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Dissertation Chapter: Discussion

At this stage, you have carried out research and collected all of your results. Now it is high time to discuss them. It is the primary reason why this section is called “Discussion.” This chapter is meant to represent the meaning of your results, implying one should analyze and discuss what has been collected during the research procedure and show its purpose.

The Aim of Discussion Chapter

  • To explain the collected results and their meaning.
  • To analyze or interpret the results.
  • Compare and contrast the obtained results with other research.
  • State their importance.
  • Discuss possible limitations of research.
  • Create a list of questions for the future research.

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What Does Reader Expects to See in Discussion Chapter?

  • Interpretation and connection of your research to study purposes.
  • Clear explanation of results.
  • Connection with the previous research results.
  • Limitations of research and what could be improved. 

The Key Information in Discussion Chapter 

  • Summary of your findings.
  • Assertion of your research aims.
  • Contrast and comparison of your research aims.
  • Explanation and discussion of results.
  • Evaluation of their significance.
  • Possible suggestions and limitations. 

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Information to Be Excluded

  • Everything that does not relate to results.
  • Insignificant results.
  • Results that do no pertain to your hypothesis.
  • Any charts, diagrams, or other visuals (they should be included in “Results”).

Organizational Patterns

One can find different organizational patterns to choose from:

  • #1 way is to clearly explain your research hypothesis and respond to its key points by evaluating your results.
  • #2 way is to present the most important results and move on to less significant results, which prove your hypothesis.
  • #3 way is to combine both 1-2 patterns (e.g., state your hypothesis, discuss the most vital results and less important ones, etc.).

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