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Sample Questions for Law Essays (Bonus PDF)

Examples of Questions

  1. Is it better to try to resolve disputes concerning child contact in court in front of a judge or by mediation outside court?
  2. Do you believe Marxist law theories are revelant today or are they now irrelevant?
  3. The reputation of an individual should not be seen as regrettable but rather as road kill that could not be avoided in the face of a public dispute or controversy.
  4. Explore the issue of euthanasia with particular reference to the arguments in favour of and against this practice as these relate to the different thinking of various theorists.
  5. What is meant by "natural law" as the term has evolved and developed in jurisprudential thinking in the West. Explain, and provide your reasons, whether or not you believe the concept of natural law continues to be relevant to thinking in the fields of politics and law.
  6. The version of law put forward by Kropotkin is incoherent in its internal structure and is based on a scant understanding or knowledge of humans and their inherent nature.
  7. Of the different schools of thinking engaged in the attack on the concept of formalism, chose one to evaluate and discuss.
  8. By its very nature, law is a moral business or enterprise.
  9. Do you believe the UK legal system is one of the world’s fairest? Say why and diccuss your reasons.
  10. Discuss liability in each of these cases 1) broken arm, 2) broken leg, 3) long-term or permantent injury to an ankle and 4) injured back

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  1. CIF contracts have been or are often said to be contracts related to the selling of goods-related documents rather than the selling of actual goods. Discuss.  
  2. Discuss UK legislation on immigration and asylum as these relate to young people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, and the social worker’s role. What is the social worker’s role likely to be and what are the challenges they are likely to face when advocating for young refugees. Explore, in particular, the case of the 14-year old from Somalia (Mohammed) found alone at a UK airport with no identity papers. What were the specific challenges given that Mohammed looked older than 14.    
  3. What advice would you give to a client as to the remedies available to them, if there are any, in tort.
  4. What advice would you give to a company intending to embark on a food-selling venture in terms of its regulatory and legal obligations? What local UK regulations, international regulations and general standards need to be satisfied before the intended venture is launched and, if established, how bank shareholdings should eventually be disposed of? Make reference to the origin and source of each applicable law and explain briefly the reason for each.
  5. What advice would you give to a client (author) and publisher on how best to protect any intellectual property rights they have a vested interest in or are likely to have an interest in for the foreseeable future?
  6. Set out the advice you would give to a client with regards to whether they could take any action or pursue a claim against a fictional character and/or his or her legal team, and the legal precedent for any such action or claim.
  7. What advice would you give to a client with regards to his or her contractual obligations and rights in the event of a pay dispute with an employer. Use case study examples and provide footnotes and bibliography entries.
  8. Select three legal clauses and explain the validity of these to a client.
  9. Using these same three clauses, advice the client of their company’s legal postion in respect of these laws. Use legal precedents to support your advice.
  10. Advise a client of the legal action they could possibly take in respect of a workplace accident and say who they could taken action against.
  11. Explain their consumer rights to a client who has purchased a faulty product.
  12. What advice would you give to a painting company in respect of a termination of contract clause in a client’s terms and conditions of business?
  13. Explain to the executor of a will what their obligations are.
  14. What advice would you give to both parties in a case where a contractor breached a client’s standard terms and conditions and where the client had not fulfilled some aspect of their agreement?
  15. Explain to a client what, if any, claim they may have against a supplier and any limitations that may apply to such a claim.
  16. Explain the law of contract to a client and provide advice on any rights and/or liabilities the client may have.
