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Feminist Topics for Essays (+Free Sample)

Since the absence of basic rights and freedoms of women still occurs, various feminist topics are still relevant. For many ages, women have been fighting for their rights to education, work, property, privacy, and many others. Many scholars reasonably opine that feminist campaigns became the reasons for the historical development of women`s empowerment. Modern feminism is called fourth-wave feminism and it is still struggling with contemporary challenges faced by women. No wonder, feminist issues are often discussed at different courses and disciplines. If you are looking for good feminist topics for essays, then you are reading just the right article. In our guide, you will find multiple creative ideas that can be developed in your essay.

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Feminism is one of the main social movements in the present-day world. Modern-day supporters of feminism are involved in life-altering campaigns supporting abortions, unwanted pregnancies, etc. Besides, they have significant achievements in questioning Patriarchy, women’s suffrage, as well as renouncing gender roles. When writing an essay on feminism, you will need to take some interesting topic related to feminism and discuss it from a non-standard perspective. To evaluate your paper with a good grade, your professor wants to see your good knowledge of the subject, as well as your ability to think analytically, develop your arguments, and collect credible data. Most probably, you will want to convince your reader that women should be economically, socially, and politically equal to men. Since the subject matter has a dynamic nature, it is particularly important to focus on the ideas that are relevant and up-to-date. Before we provide you with some interesting topics about feminism, let us help you understand the very concept of feminism.

In a nutshell, feminism is defined as a political and social movement that advocates for women`s rights seeking the equality of sexes. Although many people may misunderstand this concept believing that feminists demand higher rights than men have, it is not right because feminism just seeks equality.

Given the dynamic nature of this subject, one can assume that it is rather broad and enthralling. Whereas there are millions of people, both male and female, who support this movement, there are many concerns that should be investigated. If you want to turn in a well-written paper, you should carry out preliminary research and choose an interesting subject to develop in your paper. Of course, finding a good feminist topic for an academic essay is a great challenge as it should be interesting both to you and your target audience. If you don`t have good ideas for writing your paper, you should check some feminist topics for essays collected by our creative writers. We do hope that you will find the one that will perfectly fit your research interests:

Feminist Topics for Essays

  • Popular Feminism Research Paper Topic Ideas
  • Feminism and human rights. A literature review;
  • Discuss the main arguments of feminist critics. Do they have any rationale?
  • Is feminism just hatred of men? Why? Why not?
  • What are the characteristic features of feminism in the 21st century?
  • An ugly woman with unshaved legs having huge hatred against men. Is it a real portrait of a feminist?
  • How feminism is related to domestic violence?
  • Analyze the key modern forms of sexism;
  • What are the main obstacles and challenges faced by feminism in the present-day world?
  • Discuss the essential merits of feminism;
  • The role of a woman in the business world. What are the main qualities of popular female entrepreneurs?
  • Discuss the relationships between the feminism and #MeToo movement;
  • How are women’s rights violated in contemporary society?
  • Discuss both the positive and negative effects of mass media standards on women’s lives;
  • Analyze the main ideas of modern feminism;
  • Do you agree with the claim that feminism is just a relic of history? Explain your position.

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Controversial Feminist Topics

If you want to impress your tutor with a non-standard approach to work and creative thinking, you will need to work with controversial topics about feminism. This means that these topics assume having different opinions. In case you are interested in writing a thought-provoking paper on a controversial topic, find some of them below:

  • Discuss the main causes of Misogyny. How to overcome it?
  • What are the main challenges faced by feminism in Islamic countries?
  • Explain what are the main strategies for addressing the problem of gender inequality;
  • Why do men still lead in politics and business even despite decades of active feminism?
  • Is feminism a reason for declining cases of domestic violence?
  • Should boys and girls be raised in different ways? Should they have the same toys?
  • How to achieve gender equality?

Interesting Feminist Topics

If you carry out additional research, you will find additional feminist topics for essays that are worth attention. Below, you will find some of them:

  • Discuss the feminist issues in present-day politics;
  • Why feminism topics are worth investigating?
  • Feminism and the history of fashion;
  • Analyze the main effects of feminism on education;
  • Discuss the impact of feminism on teenagers;
  • Can feminism influence women negatively?
  • Discuss some cases of feminism from the world literature;
  • Why men earn more than women. Can feminism change the situation?
  • Compare and contrast career opportunities of men and women in the US military;
  • Why do gender stereotypes still exist in contemporary society?
  • Why should girl education be popularized in Islamic countries?
  • An analysis of controversial issues in feminism.
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The role of women in the society is not clearly defined. There was a time, when women were on the top of the world. Then they were certainly more important, because of their social functions, than men were. However, the long-lasting period of Patriarchy came after the period of Matriarchy, and it completely changed the treatment of women in the world. For centuries, women have tried to find their place in a men-oriented world. They have struggled to gain equal rights with men and protect their basic needs to participate in the social life, vote and so on. These attempts have been united in one idea with the name – feminism.

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Gender Inequality Research Paper Topics: Ideas for Writing an Interesting Paper

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