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Peculiarities of Composing a Methodology Section 

No matter what hypothesis you have, you will be exposed to several steps in the research procedure by implementing different methods, which will help you prove that your assertion is correct and valid. Right after introduction, a writer should present a “Methodology” section, which should consist of the following elements: 

  • Participants of the study;
  • Procedures;
  • Measures and instrumentation. 

In some cases, students are asked to present some data analysis that shows how the outline procedures were used to get the obtained results. Moreover, if you utilize special equipment to carry out the research, you will have to include a respective section in your “Methodology” chapter. 

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Avoid Common Mistakes in a Methodology Section 

Many students make the same mistakes and explore unnecessary notions in “Methodology” section, which eventually leads to the grade deduction. Check the list of popular mistakes before writing your methodology chapter and avoid possible revisions from your research supervisor: 

  • Many students do not realize that methodology chapter has nothing to do with a literature review. They restate the research hypothesis and evaluate major research ideas, which should not be included in this section. You should focus on methods and instrumentation used to reach the results.
  • Failure to outline all methods used during the research will raise confusion among readers. If the reader cannot reproduce an issue by referring to the same methods, it means that there is a logical gap in your enumeration.
  • Do not include any tables, charts, and diagrams in methodology because they are to be placed in “Results” section.
  • Logically organize your section and divide it into appropriate subheadings, if you used multiple methods (both empirical and non-empirical). Use sub-categories to make your writing understandable. Avoid presenting a mix of ideas. 

Recommendations for Writing a Methodology Section 

Before writing your methodology section, it is imperative to understand what it requires.

  • In any dissertation writing, you will have to rely on statistical techniques. Clearly outline them to give a clear understanding of the research scope.
  • Create a small introductory paragraph inside your methodology section to present a sketch of the whole chapter.
  • Do not present any results in this section. Dealing with figures and data relates to the next section – “Results.”
  • You must clearly understand the essence of every method. If someone asks you to reproduce the issue based on the given data, you must provide your own justifications that the methods will work efficiently.
  • Members of committee may ask you the purpose of using specific methods. Be sure you understand the scope of work and instrumentation used to reach the target goals.

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