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100 Problem Solution Topics for your Essays (Bonus PDF)

Are you finding it difficult to choose a topic for your problem solution essay? Take a look at the following list of great ideas. Do not forget you can adapt any of these suggestions to suit your own purpose or circumstances.

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Driving Topics

Are you interested in driving-related issues? If so, take a look at some of these ideas for your problem and solution essay.

  1. Is there anything that can be done in your town to make driving a more pleasant and less stressful experience?
  2. How should texting while driving be dealt with?
  3. How can people be encouraged to be better drivers?
  4. What can be done to improve parking in a busy or congested area you know?
  5. Should the driver-training laws in your state be changed so that learners are taught to be better drivers?
  6. Should the traffic laws and speed limits be changed in any to improve driving habits?
  7. Should people be encouraged to use public transport more and what should the incentive be?
  8. Is learner-driver education in your state adequate and, if not, how could it be improved?
  9. How would you suggest incidents of DUI and drunk-driving related deaths be prevented?
  10. Which traffic violations are the most serious and how can these be eliminated?

Education Topics

  1. Is there any way schools can better serve students with special needs?
  2. What measures can be taken to provide more effective education for talented and specially-gifted students?
  3. How can colleges improve education for children who find learning problematic?
  4. How should badly behaved and disruptive students be dealt with?
  5. Should learning a foreign language be compulsory for all students e.g. such languages as Arabic and Chinese?
  6. What is the best way of preparing children who have been home-schooled for college?
  7. What is the best way of handling school cheating and what preventative measures can be put in place?
  8. How would you suggest that schools or colleges provide more resources and funding for fine arts, sports and similar programs?
  9. Should the core curriculum in all schools be the same and what should be on that curriculum?
  10. What should be done to help children who are falling behind or failing at school?
  11. Can schools do more to address the problem of obesity in children?
  12. Is there a case for schools swapping traditional textbooks for digital varieties? Should every child have a laptop or iPad? How well are schools adapting to technology changes?
  13. In order to build healthier communities, should there be more physical education in schools?
  14. What measures can be taken to address school violence, bullying and other anti-social behavior?
  15. What improvements would you recommend for your school/college?

Family Life and Parenting

Here are some more ideas. In addition, remember, if you need any further prompts, you can always refer to a professionally written problem and solution essay example for guidance.

  1. What is the best way for parents to teach children about money management?
  2. How do you think parents can help children to develop a health body image so that they do not become victims of eating disorders?
  3. Do you think there is any way that adoption numbers can be increased to avoid children outgrowing the welfare system without them having the opportunity of being integrated into a loving family?
  4. What is the best way for parents to manage their children’s use of cell phones and social media?
  5. How best can families with a mentally ill child be helped?
  6. How important is religious education and how should parents teach religion to their offspring?
  7. What advice would you give to parents who push their children too hard to achieve in various areas?
  8. What are the best methods for disciplining children?
  9. Do you think parents should be held accountable for their children’s weight and how should the families of obese children be helped?

What is meant by a problem solution essay? Firstly, the writer needs to examine a number of possible problem solution essay topics and select a suitable one. Then they should:

Problem solution essay topic

Life at College

  1. How can procrastination be reduced among students?
  2. How difficult is it for parents to let go when their children start college, and what are the best ways of letting go?
  3. How can students get better at taking tests?
  4. What is the best way of alleviating college stress?
  5. How can a student decide whether they should rush a fraternity or sorority?
  6. What is the best way of dealing with homesickness?
  7. What should colleges do to help students catch up if they are falling behind, and should parents be permitted to know their children’s grades?
  8. What can be done to reduce the cost of college for students? Should the government fund at least some of a student’s education?
  9. What are the most effective study methods a student can employ to achieve higher grades?
  10. What is the most effective way of balancing study, work and social commitments?
  11. Is there any way that colleges can be made safer?
  12. What is the best way for dealing with roommate problems?
  13. What can students do to ensure they maintain a healthy diet when they go to college?
  14. What is the best way of handling class attendance?
  15. Is there anything students can do to improve their attention span in class?
  16. What criteria can you use to select a college?
  17. Is there anything you can do if your apartment or dormitory neighbors are making too much noise?
  18. How can students persuade their parents to let them be independent?
  19. Is there anything colleges can do to encourage students to participate more actively in campus elections and politics?
  20. What would you do if you discovered your friend was feeling suicidal?
  21. What are the most effective methods for managing a student budget?
  22. How can a student remain fit if their college does not offer any sports they like?
  23. What can a student do if something they had hoped for does not materialize e.g. admission onto a particular course, a scholarship and so on?
  24. What is the most effective way of asking your parents for more money?

