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Excellent Ideas for Making a Detailed Revision

If you have enough time for revision, you should manage it properly to write the paper well and have a rest after the process is completed. It is very useful to put your work aside for a few days. Thus, it will be easier for you to revise it. You should know that it is efficient to revise your paper in two periods. It means that you need to pay attention to the paper structure first. Then, you need to check your text for grammar, spelling, contextual points, etc.

The following questions will help you assess your paper in the right manner. When answering the below questions, you will know whether it is necessary to add some information to your project to make it clearer or remove it.

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Determine the key point.

What is your paper about? Conclude your thesis statement or the main idea. Check whether you provide enough arguments to support the idea. Imagine that your paper has been written by another person. Is it coherent and logically constructed? Can you understand what the work is about by reading the thesis?

Define the aim of your paper.

What is the purpose of writing the paper? Tell readers whether you will analyze the text or evaluate it. If you pursue another goal, clearly define it in your document so that readers can understand what issue they are going to deal with.

Analyze the presented facts.

Is your thesis supported by the main body of your paper? Do you provide enough powerful arguments to prove your statement? Do you cite the quotations taken from other sources correctly?

Remove useless information.

Does your paper provide relevant data about the examined subject? Make sure that your work does not contain inappropriate information on the matter. In case there is irrelevant material, you need either to write your thesis in a different way or change the layout of your paper.

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Be sure that your paper is clear.

Do the ideas presented in your paper add to each other? Does your work contain any confusing claims or concepts? Read your piece of writing aloud to understand whether it sounds well. Erase ambiguous words (if there are any).

Correct grammar mistakes.

Are there any types of errors in your paper? In case you think that some parts of the work need to be corrected, you should mark them. If you do not know how to correct the mistakes, you should consult your teacher.

Become a reader.

Try to imagine that you are not the writer of your paper, but the reader. What is the best section of your work? What are the reasons for it? Can you add anything to this part to make your work better? What unit of your paper sounds incomplete? Why? How can you fix it?