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Example Marketing Essay Topics (Free PDF)

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  • Assume that consumption or usage plays a role in brand identity in order to critically analyze the notion that a popular and powerful advertisement is as important and meaningful as the biggest story currently in the news.
  • What does the notion of career planning and management mean and whose responsibility is this?    
  • Choose your favorite brand of sports shoes and analyze its marketing and communications strategy.
  • Undertake a strategic audit of your own business’s marketing position and competitive standing in its sector. Identify what your main priorities should be for the next one and five-year periods.  
  • Develop a marketing plan or strategy for a bicycle company such as Halfords.
  • Choose a company or organization that is familiar to you and identify how important that company’s customers are to its core business. Does the company take heed of its buyers and, if so, to what extent does it do this, and how important a concept is a customer-centric approach?  
  • Imagine you are the head of global marketing in a company that produces refrigerator equipment. Chose both a European country and a Latin American country and draft the screening standards or criteria you would use to evaluate marketing opportunities in both countries. You can make whatever assumptions you deem necessary concerning your business or company.
  • Discuss buyer patterns and behavior in terms of the process consumers go through when making decisions regarding, say, the purchase of a car.
  • Choose either a national or international organization operating within a competitive environment, and one that has used different marketing strategies since its foundation. What advice would you offer this organization?  
  • What impact can brand groups or communities and social networks potentially have on the brand of a company. Consider a company such as Fiat motor cars for your evaluation.
  • Create a marketing and advertising campaign to introduce the products of Plus Minus Zero and the company itself to a worldwide audience.
  • Critically analyze and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of branding. Use real-life examples to support and illustrate any arguments you make.
  • What do you think the new marketing story is about?
  • Explain and outline the different stages a country might undergo to develop a market. Why is it important for global marketers to understand the principles of economic growth and development?
  • Critically analyze the initial global marketing direction taken by Inniskillin as well as its strategies for expanding into US and European markets.
  • Following research, draft a campaign report on the PG Tips brand with four distinctive elements.
  • Select an organization you are familiar with and write a basic description of it to include its type, size, industry, products (or services), and so on. The information you provide should be relevant and designed to orientate an entirely uniformed type of reader. With a limited word count, the challenge for you is to decide which information is most important.
  • Write an evaluative report on critical markets.
  • Select a brand that specializes in wristwatches – either one single product or a line of products. Use modern marketing tools and techniques to investigate and assess the producer or brand owner’s marketing strategies. You may, however, illuminate your evaluation with examples from other organizations or companies.
  • Critically evaluate why an individual’s financial performance and traits are important in making consumer decisions with respect to the provision of financial-type services.
  • What recommendations would you make to a client with respect to accepting or not accepting a marketing report in the event there were areas that concerned you? State briefly what strategy or research option you might deem appropriate in the circumstances.
  • Demonstrate what impact globalization has had. Discuss the cultural factors that have affected individual organizations in terms of the global economy, global markets, and the competitive environment. Say whether you think a particular organization of your choosing should employ a uniform globalized strategy for their business operations.
  • It is said that people are what they read, which can vary from being pragmatic, principled, thoughtful, or romantic, but nearly always consumer-based. Critically analyze this notion and say whether you agree with it or not, and why.
  • Brand characteristics that are symbolic and functional merge well to make attractive and memorable brands. Is this a statement you would agree with or not? Identify two types of brand characteristics and explain how these work together or separately to make the brand effective for its producers. Use two or three organizations and their respective brands to support your argument(s).
  • Write an analysis (approximately 1,000 words in length) on a marketing story that made the news in the year 2010.
  • Critically evaluate the use of Internet or online advertising. Say whether you think this method is an effective communications tool or not.
  • Evaluate the potential marketplace for the Ice Sorbet products produced by Innocent.
  • Draft an overview of what should be included in an employment equalities policy. Your piece should be designed to ensure employers meet all current legislative requirements. It is essential you highlight the possible implications of workplace inequality and how this can positively or negatively impact a business and its aspirations.
  • Analyze and discuss a set of results or findings that show how a particular activity contributes to the knowledge within an organization. Your analysis should also acknowledge any limitations or weaknesses in the current work or operation of the organization.
  • Virtually every marketing activity is influenced by cultural factors. Undertake a critical review of this assertion with particular reference to advertising campaigns and strategies.
  • Choose a case study from the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s website for analysis.
  • Write a business report dealing with a company’s own label and branding.
  • Would you say that sports sponsorships are of mutual benefit to all the concerned parties? Discuss the concept of sponsorship with reference to relevant and appropriate academic research and theories. Use suitable examples to illustrate your answer.

  • Develop a convincing argument for either the qualitative or quantitative method i.e. whichever you think is the most suitable and relevant in modern business environments.
  • Does a company’s approach suggest an alternative view regarding the relevance and importance of an effective marketing strategy in the overall context of its business operations?
  • Describe the pressure that is put on various organizations to incorporate a “sustainability” clause into their policies or operational strategies. Is this altering the face of marketing in any fundamental way?
  • Carry out a situation analysis on any situation of your choosing.
  • Choose a regional airline operate and analyze the various marketing challenges it faces in both the short and long-term.
  • Explain the factors that inspire or embolden businesses to internationalize their operations. Choose two key methods (at least) for gaining entry to a market and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
  • Examine the experiences – personal or otherwise - a business may have in terms of the materiality of marketing a world-famous brand from its own country.
  • If someone wanted to take a brand such as a certain brand of tea to a country like Argentina, describe what distribution channels they should use. Explain what each channel type or member is and what its objectives are.
  • Carry out an analysis of a particular business environment and explain the individual approaches. Describe what the main issues are, and what the similarities and differences are in each approach.
  • Explain how a brand’s image and awareness of it is enhanced when that brand is endorsed by a celebrity.
  • Discuss the innovations that Greenpeace have used in their campaigns. Do you think the new innovations and strategy they employed were a success, and why? Was any propaganda used?

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Marketing Essay Topics

Taking a course in marketing or studying at a business department in college can be exciting, but only until the countless written assignments start to pile up, taking all your free time. For instance, composing numerous marketing essays is always challenging for students, as they always require analyzing tons of information and arranging accurate data. For someone with poor analytical skills, this is a torture, especially when a student lacks experience in this academic field.

There are also other situations when composing a marketing essay is hard, for example, when the instructions are not very clear. The professors sometimes provide confusing requirements, and without clarifications, it is impossible to understand what is expected from the writing. Moreover, sometimes the students are supposed to pick a topic for their paper, deciding what subject to address.

Choosing a Good Marketing Essay Topic

The first criterion for choosing a topic to work on is your personal interest. Being a student of a business course or economy department, you probably know a lot of strategies and business models, and you have developed your attitude to some of them by now. Thus, to pick a great topic for your essay, focus on the sphere that you find curious or fascinating. Then, find the trending information on this topic and base your paper on it.

Marketing Essay Questions



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