  17. A deceased client has appointed her niece as executrix of her will. That niece now wants advice on how to proceed. Explain what she needs to do.
  18. Imagine the EU has implemented a directive granting a 20-day period of paternity leave to men in all member countries following a child being born. Explain the implications of this to employers.
  19. Explain her statutory maternity rights to a UK client.
  20. Consider every factor that has led to the growth in the number of BITs (Bilateral Investment Agreements) over the past thirty years. Which factors have been most significant?
  21. Criticaly analyze what powers the English and Welsh police have for regulating assemblies, marches and processions organized by racially-motivated and other extremist groups.
  22. Critically analyze the legal statement provided and explain how applying the law as it relates to the Act might affect an employer’s liability.
  23. Reflecting on the lectures, seminars, course materials, class discussions and practical exercises covered on your law course, which two views on positive law, natural law and common law would you say are most similar to English law?
  24. Would you agree that the courts are now a lot more accessible for civic-minded individuals and other interested groups with specific reference to recent progress and developments?
  25. Imagine you are the director of the legal department of a movie production company that additionally sells equipment of a photographic nature to customers in the film-making industry. You have been asked to create a brief report for the company’s other directors describing the various issues involved in film-making and selling the equipment your company sells. What would you put in your report?
  26. To prove liability, describe to what extent the mens rea in a crime situation must be evident at the time the guilty act or actus reus occurs.
  27. It is reported that the UK was home to around 440,000 business partnerships at the beginning of the year 2009 so it would seem reasonable that the 1890 Partnerships Act is repealed and now replaced. Indeed, it is a surprise that this has not already happened. Which of the Act’s provisions would you say cause the most problems and what are your reasons for choosing these?
  28. The law as it relates to the practice of medicine states that autonomy is given preference over and above other priniciples of an ethical nature. Your task is to critically evaluate whether this statement contains any truth. Refer, where applicable, to any case law that is relevant.
  29. What advice would you give to a client with regards to the effects of the testamentary dispositions of a now deceased person?
  30. What copyright advice would you give to a software-producing client to protect their interests? Assume the application of UK law and support your advice with relevant case law.
  31. Is it possible that equity can ever claim to rightfully be a woman’s best friend?
  32. Explain the concept of capital maintenance and how this applies to creditor liability.
  33. Choose four profit amounts and explain how these would or should be distribted among different categories of shareholder. Your explanation should be supported with references to settled cases.
  34. Describe what is meant by improperly obtaining evidence.
  35. Which court should an applicant bring a particular type of claim (you may choose the claim type)? What jurisdiction would the Europen Court of Justice (ECJ) eventually have to hear this claim?
  36. Describe what legal and regulatory issues a hotel may have in terms of possible liability. Explain these issues as if you were advising the hotel and use legal precedent/authority – i.e. statutory and case law – to support your advice.
  37. Consider conflicts of law with particular reference to how these apply in a commercial sense. Discuss issue relating to jurisdiction and how foreign-made judgements are enforced.
  38. Think about how a judge handles submissions from counsel i.e. in terms of the case and statutory law that arguments are based on, and how a judge decides a case one point at a time to be able to clearly analyze it.
  39. Describe the law as it relates to copyright limitations and exceptions in the world of digital technology.
  40. Consider the statement of Lord Bridges and any other case that is relevant to this type of legal proceeding. Do you think that it should be the case that lower courts are bound by a wrong Supreme Court decision until the Supreme Court has had chance to rectify the error when a case that is similar next comes before it?

