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How to End a College Essay

If you want to produce an outstanding college essay, then you must know how to end a college essay. This is particularly the case of college admission essays, when you consider every single word that you write. You can never enroll in a college of your dreams if you do not know how to produce a perfect college admission paper. Looking for a conclusion can be a tedious task, but an essay without a conclusion will never win the hearts and minds of an admission committee. Your conclusion will come as one of the last components of your admission paper, when you finish writing the body of your paper and the introduction. Take a moment to think about the most meaningful aspects of your essay and incorporate them into your conclusion. You can find numerous how to end a college essay examples online. Otherwise, ask for help when you need it.

Imagine that you will not have any other opportunity to interact with the reader beyond your conclusion. Imagine that you are leaving, and you will never be back. You have managed to create a positive impression when you wrote a perfect introduction and body of your paper. However, this impression must be lasting. This is what your conclusion is here for. Besides, a brilliant and memorable conclusion can have more effects on the reader than the most impressive introduction.

Follow Our Recommendations and Learn How to End a College Essay

1. Do not turn your conclusion into a summary

When admission officers review your essays, they will note the slightest inconsistencies. They will certainly notice that you do not know how to write college essay conclusions if you limit them to a simple summary. Avoid clichés or ordinary phrases like 'that was the catch point', or 'that was the aha moment for me and my family...' You will never create a compelling argument if your conclusion begins with any of these phrases. Your conclusion will become meaningless for the admission committee. Do not try to look more honest than you are in reality. Do not assume that your readers are not intelligent. Instead, be clear and unambiguous in your analysis of learning. Review the lessons you have learned and apply them in practice. Imagine that you are a writer, and your readers want to see a happy end. How would you approach it?

2. Never use any stock phrases

A perfect conclusion of an essay will never contain any stock phrases. You may want to impress the reader. However, the effect can be quite the opposite. Stock phrases come into play when writers have nothing else to write or say in their papers. These include:

Stock Phrases

Your last paragraph is the only opportunity given to you to finalize your argument. Do not waste it on stock phrases. Do not spoil the overall impression created by your paper. You have gone half way to get the desired admission, so do not let a single inappropriately used phrase take you in the wrong direction.

So, are there any better alternatives to stock phrases?

  • Write your conclusion; include a stock phrase that you wanted to use.
  • Once the conclusion is finished, delete the stock phrase.
  • Your conclusion will begin with an impressive sentence.
  • Edit and proofread it.

3. Do not use quotes in your conclusion; focus on your argument and the main thought

Choose the words to conclude into an essay wisely. Focus on yourself, not others. No one says that you cannot quote other sources. However, it is better to avoid doing it in your conclusion. Your conclusion is small enough to leave little or no space for direct quotations. When you quote, you lose a chance to express yourself fully. If you want to know how to end a college essay, remember one important thing: no quotes in the conclusion. Otherwise, you will have fewer chances to meet your academic goals.

Now let us see what will make your college essay conclusion better.

4. Review and reread your introduction

This is one of the greatest secrets behind writing a great end to a college essay. You will review the introduction to your paper to understand its tone and meaning. You will follow the same tone when writing your introduction. Follow the same model and approach that you used in the introduction to produce your college essay conclusion.

Quite often, college admission papers begin with an anecdote or a personal story. Review and mention this story again when you are working on your conclusion. No matter what subject you choose for your paper. Just make sure it shares something interesting about you. Take this essay as an opportunity to reveal your hidden features and create a real portrait of your personality. By linking the introduction to your conclusion, you will create a coherent paper.

For example, you begin your paper with the following sentence: 'As I was driving out of the parking lot, I knew it was the last time in my life that we met...' This last meeting is the key theme of your personal essay. You speak about the fear of missing someone in your life. Now your task is to revisit and reinforce the same theme in your concluding paragraph: 'Ten years passed. I was lucky to be in that parking lot again. I noticed the girl in front of the mall. By that time I knew she was the woman of my dreams.' In this way, you revisit what you said in your introduction and provide a resolution to the central conflict of your paper. You give your reader a sense of confidence that you were able to overcome difficulties and improve your life to make it full again. You do not necessarily have to say what lesson you have learned. Let the reader guess! However, when reading your essay from the beginning to the end, the admission officer will certainly enjoy the thematic line and note the change that has occurred to you and people around you.

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5. Your theme means everything

As you are figuring out the words to be conclude into your essay, do not lose the grip of your theme. You must know what your college essay is about. You must let others know it, as well. Some of the most popular themes in college admission essays include:

  • Facing difficulties and overcoming them;
  • Overcoming a huge fear of something;
  • Learning a lesson from life;
  • Experiencing a surprising event;
  • Starting to believe in magic, etc.

You need to decide what you are going to discuss and evaluate in your paper. This way you will also know how to finish your essayin a brilliant and memorable way. Look at an example of a conclusion, and you will quickly get the point. Use any of the above statements as a theme for your paper, including your conclusion.

6. Try to end your essay with a positive tone

It may well happen that you did not discuss any conflicts in your paper. You did not describe any tragic events, and you did not evaluate the strategies that you used to overcome difficulties. Thus, you entire essay may look and sound positive, but you still need to be careful about the tone that you use in the conclusion. A positive tone used in the body of your paper does not save you from the responsibility to use the same positive tone in your conclusion. Do not forget that you must tell your readers how your admission to college will contribute to this college and the entire community.

Imagine that you must provide answers to these questions:

  • What will I feel when I enter the class for my very first lesson in college?
  • How will I use the knowledge gained through my college studies to contribute to my community?
  • What issues will I face on my way to academic excellence? What will I do to deal with them?
  • How does the story that I share in my college essay connect me to my academic future in college?
  • How will college admission foster my growth and development?

Once you have answers to these questions, you will be ready to produce a remarkable positive conclusion that will greatly contribute to the success of your college admission paper.


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