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Effective Way of Making a Superior PowerPoint Presentation

A fantastic means of creating marvelous PowerPoint presentations is Microsoft's PowerPoint application. It is not complicated to make presentations if one can use different colors, clip art, fonts, tables, charts, etc. When using such options, the audience will clearly understand your message.

Below, there is a list of comprehensive guidelines that will help you create outstanding PowerPoint presentations.

Make It Easy-to-Understand

  • There should be one message per each slide. If there are more messages, you should create more slides.
  • It is unnecessary to insert too much text under each slide. Everyone wants to enjoy watching interesting slides and not reading long compositions.
  • Make sure you use the devices that will help you convey your message to the audience. Effective graphic elements will facilitate the understanding of the presented material. Poor-quality graphics can confuse the target audience.
  • Create an excellent design. Use appropriate colors and fonts.
  • If you explain very important issues, you can use such font as Times New Roman and represent text symmetrically. In other cases, you may use any font and present the material asymmetrically.
  • Establish a coherent structure: introduce your subject, discuss it and conclude your presentation.

In order to create a perfect PowerPoint presentation, you may apply the following technique. Prepare the last slide in the first turn. Thus, you will know where the final point of your work is. You should also make a conclusion first. Then, make all your slides point to your concluding section.

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Instructions on How to Create PowerPoint Presentations


  • What is the age range of the audience?
  • Are they aware of the subject?
  • What exactly do you want to teach them?
  • Where are you going to make your presentation?

Designing the Slides

  • Every slide should cover a certain point;
  • Slides should go one by one in a logical order;
  • There should be about six lines of text under each slide;
  • Use upper-case and lower-case letters;
  • Select the colors that will make your presentation more effective. However, you should not use the whole range of colors;
  • Use clear photographs to help the audience understand the text better (please note that you need permission to use outside sources).


  • Use dark blue color to provide the audience with essential information;
  • If you want to excite your audience, you may use orange or red color;
  • People will feel comfortable if you use green color;
  • Use yellow color to help the audience easily concentrate on the topic;
  • Grey color means that you present quality content;
  • Using white color will create a feeling of sincerity;
  • Mind that black color is inappropriate for presentations as it does not attract attention.

If you want to grab the attention of your audience, use dark and light colors. The former - for background, the latter - for pictures and text. Note that light objects always seem to be closer than the dark ones.

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