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Clear Algorithm on Creating a Great Research Proposal

You should understand that the provided tips do not give you a 100% guarantee of preparing a top-notch research proposal. They will help you arrange a schedule according to which you will be able to prepare each section of your work.

If you apply for a scholarship, you have to create and submit a perfect paper in terms of research and analysis. Note that you also need to describe previous studies on the relevant topics.

The aim of writing a research proposal is to make sure that:

  • the applicants have conducted detailed research in the selected academic field
  • they have analyzed the issue thoroughly and can fully cover the topic. You should keep in mind that providing a simple description of the research question will not make a long lasting impression on the committee.

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It is obvious that a research proposal cannot be written according to the set pattern. You never know what points your research results will reveal. Thus, it is impossible to keep to one fact when writing an academic work of such type. The result which you will get may differ from the ones you have expected to obtain.

Nevertheless, you need to persuade the academicians that

  • you have clearly defined the scientific issue you will explore
  • you know which approach to use to find proper solutions to the tackled problem
  • you understand that there is a limited amount of time and financial resources for doing research.

Be sure that your research proposal will help develop a particular field of study.

Before you begin writing the paper, you need to find out all forming details. Thus, ask your professor about the word count, spacing, font, table of contents, and a formatting style. Keep in mind that the members of the committee have already read a lot of academic papers. That is why you should do your best to write a great work with a logical structure.

Research Proposal Sample

For a long time, emergency response agencies have been using cell phones in their rescue missions. People are sensitized using cell phones in times of emergencies. Also, they contact emergency agencies. However, cell phones are not as reliable as many people think, as illustrated in several instances when their services were unavailable. It is critical since emergency cases should be handled abruptly without any delay. Failing of cell phone services poses a significant danger to the victims since they cannot raise the alarm on time... Read more

Tips to Write a Great Research Proposal

Organizing the Title Page

  • Indicate personal information (name, academic position and title, birth date, your contact details, and the contacts of your educational establishment).
  • Insert the title of your paper. Mind that it is necessary to create the title attentively. It should be relevant to your topic. Moreover, the title should be concise and descriptive at the same time. Readers should perfectly understand what they are going to read about.

Your paper title should not exceed more than 60 characters. You may use some keywords referring to the subject of your work.

  • Impose a realistic period of time for completing your project. Do not forget to mention the name of your tutor and the department of your educational establishment where you intend to present your research. If you plan to cooperate with other academicians, you should provide some information about them too (if it is available, of course).
  • You can relate to the papers which were funded successfully to find out whether your topic is suitable for applying for a scholarship.

Writing an Abstract and Summary of Your Paper

Your summary section should be brief, no more than one page in length. It should concentrate on your paper topic and its aspects. Try to be as clear as possible. Note that you may need to narrow your topic and it can be rather complicated.

Literature Review

It is a succinct review of the available research material on your subject. You need to:

  • refer to the latest research conducted by other scientists;
  • present the concepts you are going to use for your research.
  • show that you are well aware of your subject and know which methods to use to examine it.
  • identify the key issue of your project. Explain how your work can help with finding effective solutions to the presented problem.

Preparation Process

Tell how you can contribute to the discussed topic. Provide the copies of your published articles that relate to the subject of your paper.

The Goal of Your Research Proposal

State the purpose which you want to achieve when producing your work. With the help of your paper, you need to illustrate that your research has a great meaning to the selected scientific area. In this unit, you should demonstrate the importance of your topic. Therefore, you may state that your findings will add to the existing knowledge base. You may also say that your research results will help formulate new concepts. There are a lot of projects investigating different issues. Therefore, you have to be ready to prove that your paper will make a great contribution to a certain research field.

Steps to Follow to Make an Outline

Steps to make an outline

Make sure that you do not leave the whole project till the last moment. Make a clear plan to have enough time to discuss each point of your paper.

It may happen that new theories will appear. Thus, you have to be ready to implement them in your paper. By the way, the formulation of your hypothesis will depend on it. When your hypothesis is ready, you can concentrate on examining the topic.


Plan a strict schedule. It will be easier for you to work on each stage of your research proposal. Remember that at this point you can just evaluate your paper. However, you will need time to revise it thoroughly. This is one more reason to adhere to the timetable.

Bibliography Page

Make a list of sources/works used for preparing your paper.


Indicate all the documents attached to your paper, i.e. CV, references, etc.

Editing Stage

When your research proposal is completed, you may start editing it.

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Writing Style

  1. Make sure that the title of your paper, its abstract and body correlate with each other.
  2. Establish a coherent structure. Create headings and write summaries so that readers can easily find the required paper unit.
  3. Conclude the major points of your research proposal. If it possible try not present your personal point of view on the matter.
  4. Strictly adhere to the formal writing style. The verbs should be used in the active voice.
  5. Use bullet points and numbered lists to present the details that are worth careful attention. Essential paper parts should be highlighted by the space between them.
  6. Be sure that there are no grammatical or any other mistakes in your paper.
  7. Ask an experienced specialist to proofread your research proposal. Thus, you will make sure that your work meets educational standards.

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