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Dissertation Chapter - Hypothesis

Hypothesis is one of the dissertation elements. Its importance is in the fact that it gives a central idea of the paper. As a result, writing a hypothesis is very important part of working on your dissertation. Hypothesis can be outlined as a solution to the problem discussed in the paper. It has to be formulated in a clear manner to make the readers understand it easily. However, two issues that have to be considered in the process of hypothesis writing are:

  1. It has to refer to the paper topic directly.
  2. The statement made in hypothesis should be truthful.

In dissertation writing, stating your hypothesis implies presenting the primary research question that will be explored in the whole paper and proved to be valid. In its turn, your hypothesis should be interesting and strong enough to make the reader interested. Your research hypothesis should be written according to the following rules:

  • It should be questionable or testable. Your hypothesis should be subjected to questioning and logical reasoning, whereas you are to prove it with appropriate findings.
  • Though hypothesis is oftentimes called a “research question,” it should be written in a form of a statement, not a question itself.
  • It should be rather brief and laconic. Your hypothesis should present your assertion of the whole research question. It should be clear and simple for comprehension.
  • It should state your own contribution to the research question. Most likely, a similar issue was explored by other researchers before. Your task is to connect your topic to the previous research.

The following article will explain how to write hypothesis section and most important how to state a hypothesis.

The whole process of writing a hypothesis can be divided in several stages. During the first stage, a writer should take a statement or fact that will later become a hypothesis. After that, this fact has to be expanded by providing supportive and relevant information. However, it is important to remember that hypothesis is usually represented by one single sentence. The rest information is provided to support it. So, make sure that this sentence is information enough and the readers will understand it.

Hypothesis writing for dissertation is a complex process, which requires a writer applying special writing and research skills. This is the reason, why many people look for help with their hypothesis writing. In this case, it is very important to find a reliable writing company with enough experience in dissertations and hypotheses writing. Our company is among the best writing services that offer academic writing help. Our writers have rich experience in hypotheses writing and are always ready to assist.

How to Develop a God Hypothesis: Basic Steps

If you want to succeed in your academic career, you have to be prepared for dissertation and hypothesis writing. The way you do it will determine the success of your academic performance. Moreover, good dissertation is a sign that you can provide a good research and contribute to the specific field of knowledge. As a result, dissertation and hypothesis writing cannot be underestimated. Here are some issues that have to be taken into consideration in the process of writing a hypothesis.

  • Hypothesis is only created for quantitative research, as it is the only research that can be tested.
  • There should be close relation between a hypothesis and the main objective of your research.
  • Hypothesis has to be realistic. It means that it should be easily verified by using statistical information.
  • In addition to your main hypothesis, you should also include null, as well as alternative hypothesis.
  • Make sure your hypothesis is neither too long not too descriptive. Too much information can ruin it. Be specific and straight to the point.
  • Pay attention to word choice. Try not to use words like “prove”. The deal is that depending on the evidence provided, your hypothesis can be either supported or denied. Consequently, it is better to say that your hypothesis will “demonstrate” something rather than “prove” it.

When you are struggling with your hypothesis, you will need to have a look at some examples. It may become rather challenging to find a good example. However, there are some places, where you will surely come across informative examples. Before working on your hypothesis, carry out a small research to know for sure how to work in the right direction.

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Where You Can Find a Great Hypothesis Example

Visit your college or local library

Educational establishments usually have enough materials to show undergraduate students how a good dissertation should look like. Therefore, there high chances that your institution provide students with the basic materials pertaining to dissertation writing. Remember that following a good sample is a key to success, so do not be reluctant to visit your library and spend some time on finding a suitable example of hypothesis.

Ask your scientific advisor

Your scientific supervisor definitely has some brilliant examples that will help you write your hypothesis chapter. Their primary task is to assist students when needed. In your dissertation writing, be sure to ask different questions, which will show that you feel enthusiastic about exploring the topic. Your research supervisor will surely tell you how to construct a good hypothesis and where remarkable examples can be retrieved from.

Ask your colleagues/classmates 

To save some time, you can ask your colleagues to help you with finding a good sample of hypothesis. Your colleagues might have already selected some examples and can share them with you. You can take some copies for the future usage (remember that copying ideas should be accompanied with proper referencing).

A strong hypothesis will definitely grab readers’ attention. The reader will surely want to read your paper further, especially if your hypothesis sounds logical and poses a question in the reader’s mind.

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