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How to Deal with College Coursework

Coursework is a type of assignments that every student has to complete at some point of own academic path. The special feature of these tasks is that they are given to be completed over the entire semester and cover the materials that the student learns over the whole course. The format and form of coursework depend a lot on where and what you study. In such a way, college coursework will be significantly different from that in high school. Similarly, coursework in sciences is likely to be a research paper or report, while that in liberal arts might require writing an extensive argumentative or analytical essay.

As you might have already understood, there are no fixed or universal requirements for the way coursework must sound or look like. So, unsurprisingly, you might wonder, “How then can I write my coursework?” Well, your professor will tell you how exactly. As a rule, teachers provide detailed and exhaustive instructions on the content, formatting style, the number and quality of sources, length of the paper, etc., as well as examples of coursework, so that students could know what is expected of them. In the meantime, students are still allowed to select a topic by themselves, and any of them is appropriate as long as it meets professor’s criteria. However, if you have chosen a topic but are not sure about its suitability, you should definitely consult your instructor.

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Coursework writing can be time-consuming and demanding in terms of efforts. When you are asked to complete a large project, a set of essays, conduct research, or make an extensive analysis, you do not expect it to be easy. However, even stress resistant and straight-A student often freak out about this type of paper and fail to complete it well. The reason for that is simple, and it is deadline. Surely, you may say, “I have the whole semester to deal with my coursework.” That is true, but there is also a range of other essays, reports, research papers, lab works, exams, etc. Besides, the length of coursework is rarely 5 pages or so. They are longer and tougher.

Being pressed for time and with no decent ideas on what to write, students frequently choose the lesser evil and submit a poorly written paper instead of none. Obviously, following such a principle does not bring the desired results, and professors do not give good grades out of pity. Besides, sometimes, students provide papers that might sound good and demonstrate acceptable writing skills, but the topic is not appropriate or poorly formulated. The opposite situations are also quite frequent. A person might have both a good idea and troubles putting it into words. Beyond doubt, if there were indeed a semester of free time to devote to coursework, such things would not happen. Unfortunately, the burden of numerous assignments prevents even the best students from avoiding them.

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So, how to write a coursework? Of course, there is no a magic spell that would allow you to have it written in no time and in a perfect manner. Still, there are ways out. The first approach is to embrace time management and take advantage of the existing planning techniques in order to do the assignment in time. You are strongly advised to create a schedule and set specific deadlines for different stages of the task completing, for instance, searching for sources, reviewing sources, composing an outline, drafting, etc. Then, do your best to follow the timetable and finish with each phase on time despite other things that might arise. Make sure not to procrastinate; otherwise, the writing process will become more and more complicated.

If this approach does not work for you or you want to have a plan B, you might use the second option and benefit from coursework help online. On the one hand, you might take advantage of widely available online tutoring services. They are called to make difficult and unclear things simple and obvious. They hire people who may offer guidance throughout the writing process, provide feedback, explain what is required of a student, and provide tips and helpful resources. In fact, these are faculty members that occupy such positions in addition to their full-time jobs. On the other hand, you may order an already written coursework that will fully meet your professor’s requirements and for instance, use it as a basis for own paper. These services are usually a concentration of talented writers that are ready to use their time, knowledge, and experience to assist you with your writing challenge.

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Professional Coursework Writing Services

If you got interested in professional writing assistance and would like to find someone who can help, you can easily do it on Prime-Essay.net. We are an ambitious team of qualified and experienced specialists that put their effort into supporting students in the process of studying. We provide a variety of custom writing services, but dealing with coursework is the main area of our activity. The heart of our company is talented and educated writers who know exactly what your professor wants and can meet, as well as exceed, your expectations regarding the paper. The coursework completed by any of them will sound solid, look nice, be convincing, and have an impeccable thesis statement. All sources will as be up-to-date and reliable.

