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Writing IB Extended Essay: Useful Tips for You

Writing IB extended essay is something that any student acquiring an IB diploma has to deal with. This type of assignment is basically a small thesis with a word count of up to 4000 words that contributes to your diploma and deals with its topic. While some students have no idea how to write an IB extended essay, everyone can learn to do it. The scheme is the following: you formulate a topic for your IB extended essay and apply for IBO’s approval of it. Once the topic is agreed, you will need to find a scholarly advisor who will mentor you during writing IB extended essay. After a consultation with your advisor, you can start writing the essay under his or her expert supervision. Finally, the essay will be submitted to IBO, where it will be checked and assessed.

As for the content of such paper, it can vary significantly and should be decided individually for every researcher. In some cases, laboratory works and experiments are carried out and described, in others, a theoretical framework with an extensive discussion is presented. It all depends on your area of specialization and the studied sphere. Based on the type of the paper, the extended essay will have a certain structure, so there is no universal form to it. However, there are a few standard elements that are obligatory for every IB extended essay. Here they are:


Choosing a Topic

The main condition for writing a successful IB extended essay is focusing on a right topic. Therefore, it is advisory to take your time and formulate a truly decent topic that would suggest a meaningful research to you. As a rule, students choose the topics related to their major in college or university. Such approach will help to make a deeper research in your specialization and contribute to your diploma. In addition, it will be easier to carry out, because you have probably gathered a lot of materials and knowledge on such topic throughout the year.

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Undoubtedly, topic selection should be agreed with your scientific advisor, who will help both to pick a theme and formulate it correctly. In addition, you can consult our experts at regarding the topic for your IB extended essay. Below we have listed the possible topics for extended essays in different disciplines.

Biology Topics

  • Diversity of flora and its relation to climatic changes on Earth.
  • The shifts in the amount of sunlight and their effects on photosynthesis.
  • Microorganisms in animal fats: a study from the perspective of consumers’ health.
  • Underwater plants and their role for the living organisms.
  • The phenomenon of pollination.
  • Herbal treatments and their efficiency.

English Literature Topics

  • The most influential novel for youth in XXI century.
  • Innovators in writing: who shaped the modern literature.
  • The role of scenery in achieving a proper emotional effect in the story.
  • Social and cultural shifts reflected in the literature of XXI century.
  • Popularization of printed books: is there a chance for publishers to survive?
  • How political views of writers formed their styles and themes addressed.
  • The shift of gender roles in the modern literature.

Psychology Topics

  • Overeating as a nationwide psychological problem of XXI century.
  • Psychotherapeutic consultations in adolescence: a statistical research.
  • The phenomenon of post-natal depression.
  • Daily routine for overcoming stress.
  • Abortion and guilt: how self-perception changes after the procedure.
  • Preventing suicides among teenagers.
  • The roots of domestic violence: the victim’s perspective.

Economics Topics

  • The influence of political decisions on the state of national economy.
  • How much does the government cost? Analysis of expenses for the governmental structures.
  • Government’s measures to support small businesses.
  • Taxes regulation as a necessary condition for financial stability in the country.
  • International trading and its effects on the state economy.

IB Extended Essay Writing Tips

These are just some of the topics that can be used for your extended essay. Once you choose a topic and approve it, you will need to start working on your writing. A lot of aspects have to be considered here, and we have discussed them in the tips for writing IB extended essay below. Using these pieces of advice, you will increase your chances to succeed and get an excellent grade for your work.

Start Writing

Tones of literature and learning materials need to be reviewed before writing an extended essay, which is absolutely necessary for a paper of such significance. However, with all the planning and preparing, you may find yourself putting of the actual writing process, which can affect your timeliness in the end. So whatever stage of work you are at right now, remember to write things down, make notes, and deal with the writing step by step.

Get Involved

One of the key conditions for creating a great IB extended essay is a sincere and engaged interest in its topic. That is why, it is better to choose a topic that you are passionate about, or the one that makes you curious. Then the whole writing process will be more enjoyable, which will be reflected on the final result of your work.

Show Resourcefulness

While the traditional research involves using the scholarly editions, there is a number of other materials that can contribute to a good extended essay. Find those alternatives, and you will make your paper incomparable and original. For instance, you can find theses and dissertations related to your topic and analyze them. Moreover, consulting the prominent scholars in your field of study is also a great solution that can bring some new ideas to your writing.

Stick to the Word Limit

Since an extended essay has a clear word count requirement, you need to mind this condition while writing. To make the word limit more convenient to follow, you can map out an outline and give a certain amount of words to each of the sections you list. This way, you will know how much words to include in every paragraph, and you will avoid writing too much text.

Narrow It Down

4000 words is not a word limit that allows making an extensive research on a broad topic. Thus, your task is to choose only one aspect of some theme and focus your paper on it. By doing so, you will be sure that the topic chosen can be covered fully within the frame of an extensive essay.

We hope that the provided tips and suggestions came in handy during your writing process. In case you still have doubts regarding writing an IB extended essay, you can order this type of assignment from our website and have it done by highly qualified professionals.

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