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Marketing Plan Essay Structure

Taking a course in marketing or studying at a business department in college can be exciting, but only until the countless written assignments start to pile up, taking all your free time. For instance, writing numerous marketing essays is always challenging for students, as they require analyzing tons of information and arranging accurate data. For someone with poor analytical skills, this is torture, especially when a student lacks experience in this academic field. There are also other situations when writing a marketing essay is hard, for example, when the instructions are not very clear. The professors sometimes provide confusing requirements, and without clarifications, it is impossible to understand what is expected from the writing. Moreover, sometimes the students are supposed to pick a topic for their paper on their own and that can lead to many misunderstandings and confusing situations.

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What Is a Marketing Essay?

A marketing plan essay is an academic assignment which highlights a specific marketing strategy that can be used to convince potential customers to buy a product or service. A marketing plan assignment demonstrates whether a student understands how to lay out a short and long-term plan for achieving business success. When writing a marketing plan essay, students have to show that the company can remain viable and profitable. To do this, they need to be aware of the peculiarities of producing marketing plans, i.e. how to formulate a good marketing strategy, what to do with a market niche, etc. Our professional marketing plan writers have prepared excellent tips and recommendations for you.

Custom Marketing Plan Essay Writing Guide

The process of writing a marketing essay is not the easiest one since it involves several stages. To go through each stage successfully, you need to know what it involves. Below, there is a table that provides detailed information about the elements which an essay about marketing should include. Of course, you may look for a personal marketing plan essay example online to see how to arrange such paper. However, how would you know that the chosen sample is constructed properly if you are unaware of the major structural components of marketing plans?

Product Identification

Product identification involves understanding an existing product or one that has recently been introduced to the market. From the production of the good in its raw form through the delivery of the finished product, it is important that the company focus on building its brand name, proper packaging, demonstrate evidence of quality, perfect the distribution channels, and find any way to gain a competitive edge over the competition in a particular market niche.

Marketing Objective

The marketing objective reflects a well-defined, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-specific scheme for achieving the company’s short and long-time goals. In other words, it cannot simply be a generic goal such as, “Increase our profits.” By using measurements, the company is able to evaluate whether the designed marketing strategy is successful and even make adjustments. For instance, a company might try to find ways to increase their client base by 10 percent within a period of 6 months. To achieve this, they might create an advertising campaign that targets a certain demographic that might be persuaded to try the product or service.

Market Niche

A market niche is an area or arena where a business sells its products and services. When determining whether to enter a particular market niche, it is important to determine whether the company can fulfill a need that does not yet exist in that market niche, or at least deliver something better than what exists. If the size of the market niche were large enough, penetration would be easier than if the business were to open in a smaller town since the larger population would mean more customers to go around.


When writing a marketing plan, it is important to compose a detailed summary of the competition in the market. In particular, it is necessary to look at the competition’s history, the demographic that they are targeting, the number of chains (if applicable), their pricing policies, their economic outlooks, their brand recognition and packing, their advertising campaigns, and how well they rate in terms of customer satisfaction. Once an assessment of the competition’s strengths and weaknesses is done, one can look for the ways to both take advantage of weaknesses and chip away at the strengths by offering goods or services that are superior.


The price that a company charges is based on a variety of economic factors such as the principles of supply and demand, competitors’ prices, cost and availability of raw materials needed to manufacture the product, and the current economic state. In addition, efficiencies that the company implements to reduce operating expenses, deciding when to offer discounts, offering appealing financing options, and even brand prestige also influence pricing. When the company confronts price increases in certain materials, they are left with two choices: they can either increase the price of their own product to make up for the situation, or shrink the size of their product while maintaining the same price.


Promoting a product or service through various media is the best way to spread the message about its existence. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube is a cost-effective way to achieve this. In addition, traditional marketing campaigns on television, radio and in print publications also provide good opportunities to promote the product. It is important to set a budget and identify ways to measure how much revenue is being generated for every dollar spent on promotion. For large companies, testing a promotional campaign in smaller areas and measuring its effects is a cost-effective way to determine whether to take the promotion nationwide.


Distribution is important for making sure the manufactured products get delivered to the stores and customers’ homes in an efficient, streamlined way. When developing a personal marketing plan, it is important to take into account the logistical challenges associated with distribution. For example, if the company produces perishable goods, it is essential that the items reach the store shelves well before the expiration date. Manufacturing goods based on different raw materials means receiving the right amounts of each and being able to assemble the final product in large enough quantities to meet customer demand. Constructing warehouses and leasing a fleet of semi-trucks would also be part of the distribution process.

Sales Forecast

The sales forecast is the amount of product that the company predicts they will sell in the short and long term. Being able to determine how much the company will sell will have an effect on every other facet of the business. For instance, if the forecast is negative, the business can lay off employees to save the company in the long run, cut their losses by halting production of an item that isn’t selling well, or alter their marketing campaigns in the hopes of improving the outlook. It is important to note that in some cases the factors that lead to lower-than-expected sales forecasts are unavoidable. For instance, the general state of the economy, the changing habits of consumers, gas prices, and even political tensions can hurt a company’s bottom line. Nonetheless, the company must have a plan to anticipate any potential problems.


A company should review its personal marketing plan every year in order to determine its short and long-term health. The economic and political environment as well as changes in consumer behavior are in constant flux, which means the company needs to have a scheme to detail with any challenges. At the same time, if the company is experiencing success, it should find ways to keep the momentum going and even expand upon this success by increasing production, adding new products to its line or even entering new markets.

These are the major items, which have to be considered when writing a marketing essay. Each of them requires scrupulous attention since the success of the entire marketing strategy depends on it. If you find it complicated to produce a strong and effective custom marketing plan essay, consider addressing us for a professional marketing plan writing service.

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