Relationship Topics

Relationships are something that concerns everyone. Here are some relationship-related problem solution essay topics to help you on your way.

  1. What are the best ways of extracting yourself from a bad/unsuitable relationship?
  2. What can we do to break down barriers and better understand people who are racially, culturally and socioeconomically different from ourselves?
  3. How should a woman convey to a man that she is interested in him? Should she invite him on a date?
  4. What is the most effective way of dealing with domineering and manipulative people?
  5. What is the best way of moving a relationship beyond the ‘friendship’ stage?
  6. What should society and individuals do to get away from racial prejudice and stereotyping?
  7. How would you advise a friend whom you think is not making good lifestyle choices?
  8. Have person-to-person relationships been affected by texting? What should be done to ensure today’s generation engage in “real” rather than virtual relationships?
  9. What would you do to help someone who is showing signs of depression?

Social Issues

  1. What are the most effective ways for preventing pregnancy amongst teenagers?
  2. How best can divorce be prevented?
  3. What is the best way of discouraging young people from trying drugs?
  4. How can racism be prevented or eliminated altogether?
  5. How can literacy be improved?
  6. What is the best way of rehabilitating prisoners in order to make them valuable in society?
  7. How best can people help the homeless in their communities?
  8. What can society do to ensure the children of divorced parents succeed in education and go on to build happy lives and strong relationships/marriages?
  9. How should the problem of illegal immigration be dealt with?
  10. How best can society help the victims of domestic/family violence?
  11. How should terrorism be dealt with?
  12. How should school/college leavers be helped to get employment?
  13. How can lawmakers achieve a balance between the right to free speech with the right of people not to be abused or insulted?
  14. What can be done to prevent or reduce the number of deaths that result from drink driving?
  15. What should be done about the growth in gun-related violence?
  16. How can your town/city be made more pedestrian and bicycle friendly?
  17. How can the problem of human trafficking be eliminated?
  18. What is the best way of protecting children from the adverse influences of pornography and violence as portrayed via all modern media channels?
  19. What is the best way of ensuring that people in every part of the world have access to adequate healthcare?
  20. How can people be persuaded to live healthier lives by exercising, avoiding tobacco products and maintaining their BMI at a healthy level?
  21. How can the welfare system be changed so that people get out of the poverty trap?
  22. What can be done to encourage teenagers to drive in a safer manner?

Sports Topics

  1. Is the athletic training for young children too tough? What do you think is the best method of teaching a sport to a youngster?
  2. Can you think of anything that can be done to make a sports team in your locality more effective? How can local people be encouraged to better support that team?
  3. What should players do to prepare for at least occasional (if not regular) defeat?
  4. What is the best way for limiting the use of steroids in any one particular or all sports?
  5. What do you think is the best way for someone to prepare themselves to excel at a chosen sport?
  6. Consider your favorite sports venue. How do you think that venue could be improved?
  7. What are the best things that professional sportspeople can do to be mentally prepared for injury or ultimate retirement?
  8. Can you think of any way the media could better cover your favorite sport? Should presenters show bias or not? Are there any particular games that should get more coverage than others? What special features or interview types make a sports event more entertaining?
  9. What should coaches do to encourage player performance?
  10. Think of a sport you like. How much pay do you think the players should receive? Should salaries be capped? Should the payments be divided in some way?
  11. Do you think college athletes should receive payment? What measures can colleges take to manage athletics, education and the business side more effectively?

Topic Ideas for Problem Solution Essays


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