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History Essay Questions (Topics): Ideas for Unique History Essay Writing

If you have got an assignment to provide a history essay but you do not know how to structure it properly and what ideas to include, read the following history essay questions that will give you a hint on what constituents your history essay should have.

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History Essay Questions for Different Essay Types

  • What methods did the political leaders in America use to win their public acceptance during the civil rights movement?

  • What were the differences between the Ottoman and Mughal military approaches, and what policies and decisions did they grow upon?

  • What was the contribution of reforms in the Ottoman Empire to the development of a more secular mentality in the Islamic world?

  • What role did the CIA play in the policy of containment developed by the U.S.?

  • The madrasa - the way the Sunni managed to survive. Explain.

  • The Treaty of Versailles - how did it change Germany and lead it to the current state of politics?

  • The purges - what did they say about French conflicts?

  • How does monarchy change the vision of politics?

  • Why did the British colonial dominance go into oblivion after the end of WWII?

  • What happened on May 6, 1937?

  • Use any primary historical document and explain its meaning.

  • Take some extract from a larger historical work and explain its meaning in context.

  • Irish nationalism and Parnellism - how did they fit together?

  • How did the industrialization of the western world change the economy of western countries after WWI?

  • How did the political position of Great Britain evolve throughout the 20th century?

  • How did the image problems affecting Stuart monarchy affect its success at the beginning of the 17th century?

  • What was the position of female gender and women in Canadian economy in the first half of the 20th century?

  • How did the King James translation of the Bible contributed to the general understanding of the document, and how did it improve the overall impression of the document in millions of people on the planet?

  • What is National Curriculum History? How can it be improved? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the concept? How does it operate within a broader historical context? Can you see how helpful it is when the history progresses across stages? Explain.

  • What are the commonalities and differences in the aggressive and passive methods of resistance to Europeans among slaves? What were the strengths and weaknesses of each method?

  • Who was the most heroic leader in human history? Prove and explain.

  • Do you agree with a statement that Nazi propaganda played the leading role in advancing the aggressive message of the Nazi state across the world?

  • What was the role of leadership talent and charisma in making Mussolini and Hitler the leading figures of their repressive regimes?

  • How did the first humans understand the natural world?

  • What happened to the UK after WWII and why did it lose its colonial power?

  • What has changed in the global understanding of ‘people’s war’?

  • What was the success of Oliver Cromwell in promoting the interests of the English state in the West Indies, as well as in Ireland?

  • Residential development - how can it challenge the historical values and principles adopted by societies? 

  • Why has America been always regarded as a country of opportunities? In a history essay like this, discuss when people first came to America to start a new life and find some new perspectives for living.

  • Discuss the concept of Puritanism and how it affected the modern American outlook. In a history paper on such topic, it is advisable to discuss and analyze how people may be influenced by their really distant past on unconscious level.

  • Imagine that you live in the USA in 1776. Do you see yourself as a revolutionist? When writing an essay on such topic, make sure to discuss what makes some people revolutionary.

  • Discuss the American Constitution. Is it rigid or flexible?

  • Discuss and analyze slavery as a cause of the Civil War. Was it the only one cause? What were the other causes, if any?

  • Was it possible for the USA to stay on a neutral position during the period of World War I? Discuss how Americans get involved in different military actions supporting particular countries. Investigate the reasons why people do it?

  • Can you find any justification factors for the world in Vietnam? What are the significant outcomes?

  • Do you agree that the world has become a safer place to live, especially after the Cold War? What about the weapons used nowadays?

  • Investigate the history of acquiring women’s rights. How did the move originate? What is the situation nowadays and how can it be improved?

  • Were the European leaders influenced by the Catholicism? Provide some specific examples of such manifestation.

  • Investigate the name “the Dark Ages.” Why is this period called in such way?

  • Characterize the main traits of the patronage system. What effects does it have? Do you agree that one individual can use his/ her power on behalf of the other one?

  • Explore how far religious views influenced the Chinese empire? When answering such history essay questions, explore how Confucianism and Buddhism influenced the decisions of the Chinese emperors.

  • Why was the bubonic plague spread? How was the problem addressed?

  • Analyze the influence of the Greek culture on the Romans? Discuss the topic by providing specific examples of how the Roman Empire was influenced by the Greek culture, lifestyle, way of thinking, etc.

  • Argue about what culture had a more influential role in the world’s history: Greek or Roman? Investigate what modern-world concepts originated in Ancient Greece and Rome.

  • What aspects make the Chinese Empire Unique? Why do they have dynasties? What is it special about its ruling?

  • Do you believe that the Cold War could be finished before 1991? Do you agree that only the Soviet Union collapse could have led to the end of the Cold War? What other factors or events could have brought the Cold War to the end?  

