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If you look at an essay example of case study writing, you should notice that these papers are generally founded on the use of empirical-type research to explore a specific event or phenomenon in its real-life context. As a method of research, case studies involve a detailed and longitudinal analysis of one instance of an event or phenomenon i.e. a particular case.

As a result of this, the person doing the research gets quite an in-depth understanding of the instance in terms of why it occurred in the way it occurred and how much different the outcome or results would likely be if it were to be extensively researched at some future time. So, how to write case report? In the course of their studies, virtually every student gets a plethora of coursework assignments, which keep coming one after the other.

The assignments vary and may include producing case study essays and/or papers on a host of different subjects. Normally case studies involve considerable research, the creation of a plan or outline, the development of a rough first draft, editing, and the revising or redrafting of the paper until it is as good as it can be.

All this work is often difficult and takes a lot of time. And it is why so many students look for tips in various articles and/or blogs or even pay experts to help them write their case studies. It is very important, however, to exercise caution when choosing someone to help if you are to avoid hiring a writing service that provides you with heavily plagiarized and unoriginal essays, case studies, or other types of writing. While cheap prices may seem attractive at the outset, they may ultimately jeopardize your chance of academic success and damage your reputation. By contrast, you can always trust to provide you with the finest quality papers in whatever style or format you ask for.

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When it comes to using the case report format in an assignment, it is expected the student will analyze the issue at hand, research it, explore the background to it, suggest a feasible solution, and prove any point(s) they make using a carefully-selected methodology. Some students find it difficult to get themselves motivated to even begin, some just do not know how to tackle the case in front of them, and some get confused by the different formats e.g. how to use the APA, Chicago, or MLA formatting style. Furthermore, assignments of this nature require full concentration on and objective analysis of the issue, the collection of solid facts and sound evidence, and for the pros and the cons to be analyzed.

The most serious of students often consider hiring a professional writer who specializes in case study writing to provide them with a good sample of this type of paper. As a trustworthy writing service, is always willing to provide customers with excellent sample case studies - papers that are original and written in accordance with the guidelines provided by your tutor or professor.

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Case Study Example

Executive Summary

  • Purpose of the report. The purpose of this report was to provide a low-cost carrier with detailed information on the micro- and macroenvironment of the air travel industry and consider the economic and environmental issues that currently influence air travel.
  • Methodology. For the purpose of this report, only secondary research was undertaken. No surveys or interviews were organised. The following resources were used: books, journals, and reliable online resources. The information found in secondary sources was used to evaluate the micro- and macroenvironment of the air travel industry and provide recommendations to companies working in the field.
  • Findings. First, the air travel industry operates in a very complex environment, which is influenced by numerous resources and factors, such as fuel costs, customer demands and preferences and environmental pollution, risks of terrorism, and others. Second, low-cost carriers that have emerged in the Asian air travel industry influence the choice of the most appropriate cost-effective airplanes. Third, travelers who pay more for their tickets also perceive greater value, because they care more about their comfort than about the ticket price. Finally, for many customers, the amount of space is a determining factor, when they choose an airline and an airplane to fly to the point of destination.
  • Conclusions. First, the air travel industry is extremely complex. Second, both Dreamliner 787 and Airbus 380 have benefits and weaknesses. Third, in the Asian air travel industry, costs should be considered as the main factor of companies’ growth.
  • Recommendations. A low-cost carrier should purchase Dreamliner 787, which is more cost-effective and suitable for delivering domestic low-cost services. Asia has become attractive to travelers due to low costs, and this is another reason why Dreamliner 787 is the best choice. However, the company must develop a back-up plan to minimise capital losses due to delivery delays.


In conclusion, the air travel industry is extremely complex. Numerous factors influence traveler choices. These factors include but are not limited to the amount of money, distance, quality of service, time, and others. Travelers who pay more for their tickets perceive value, because they are focused more on comfort than the price paid for their tickets. Many customers want to have more space during the air travel, but this is not everything that should be considered in the air travel industry. The results of the SWOT analysis show that both the Dreamliner 787 and Airbus 380 have their benefits and weaknesses. Dreamliner 787 is a more affordable proposition than Airbus 380. At the same time, delivery delays can lead to the huge capital losses, and the company should be very careful, when choosing the best proposition. Another important conclusion is that, when it comes to the air travel industry in Asia, costs should be considered as the main factor of growth for companies. Because of increased competition and rising fuel prices, companies must find the best balance of cost-effectiveness and customer needs.


Given the complex industry environment, the best the organisation can do is purchase Dreamliner 787, even though delivery delays are possible. The main reasons for which Dreamliner 787 is a better proposition than Airbus 380 are the following:

  1. Dreamliner is a more cost-effective proposition compared with Airbus 380.
  2. For a company that runs domestic low-cost services, Dreamliner 787 is a preferred choice.
  3. Dreamliner 787 will help to save money on fuel supply and reduce planes’ running costs.

The growing frequency and intensity of flights to Asia due to low costs justifies the choice of Dreamliner over Airbus 380. However, the company must prepare a back-up plan in case of delivery delays, in order to minimise financial losses.

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