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How to Title an Essay: Formulate Appealing Title for Your Writing

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It is essential to know how to title an essay as well as be aware of the purpose of writing. Normally, the title of the essay should reflect the core idea and the essay importance. When a title is not properly chosen or if it does not reflect the paper topic, it may confuse the reader or distract attention from the essential problem. A title is successful when it is not merely related to the paper content but when it also contains some intrigue and manages to maintain attention and interest of your professor and the target audience. When it comes to argumentative essay writing, be sure that the title should reflect the idea you intend to communicate across. Overall, the success of the essay does not merely depend on the content and how you develop it but also on the way you formulate the title.

The title of your essay is actually the very first thing that draws attention of your professor as well as the other readers. Normally, it is from the very title that your readers get the feeling, “Oh, this sounds interesting,” “This seems really interesting” or “The essay is going to be boring.” Another reason why it is so important to know how to title an essay is because it depends on the very title whether the readers will be curious about what you write, whether they would like to find out more information, and so on.

Characteristics of an Effective Essay Title

Before you start formulating the title for your essay, it is essential to be more well versed in the principles and strategies of formulating catchy and attention-grabbing titles. When you are aware of the characteristics of good essay titles, you will definitely ensure smooth flow of the essay and make it on the whole well-developed, catchy, and intriguing.

Some of the most important qualities of the essay title are the following:

  • Eye-catching. It is an obvious and understandable fact that, in order to make the title successful, one needs to make it attractive to the potential reader. According to the estimates, even when it comes to academic papers, people prefer to read the ones with catchy and appealing titles.
  • Believable and credible. When a title conveys some specific fact, be sure that it does not sound like an elaborate hoax. Try to make the title believable and not away from truth.
  • Comprehensible. The title should in no case be confusing. Try to make it easy to read and understand. The title should be brief, clear, and logical. Try not to formulate the title in metaphoric way and stay away from confusing phrases.
  • Active voice. When formulating titles, be sure you prefer active voice to passive, especially if you use verbs.
  • Brief. The title should not be lengthy but has to be formulated in a concise and logical way. The risk of providing a long title is that it might confuse the reader.

Components of the Essay Title

Not only essay bodies or outlines have a specific formula for gaining the desired structure – the same actually concerns titles as well. So, to ensure that your title is successful, make sure it comprises of the following components:

  • It should have a catchy hook. This idea or fact should introduce the paper in a creative way and also draw attention of the audience to the topic.
  • It should contain keywords related to the essay topic. Be sure to indicate the core concepts in the heading.
  • It should contain focus keywords related to when/ where/ how. These keywords would reveal more details about the paper.

How to Formulate Essay Title?

Once you have realized the importance of effective essay titles and have got to know some features that a successful title should have, you can now focus on the very process of composing an essay title. At first, it may seem that the easiest part of essay writing is coming up with the title. However, do not feel bad about yourself if you have encountered writer’s block already on the stage of composing an essay title. Sometimes, even the most proficient writers may face challenges when they are creating titles for their writing. If you still hesitate how to title an essay in a proper way, please have a look at the useful ideas provided below.

  1. Do not start the essay with composing a title. Write essay first and then switch over to the title. First of all, you will not begin your essay with a writer’s block and, second, you will have a more clear vision how to title your essay once you have the text written. Even though it may seem logical for you to start the essay writing process with composing a title, many proficient authors work on the title at the very end of the writing process. Without doubts, this approach has its benefits. One of the biggest assets is that you will definitely spend less time working out your title if you do it after writing the very essay.
  2. Use your thesis statement. Another good reason to leave the process of writing the title till the end is to get an interesting idea or reason for reading your paper from the thesis statement. Take a look at your thesis statement once again and try to modify it in a way that you could create a catchy title. Preferably, the title should have some intrigue so that your readers’ attention could be drawn to it.
  3. Re-work some popular clichés or statements. Using clichéd phrases in a title may add more fun and even pun. Some of them may turn out to be amusing and the others might present some metaphorical meaning. It is up to you how to adapt the clichéd phrases to your own needs.
  4. Pay attention to the tone of your essay. When composing your essay title, please consider the general tone of your piece of writing. If the essay centers on a serious topic, be sure that making a funny title will not be a perfect option. Make sure the title is relevant to the ultimate essay writing purpose.
  5. Address the central idea of the essay. One of the most applicable strategies how to provide a successful essay title is to make sure it relates to the central idea of the essay.
  6. Summarize what you have written in three words – this will be your title.

A Comprehensive List of Captivating Titles for Your Essay

If you are working on a persuasive essay and you would like your target audience and your professor to accept your point of view, be sure you need to start persuading from the very title. Try to choose the right words in order to draw attention to the problem and also make your standpoint clear. The idea you convey should be meaningful and it should also sound convincing when it comes to the argument you put forward.

If you have encountered a dead end searching for a perfect article, be sure that you can get some ideas from the list of argumentative topic examples provided below. An appealing title can perform a variety of functions: it can hook professor’s attention, it can increase readers’ involvement in the topic, it can boost readers’ interest in your paper, and it can also help you get an excellent grade.

What is about the title that readers are attracted to some kinds of essays? Is it about their sound confident, interesting, striking, persuasive, bold, creative, unique? What other words would you use to describe the perfect title?

It does not matter what type of essay you are working on, be sure that the following steps need to be taken into account when composing an interesting topic:

  • come up with a hook or creative idea that could win interest of your audience;
  • think of the right words that you could use to describe the idea;
  • come up with a concise statement that sums up the paper.

If you are really struggling with the process of title formulation, have a look at the following essay titles.

Titles for Argumentative Essays

  1. Society is responsible for tackling with eating disorders.
  2. Each state should activate capital punishment.
  3. Does alcohol really destroy brain cells?
  4. Is Spanish the easiest language to pick up?
  5. Is critical thinking an innate ability or a matter of practice?

Titles for Persuasive Essays

  1. Do illegal immigrants pose irreversible effects within the global context?
  2. Can capitalism be considered as an obstacle on the way to social development?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of alternative medical treatment.
  4. The role and long-term effects of guidance counselors on teenagers and the state of their mental health.
  5. Is TV and the Internet the core contributor to the increasing rates of violence in the society?

Titles for the Other Essay Types

  1. Both girls and boys should be encouraged to participate in team sports.
  2. Filthy language used in movies should be more carefully controlled and sometimes restricted. Agree or disagree.
  3. Benefits of wars taking place in the world.
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  5. Can marijuana play a role in peace making?

As you see, the overall success of your paper is not merely dependent on the argument you put forward and the thesis statement you formulate. It is also a matter of the title and whether it can draw attention of your readers. Therefore, do not undermine the importance of having attention-grabbing title for your essay.

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