  1. Consider the 1991 case concerning Williams v the Contractors Roffey Bros & Bicholls and how the decision has created uncertainty in the law in terms of variations in existing contract obligations. Give your opinion on this.
  2. It would seem that the existing provisions in criminal law are not capable of dealing with women killers. They are treated either as monsters and given unjustifiably long sentences or they are shown too much leniency. Discuss this in a critical manner with specific reference to the law as it applies in the UK.
  3. Critically analyze and evaluate (in a relatively brief manner) criminal law in general with specific focus on journal articles and scholarly debates related to your course.
  4. Critically analyze the provisions for burglary in criminal law.
  5. Critically evaluate the statement provided by explaining the precendent system. Use case law to support your explanation.
  6. Provide a statement that accurately reflects the current state of criminal law.
  7. Evaluate the cy-pres doctrine in terms of how effective it is at helping charitable organizations modernize themselves.
  8. Describe the 2010 Equality Act and explain the discrimination provisions concerning age.
  9. Explain the responsibility of a bank when it comes to inspecting any documents submitted to it with respect to the credit transaction provisions.
  10. Give your opinion on how you think and to what extent the media influences the public’s perception of the legal system and the law.
  11. Evaluate the extent of the liability on providers of online auction websites for any intellectual property rights (IPR) infringements that occur on their portals.
  12. Discuss the quotation provided in terms of its relationship to the latest case law in this particular area.
  13. Critically analyze the legislation implemented by the UK labour government from 1997 to 2010. Then compare and contrast these policies to the subsequent financial regulations adopted by the next UK government i.e. the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition.
  14. Analyze how time extensions are applied and administered in construction-based contracts and how these relate to general law in the UK.
  15. Critically analyze the African Charter and evaluate its strong and weak points in terms of Peoples and human rights.
  16. Analyze the impact and extent of judicial discretion in the field of family and child law.
  17. Think about the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008 for a moment. Now critically evaluate whether and to what extent Directive DIR 2005/29 EC (the EU Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices) has actually given consumers improved levels of protection.
  18. Explain the law of negligence as this applies in UK law and in any other legal system that is relevant.
  19. Give your opinion on how best the law of negligence could be applied.
  20. Discuss how and to what extent any criticism applies to the law of negligence and whether this is justified or not.
  21. In your opinion, are there any changes that could be made to the existing law on mental health in the UK and what amendments (if any) would you like to see?  
  22. How suitable and/or effective do you think the current intellectual property protection system is at protecting indigenous or traditional knowledge?
  23. Analyze the UK government’s proposal to limit economic migration from non-European countries and the impact of this on economic growth i.e. by preventing the best and brightest from entering the UK.
  24. Consider the statement provided and then discuss it. You should analyze every part of this statement.
  25. Describe the devices available to the courts to help them determine if a statement is just a representation or an actual term of a particular contract.
  26. Explain the powers police have at police stations.
  27. Say whether you agree with existing police powers or not. Use examples and references to support your opinion.
  28. In the case of negligence claims against any emergency service, explain what factors a court might consider when deciding whether a duty of care existed on the part of the particular service.
  29. Do you believe the law acknowledges a seller’s right to rectify incorrect shipping documents and submit/resubmit these to the buyer or the buyer’s bank, and indicate the extent to which you think this right is recognized. Do you believe a vendor should have the right to re-tender shipping documents?
  30. Analyze the importance or significance of conventions to the constitution and the courts’ attitudes to the operation/existence of conventions.
  31. Explain how marriage differs from a civil partnership. Do you believe there are any good reasons for not permitting same-gender couples to marry?
  32. What are your views on the proposition concerning the UK’s First-tier Tribunal system (e.g., mental health) i.e. do you agree that it reflects or can be prepresented as unalloyed or complete legalism?
  33. Explain how community law takes precendence over its national counterpart via the jurisprudence or power of the ECJ.
  34. In terms of copyright law, is there one test that can be undertaken to establish the requirement concerning originality?
  35. Explain the legislative roles of both Parliament and its position or standing in relation to the ECJ.
  36. Describe the limits and liabilities of both the above entities.
  37. Consider for a moment the common law concerning duty of care. Now evaluate employers’ liabiliaty for any psychiatric condition or illness developed by an employee where this results from the employee being forced to carry out their duties in conditions that are stressful.
  38. Select a few aspects of commercial law and show you are able to critically evaluate and/or analyze these aspects.
  39. Explain whether a company – e.g., a manufacturer of chemical products – is permitted to vary its contract with other entitities in certain ways. Provide examples.
  40. In your opinion, to what extent is it desirable to pursue a public interest action in terms of copyright law? Furthermore, is such defense still possible under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patent Act?
  41. Continuing on the subject of copyright law, are there any exceptions to the rule on public interest defense? Use case law examples and keep your discussion to 700 words.
  42. What legal rights do agency employees have? Critically analyze the present law, which does not seem clear in terms of whether such workers can or should be classified as employees or self-employed persons.
  43. Discuss the decisions of the courts in these cases: C310/08 Ibrahim, C-480/08 Teixeira [2010 2 CMLR 50], and C-127/08 Metock[2008]ECR I-6241.
  44. Critically analyze the concept that informational statements cannot lead to an incitement to genocide since they are covered by human rights protection.
  45. Explain the decision made by the House of Lords in the case of Bolitho V City and Hackney Health Authority (London).
  46. Staying on the case of Bolitho V City and Hackney Health Authority, describe the significance of this decision and whether and/or how it still has application in cases that concern clinical negligence.
  47. Analyze the changes to the 2009 Coroners and Justice Act ss 54-55 in respect of the previous defence of provocation law. Would you say you agree or disagree with these changes?
  48. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of the changes to the above Act.
  49. Describe both the practical and legal problems that a business might encounter when attempting to export goods overseas. Explain how common import/export problems might be avoided or at least minimized.
  50. Explain any peripheral laws, e.g., copyright or otherwise, that can apply to the importing and/or exporting of goods.

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