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How to Write a Good Book Report

There are a variety of different types of book reports. Three of the most effective types include those that a) summarize a book’s plot, b) analyze a book’s characters, and c) analyze a book’s theme. Book report assignments are designed to help writers practice providing their opinions about various aspects or elements of a given book. These elements can include, for instance, how an author uses dialogue or descriptive language. However, irrespective of the type of report you choose to write, there are some key elements that need to be taken into account to help you say why you found a particular book interesting. Book reports should always have the elements outlined below:

  • A description of the type or genre of book report being written
  • The book’s title
  • The author’s name
  • The place or location and time period of the story/plot
  • The nicknames or full names and a short description of each character being covered in the report
  • As many examples and/or quotations (taken from the book’s text) as are needed to support the writer’s opinion.

Summary of the Plot

When writing a summary of a book’s plot, it is not appropriate or necessary to just retell the entire story. You simply need to give your opinion of the story or plot and the reasons why you think it is interesting, compelling, unrealistic, etc. It is how you decide to analyze a story or plot that makes an effective report. Be sure to take an ample number of examples and/or quotations from the text to lend support to your own opinions.

Analysis of the Characters

If your report requires you to analyze a book’s characters, you should consider looking at their personalities and physical characteristics, and how their activities and/or actions impact the overall plot.


The Book’s Theme(s)

The act of exploring any themes or main ideas running through a book is often an excellent basis for a book report. This is because a report can become a lot easier to plan and write when you choose a theme that means something to you. Attempt to bring your thoughts, opinions and feelings into your report as a means of showing how powerful the theme is. However, before discussing your own thoughts and feelings, make sure you have established what exactly the theme or main idea is and how it is presented in the book’s story.

  • Describe in exact terms the theme being explored in your report.
  • Choose plenty quotations and examples (as many as you possibly can) to show how the theme is essential to the plot or story.
  • Make absolutely sure you discuss each of the quotations or examples you have chosen. Find and draw attention to a direct link between the book’s theme and any examples you have selected from it.
  • Once the main theme has been established and you have carefully examined its impact on the book, write a few short sentences about how the theme has affected you and why or how it makes the book more pleasurable or less pleasurable to read.

Regardless of what form of book report you have chosen to write or been asked to write, it is important to ensure your written work is clear and that it expresses your views. Make sure also that you include sufficient examples from the book’s text to add substance to your personal opinions. A book report assignment can seem unrelated to some of your other coursework, but they are good at helping you master the art of comparing, contrasting, predicting, making connections, looking at subjects from a variety of perspectives, and summarizing a text. These are skills that will stand you in good stead for the duration of your life.

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