rest to be able to look on it with fresh eyes later.

  1. Polish your paper

If you do not know why you need to revise your paper, again and again, you should understand that editing and proofreading stages are the integral parts of the essay writing process that help the student not only improve the overall quality of the text but also learn from mistakes. So, after your rough draft is written, read it aloud, line-by-line, to make sure all the ideas are relevant and appropriate, the style of your writing matches the high academic standards, and your essay is free from grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other errors.

  1. Check your paper for plagiarism

Even if you did not copy-paste your ideas from the websites with the ready-made papers, there is no guarantee that your professor will not consider some of the sentences as plagiarized. As such, we recommend you to use several plagiarism checkers to understand if your paper is original and authentic. Fortunately, there are a lot of plagiarism detection tools available online for free. Use some of them and you will not be caught on academic dishonesty.

  1. Submit your paper on time

Being a responsible and diligent student, you probably know that timely submission of your paper is very important. Thus, apart from following the professor`s instructions in terms of content, we highly recommend you to follow the deadline allowed.

How to Write a Perfect Introduction?

To understand how to compose an introduction, one should define its purpose. Thus, the first several paragraphs in the essay should intrigue the reader, engage them, and make them follow the flow of the writer`s ideas. Now, let us think. What usually draws your attention? An anecdote? A great idea? A thought-provoking statement? Actually, any of the points mentioned above can be included in the introduction to help the author grab the reader’s attention.

  • Be mysterious

Professional magicians know many tricks on how to involve their audience. So, become a magician and prove that the process of creating a prime essay is magic. For instance, start your essay by making the audience remember the happy moments from their childhood. You cannot get the point? Your readers will wonder about that too. That is the point!

  • Be funny

Making the readers laugh is the easiest way to engage them. Undoubtedly, this method is not really appropriate when you are writing your essay on some important social topic. However, when you are working on an application paper or a narrative essay, make your reader laugh and you will be impressed by the result.

  • Be interesting

Life is a collection of stories. Tell yours. A non-standard approach will help you make your essay awesome. Be unusual, unpredictable, and creative! Do not treat writing your essay as a boring process. Programming yourself that the process of essay writing will turn into torture, you will not be able to enjoy the process.

How to Create a Great Thesis Statement?

A prime essay is impossible without a great thesis statement. Do you know how to create a great one? If no, follow the list of our suggestions and you will learn how to formulate an incredible thesis statement that will impress the most demanding instructor:

  • Answer the question

Example: What function does the US government play in the struggle with the global warming threat?

The US government plays a major role in developing the measures preventing the global warming threat.

  • Answer the WHOLE question

Example: The US government plays a major role in developing the measures preventing the global warming threat by developing the new policies, funding the environmental programs, and following the Kyoto protocol.

  • Provide examples

To make your thesis statement informative, you need to support it with good examples.

  • Be concise

When your thesis statement is written, read it again to understand whether it contains only important details. Make sure to delete the irrelevant words.

How to Write the Main Body of the Essay?

The introduction in an essay is always followed by the well-structured body. The body of your essay is the part where the actual discussion takes place. The body of an essay is usually divided into several paragraphs according to the number of ideas the writer discusses.

Ideally, a body paragraph should include:

  • A topic sentence;
  • Good examples;
  • Arguments;
  • Evidence supporting the arguments;
  • A concluding sentence.

To achieve the best result, you need to relate your body with your thesis statement. Look into additional requirements for writing a great body:

  • Each paragraph should be dedicated to a single point. The strongest and most important arguments should go first. The weakest arguments should always be at the end of your body.
  • All paragraphs should be connected with the help of proper transitions. Keep in mind that a convincing text is always coherent;
  • Think about the creative approaches to present your ideas. Look through the great essay examples available on the web and try to understand how the good body should be structured;
  • Cite all the sources used according to the formatting style requested by your instructor. The failure to cite the sources properly will result in plagiarism accuse.
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