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Essay Topics on Identity

An essay on cultural identity may be either the easiest task you`ve ever completed or a real challenge. Everything depends on the topic you chose, as well as the strategies that will be applied in your paper. Desperate and frustrated, many students search in Google “I need professional help with writing my cultural identity essay.” Undoubtedly, it is always great to have someone, who will take care of your grades. Some students try to find successful cultural identity samples to use them in their own writing. However, we assure you that copy-pasting from these papers is a wrong strategy because you won`t find the paper that will represent your personal identity perfectly. Moreover, being accused of plagiarism, you will have many problems with your college or university. If you are struggling with such an assignment with no luck, make sure to follow our amazing guide and you will learn many tips and secrets that will help you create an amazing piece. Moreover, we are going to provide you with the great essay topics on identity so that you could choose the best ones for your essay.

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How to Pick Up a Good Subject?

To matter what aspect of your culture you want to represent, your essay should clearly indicate how did your culture influence you, your beliefs, behavior, attitude to life, etc. To some extent, a cultural identity essay is pretty reflective, so you need to know the essential peculiarities of reflective essay writing.

Before you select the topic for your cultural identity essay, you need to brainstorm the ideas. To get the anticipated outcome, you need to work with the topic that is interesting and intriguing. We assure you that working with a boring topic, you won`t be able to engage your reader. Consequently, you won`t be able to get a satisfactory result. Do not forget that your topic should represent you, your beliefs, and your life priorities. Think about the aspect of your cultural identity that has contributed the most to your development as the individual.

Do not work with topics that are too broad. We assure you that focusing on too many aspects, you will only confuse your reader. At the same time, do not make your topic too narrow as you won`t be able to demonstrate your good writing skills and won`t be able to show what makes you unique and different from others. As for the possible topics for your cultural identity essay, it may be within the scope of your customs, traditions, beliefs, nationality, the environment you were raised in, etc. if your parents moved to another country when you were a child, do not forget to mention how this blend of cultures influenced your identity. Indeed, only you can decide what areas of your life can be represented in your cultural identity essay.

How to Select the Right Essay Topics on Identity?

After you are done with choosing the subject for your essay, it’s high time to select the right topic. When outlining the topic for your essay, you need to consider the following points:

  • Choose the protagonist. There can be three types of protagonists in your essay. You, a person you know, or a fictional character. Understanding about whom you are going to write, you will be able to understand what to write. If your essay will be about you, you need to pick up an interesting experience from your life and describe it. If you are writing about the fictional literature character, you need to study everything about this character to trace how did the identity influence his or her behaviors.
  • Connect your topic to the subject chosen previously. In your work, you need to be consistent. As such, your topic should perfectly fit the subject chosen for your essay.
  • Sparkle the interest in your readers. Many students mistakenly believe that if they write about themselves, nobody will want to read it. However, we assure you that making your essay appealing and engaging, you will be able to grab the readers` attention easily. Even if you think that your life is boring and not interesting, we assure you that there were moments that are worth attention. Your teacher will definitely read your essay in order to evaluate your writing skills, as well as your ability to build the logical connections between the events. If you manage to create your cultural identity essay in such a way to make your teacher enjoy reading, you will definitely get the best grade for it.
  • Make your essay laconic. Of course, speaking of your cultural identity, you may write five or even ten pages, but we highly recommend you not to do that. Your professor will probably provide you with a prompt for writing your essay that will indicate the required length. Make sure to follow this prompt precisely. Making your essay too long, you will probably include many irrelevant details that will only make your reader get bored. Do not write fifty words when only twenty will do.

The Best Essay Topics on Identity

Let us provide you with the great topics and ideas that will help you create a winning essay on identity. First, you may start with the general topic. For instance:

How our identity influences our life?

Writing an essay on such a topic, you will start from the general reflection gradually moving to a description of your own experiences that would help you develop this topic perfectly.

Also, you may connect the cultural identity issues with other aspects of human life. For Instance:

Why considering cultural identity aspects is important in creating commercials?

When writing your essay on this topic, you will need to work with the peer-reviewed and credible sources that will add value to your research. Finally, you may write various types of essays (narrative, descriptive, persuasive) about a particular person that may be interesting within the scope of your subject. For instance:

The reflection of my neighbor Maria`s immigrant experience, as well as the influence of her Mexican identity on her life.

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Cultural Identity Examples in Literature

Many students wonder, “I know how to write a cultural identity essay but how can I relate it to literature?” We assure you that once you understand what aspects should be addressed in a cultural identity essay, you will find it easier to understand how it can be related to the literature. Indeed, there are a lot of famous writers, who discussed the identity issues in their works. Of course, writing a cultural identity essay based on some literary work is more difficult than just writing a narrative essay about your experiences. However, you should understand that choosing the right strategy, you will be able to achieve success. Below, you will find some examples of the literature topics based on cultural identity:

  • Critically evaluate the cultural identity issues in Shakespeare's Othello;
  • How does Agatha Christie reveal the identity of her protagonists in her works?
  • Analyze the cultural identity issue in The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.
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Kinship and the Maintenance of Cultural Identity

The study of kinship and the maintenance of cultural identity are very important aspects and more especially when dealing with people from different cultural orientation. People from different walks of life are inclined to certain beliefs and ethics which guide them. While dealing with people, it is therefore important to understand their kinship ties and how they propagate their cultural identity in various settings. People have different ways of approach to issues affecting the society and their lives in particular. There have been cases of people of people working in different cultures from where they come from...

Topics Examples for Cultural Identity Essay

One of the best ways to create a personal identity paper is to write My Family Story. If your professor allowed you to choose the topic to write on, you may focus on the story of your family and it will help you create an interesting and appealing essay. Please, mind that it is not enough to tell who are your parents and where they come from. Pay attention that your primary task is not only to tell about the experiences of your family but to emphasize your cultural authenticity. Also, you can focus on the member of your family, who has played the most important role in your cultural development. As for the topics, you may pick up the following:

  • Traditions and customs in the country I came from;
  • An important experience from my childhood that has influenced my spiritual growth;
  • A place I will never forget;
  • The traditional cuisine of our family;
  • The role of religion in our family.


In conclusion, we assure you that creating a cultural identity essay requires much time and efforts but the final outcome will compensate all of them. If may seem that the personal cultural identity topic is the easiest to reveal, however, it is not true. There are a lot of aspects that should be considered when writing a personal cultural identity paper. Of course, the best personal cultural identity essays tell about the life, experiences, and beliefs of the author. Therefore, it is vitally important to know the key elements that should be included in this essay.

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