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Literary Research Paper

Writing of the research papers is a very important part of the academic career for every student. It does not matter what course you take, you will have to write a research paper for sure. The research paper is a good way to check the student’s understanding of the material and evaluate it. Nowadays students struggle with various exams and packed schedules and that is why they can not devote each assignment the appropriate amount of time. Consequently, students get low grades.

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Research Paper Guide to Use

Research paper should begin with an interesting topic. Usually instructors do not give you the topic of the research paper. They only say what they expect from students and give the requirements to the paper. Students have the opportunity to choose their own topic and then deliver a well-written paper with a thorough research.

You will spend a great amount of time on your research paper, so, you have to make sure what you are looking for and what topic interests you. In such a way you will be motivated enough to write a good paper and make a good research.

Interesting topics for the research paper one can find with the help of the Internet or brainstorming. There are also other places where you can find appealing ideas. You can use your textbook and course material to get some suggestions.

You can also watch the latest news and maybe you will find something that can be interesting to depict, and also you will have the strong and recent information for the research paper.

Choosing a topic for your research paper, do not choose a broad topic. Your paper will be focused and organized when you have a specific topic to write about. However, do not choose the narrow topic, because it can influence on the quality of your paper. If you do not have enough material concerning the topic the paper will not be well-researched.

You should also avoid too controversial topics and do not choose the topic about which you have a strong opinion, because a good research paper should be professional. If you have a strong opinion about something, you will not be able to write a focused paper.

If you feel that it is too much for you, you can always buy a custom research paper online from a writing agency. There is nothing wrong about it, a great amount of students buy papers from professional writing companies instead of doing it by themselves.

How to Write a Literary Research Paper: Expert Help

A literary research paper is a general name for a number of literary papers. Each of them has its specific features and in order to answer the question: How to write a literary research paper?, it is important to find out how to write each of them.

There are such types of literature review papers or literary papers as:

  • Argumentative papers

In this paper type, some specific argument is discussed and supported. The problem under consideration in such papers is already present in literature. The writer is required to support his position regarding some issue using specific facts and arguments. Very often, the task of the writer in the process of writing is to present a contrarian point of view. By taking into account that many researches are based on values, it can be said that argumentative approach towards proving some viewpoint is a valid and legitimate tool. It helps present ideas in a logic manner and avoid bias.

  • Integrate reviews

In order to explain how to write a literary research paper of such type, it is important to understand what kind of paper it is. Integrative review is a paper that provides analysis, critique and review of a certain topic, which further leads to creation of new perspectives on the discussed issue. Such review usually follows the same criteria as the primary research and is aimed at providing clear, logical and rigor discussion.

  • Historical review

A specific feature of historical review is that the problem under consideration is studies in the context of its historical development. In other words, the writer will have to trace the period of the issue development from its beginning to the present time. The aim of such paper type is to investigate possible ways of future research development.

  • Methodological review

In order to write a methodological review it is necessary to shift focus from WHAT was said and done to HOW. The understanding of the research process and methods used for analysis helps the scholars realize what approaches should be taken for investigating and studying a particular question. As a result, the researchers can use different methods properly, including sampling, data collection, interviews, etc. This paper type also assists in determining ethical issues and creating a clear vision of how to run a research.

  • Systematic review

Systematic review deals with studying evidences that exist in relation to a specifically formulated research question. This paper type uses standard methods for collecting and analyzing obtained data. The task of a writer in the process of writing a systematic review is to collect, summarize and evaluate information related to a specific research question. Most often, this review is presented in a form that answers a simple question: how A contributes to B? This review is normally used in medical researches but it is more and more often applied in other fields, such as, for example, social sciences.

  • Theoretical review

This review type analyzes theories that are aimed at investigating different issues, concepts or events. The task of the researcher is to clarify what theories already exist, how they correlate, how good they are studies and what other possible hypotheses can be created and tested in the future. Very often, this review is called to investigate the gap that exist in theoretical field with the purpose of proving that theoretical base is poor and there are little theories that can explain the newly emerged problems.

The information above will help the writers understand how to write a literary research paper.

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