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How to Write an Effective Introduction 

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You are probably accustomed to hearing that the introduction paragraph in any written piece is hugely important, whether it is an article or essay. You might wonder why this is so. You will find the answer in the old saying that first impressions really do matter. The primary aim of an introduction is to get the attention and interest of your readers so that they want to read your entire work. An introductory paragraph should additionally include the most vital part of any written piece. This is the thesis statement, the focal point of any essay or paper. You should also include any background information that is relevant to the topic. Therefore, for all these reasons, it is essential to learn how to write an effective introduction. 

The Steps Involved in Writing an Introduction

Work out the breadth and scope of your introductory paragraph. You can begin in a specific or general way according to your preference and then narrow your topic down to a central thesis statement. You will next need to figure out the main points that need to be covered in your writing, and present them in the next three to four sentences of your introductory paragraph, allowing a single point to each sentence. It is an idea to reword these so that they are not a direct repetition from your main text. Develop your thesis sentence or statement. Try to make this as specific and solid as possible since it is the most important part of your introduction paragraph. Everything you write needs to be double-checked to ensure nothing has been missed and that all essential background information has been included.

Main Points for Consideration

  • When it comes to finding ways to get your readers’ attention, there are a number of effective techniques you can use. Hence, you just need to select a method that best fits your purpose. For instance, you could provide interesting examples, include some absurd, startling, or surprising statement, or pose a thought-provoking question. You could even touch upon a controversial issue in a general way. In any case, there are plenty methods and any one of them can make your introductory paragraph engaging and eye-catching.
  • The sentences in the middle part of your introductory paragraph (generally three to four sentences) are often used to cover the main points that will be analysed in your paper. Essentially, you can decide the main points prior to beginning to write or leave these until your paper is finished and you have a clearer picture.
  • Your thesis statement should be crafted so that it unambiguously introduces your paper’s main point or idea i.e. the main message. This statement should be placed near the end of your opening paragraph. A thesis statement is usually no more than one or two sentences in length. This central statement is the element you should attend most carefully to when writing your introductory paragraph since neither you nor your readers will know what your paper is about if this is not done properly.

Do and do not in writing introduction

Introduction Essay Sample

Multinational enterprises that invest and operate in several distant markets bring about foreign subsidiaries or affiliates. They also participate in the international joint ventures including strategic alliances, as well as use overseas supplies among many other activities. They thus function as a unit that has several other subunits which work within a divergent context of the environment (Luo, 2002). They have to ensure the fitting in of the national cultures, employment of multicultural workforce, negotiation with the foreign contractors including satisfying stakeholders’ needs in every country of operation. They, therefore, establish, as well as maintain relationships on a day to day basis, which seem to be of different cultures, by their very nature. If barriers to the cross-cultural relationships exist within the multinational enterprises, effectiveness of the multicultural workforce will seem likely to drop because of the obstacles to the realization of tasks. By contrast, cross-cultural interactions that are deemed to be effective may for instance, contribute to learning and creativity of employees. They could also increase the personnel satisfaction level and improve communication... Read more

Frequent Mistakes

  • Making an introductory paragraph overly general or vague is a mistake because this has no purpose other than meeting the word count.
  • It is a mistake to use dictionary-style definitions in an opening paragraph.
  • Including too much information to the extent, you are providing explanations rather than preparing your readers for what is to come.
  • It is not advisable for a writer to declare their entire intentions in an introductory paragraph. You can find more information on writing introductions on’s website. 

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