History is full of extraordinary concepts and lessons and many of them could be used as great examples for writing history essays. 

  • Do you agree that it was a normal practice in Ancient China to pay doctors only in the condition when they could cure a patient? Do you believe that this practice should be implemented in the modern world? Would you pay the doctor merely for the result or the process of treating patients?

  • Do you know that one of the shortest wars Anglo-Zanzibar the duration of which was 38 minutes. Why do you think it sometimes takes a few years to end wars? Why do you think wars happen even in the modern times?

  • In 400 BC, there were more than 500,000 slaves in Sparta with its population of 25,000people. Why do you think slavery was so widespread in those times? What was its importance? Investigate the concept of slavery in the past vs. in the modern times.

  • Some historical evidence claims that Leonardo da Vinci had dyslexia. As it is evident from historical facts, even the most significant and prominent historic personalities may have some conditions. Nonetheless, they did not prevent them from creating some world-famous artworks.

  • Investigate the frequency of wars during the history. According to the estimates, only 200 years out of 3,500 were peaceful. Why do you think it is impossible to live without wars? Why do they always happen?

  • Why were baths used as rehabilitation centers for the Roman soldiers? Do you agree that apart from the curing method, it was also a way of coping with stress and traumas?

  • The parrot owned by the late Andrew Jackson was removed from Jackson’s funeral for swearing. Do you agree it was normal to do it? Would Jackson want to remove his parrot were he alive? How far do you agree that a specific way of conduct should be maintained at such gatherings as funeral?

  • Discuss the Battle of Stalingrad. What happened then? Who ceased control? Focus on the fact that one of the railway stations was controlled by different persons more than 10 times within six hours. Railway station was a means of transporting various goods, so it was really important to maintain control of it. 

Interesting Research Paper Topics on History

Sometimes, it may be extremely difficult to choose an effective topic for your paper. Our article will provide you with a list of interesting research paper topics on history. So, some of the suggested US history research paper topics may include:

  1. Interesting facts about life of Native Americans.
  2. Difficult relationships between Native Americans and foreign conquerors.
  3. History of the first settlements on the territory of America.
  4. Reasons and outcomes of the American Revolution.
  5. The role of African slaves in the development of modern American Society.
  6. The importance of Gold Rush for the USA. What were the reasons and outcomes of gold mining?
  7. The opinions of Americans about slavery: supporting and opposing sides.
  8. Contribution of the African-American soldiers in the course of the Civil War.
  9. The reasons and results of Civil War.
  10. Was the American Revolution successful? Why?
  11. What were the main reasons for people to go to the New World?
  12. What were the peculiar features of labor unions in the US in the 1800s?
  13. Immigration in 1800s. How to explain increased numbers of immigrants to America and how they managed to adjust to life on the new continent?
  14. Myths and reality: What was true and what was false in the stories about cruelties of Native Americans towards newcomers?
  15. United States and World War I. How was the country involved and what was the result of war for the state and its citizens?
  16. Effect of child labor on community in 1800s.
  17. Personalities: What was the role of Abraham Lincoln in the fight for overcoming slavery in the US?
  18. The role of the United State in the World War II: The influence of the country participation in bloody opposition.
  19. Cold War and crisis on Cuban. Who stood behind the conflict?
  20. How did life and death of Martin Luther King influence the situation of African-American community in the United State?
  21. Sad pages of American history: Sept 11 attacks. Who was guilty and what was the reason?
  22. What were the outcomes of Hurricane Katrina and how did the citizens of America respond to it?
  23. What was the effect of Industrial Revolution on the development of the United States?
  24. The involvement of the US in the Vietnam War: Was it worth it?

Topics on World History

Without doubt, research paper topics on history may be different depending on the purpose of paper and the period discussed. Considering other possible topics, world history can also be taken as an example. Here are some suggestions regarding the topics on world history:

  1. The role of French Revolution in the formation of the world community.
  2. What was the outcome of British Colonialism for the world order?
  3. How did the Pope obtain His power in the Middle Ages?
  4. Personalities: What were the crucial moments of Hitler’s life that made him one of the greatest dictators of his generation?
  5. Are there any positive effects of the Second World War on the world community? What are they?
  6. Russian aggression in the world: Are we going to witness the Third World War?
  7. How does sexual revolution reflect the development of democratic principles in the world?
  8. What is the role of propaganda in the modern world versus ancient times?
  9. World terrorism: Is there really a noble aim in killing thousands of people?

Considering the rich history of the world, the list of research paper topics on history can be endless. The most important thing to consider in the process of writing is that the topic should be focused and revolved around a specific issue without touching upon too many issues at once.

History Essay Topics


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