Coursework is always a voluminous and lengthy task that causes much trouble for students. Sometimes, it seems that professors forget about the existence of classes, courses, and assignments other than theirs and give a hardly doable number of tasks to submit within short deadlines. Of course, it leads to anxiety, confusion, and frustration among students, who eventually prefer not to go not classes than deal with the pressure exerted on them. Our company is there to help handling such kind of situations. We may aid you to turn the chaos of undone assignments into a pile of flawless papers ready for submission. With us, you will not lose control of your studying process. In fact, you will finally be in charge of deadlines, and not a single of them will be missed.

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Our team of writers consists of professionals from different fields. So, if you need coursework in any subject, be it physics or literature, do not hesitate to choose us. Moreover, we are aware of stringent deadlines that students usually have and can cope with them in an excellent manner. Therefore, even if you need a long paper to be done within short deadline, we can help. The deadline for you extremely important project will not be missed! Next, we guarantee a high quality of writing. There will no issues with grammar mistakes, formatting inaccuracies, the originality of the text, and innovativeness of ideas. We ensure that the paper meets all the standards of academic writing, conventions of formal English, and the requirements of your professor. Every single sentence that we are to send to you will be revised, edited, and proofread multiple times to make sure you get its best version. If you have any questions, special requests, preferences, they all will be taken into account should you inform our customer support team that works 24/7 to serve your needs.

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Example of Coursework on Business

Business is a complex system of processes influenced by the diversity of factors. Competition is one of the main peculiarities of companies striving to achieve success in terms of contemporary business system. Idea is a key element in the development of the company. It means that companies strive to develop plans, which will allow the company winning another range of competitive benefits. Strategies developed within the company should be effective enough to provide long-term success. However, success might be blinding when the company has been going through many problems in order to achieve the main goals. It means that it may lead to the company’s inability to switch to another mode, which will help to achieve another level of the success and development. Experts define this phenomenon as a strategic drift. It can have a significant influence on the company’s performance and sustainability in general. It happens for several reasons, which are worth of involving in the research in order to understand peculiarities of its influence.

Strategic drift is a concept, which can take place in any company. It happens for the reason of inopportune response of the company to the changes in tendencies of competition. For example, as soon as the company achieves success, it believes that its previous strategy will be appropriate for further growth. However, it is the company’s mistake to think that old patterns of organizational behavior can bring it to another stage of development. Success can make a company blind in the prospect of achieved goals and slow down its intention to develop another set of actions (Shahri, 2011). Strategic drift can cause many problems, which devastate the company’s system of competitive advantages. It destroys the company’s progress towards goals achievement. In fact, it is a phenomenon, which can lead to the self-destruction of the company in general. Strategic drift can become a dead point, which will stop the company’s growth. Another reason of the strategic drift lies in the avoidance of loyalty by the company’s employees. If the company does not take care of employees’ identity to the company’s standards of performance and main goals, it will keep losing human resources. In addition, employees may take care only of their personal growth within the company. It happens as long as the company fails to motivate its employees to contribute to the overall welfare. It can be a consequence of the weak motivational system, which reduces efficiency of the company’s performance (Murimbica & Urban, 2013). However, if the company neglects any element of its activity, which has a connection to the strategic plan, it will face strategic drift eventually.

Strategic drift is a threat to the company’s overall productivity and efficiency. It means that it is important to establish a system of measures, which will guarantee the company’s successful performance from the beginning of its existence. Intended and emergent strategies can become the main elements providing the company with support during difficulties. It is the company’s duty to develop an effective plan including different strategies aimed to preserve the company’s sustainable growth. Some companies manage to apply only one type of strategy in order to avoid strategic drift. However, it is important to establish a comprehensive approach towards formulation of a plan involving elements of both strategies. First, it is necessary to take into account peculiarities of every strategy in order to understand the touching points of them, which will help to establish an effective system of measures...

Read full Example of Coursework on Business here.

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