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The MIT university provides valuable tips for students who want to produce great acceptance and admission essays:

'MIT essays that workedhad nothing to do with doing a writing test. Instead, they worked as wonderful narratives of applicants' lives, honest, vibrant, memorable, and impressive. All you need to do is being transparent, open, honest, and empathic. You need to be sensitive to the needs of others, and others will not wait long to respond.

While working on a MIT essay, you will probably need to answer a few questions. Be truthful. Justify your choices. Express yourself. Create a realistic picture of who you are.

This article will hardly provide you with any MIT essay prompts. However, it will certainly make the whole process of academic writing easier for you. This article provides valuable advice to help you improve your admission results. When you want to get to MIT, you just need some effort and perseverance to make your dreams come true!

The thing about essay writing is that it is better to be real than be fake. Even if you feel that your admission essay may be rejected, it is still worth trying. Emphasize your strengths and evaluate your weaknesses. Tell us how admission to MIT will help you become a better person.

How to Write Exclusive MIT Essays

Remember these basic things:


Now it is time to review the essay questions used in MIT essays and MIT essays that worked.

#1: We know that you are a busy person. You engage in a variety of activities every day. Is there anything that you so simply because it make you feel nice?

You will need to write 100 words; no more, no less. You do not need to include any introduction. You also do not need a conclusion. Just answer the question right away. These 100 words provide enough space for describing your most joyful and pleasurable activities. Include some details. Make the story real and fascinating. Get admission officers to feel what you feel when you do these things!

You will first need to decide what activity you are going to describe.

Choose something that is nice and fun. MIT wants to see a real picture of you, the way you behave in your everyday activities. There is no need to describe something extraordinary. You are here not to impress us. You are here to help us understand you.

What is there that can make you happy at any time? May be you love spending time with animals. May be you love hiking. These pleasures are often as simple as they are surprising. Of course, you will not discuss binge drinking or sexual pleasures with MIT officers. Do not waste your 100 words on things that are just too ordinary like reading. Even if this is what makes you happy, include some tiny or unusual details. Your discussion must stand out! It must be memorable and engaging. However, it should also be linked to your application, and it should provide the information that was not previously included in any of your documents.

#2 You may take some time to decide what major you want to specialize in. However, at the present moment, what program looks particularly appealing to you?

Unlike question 1 which gives you space for creativity and self-expression, question 2 demands a thorough and straightforward response.


The question is a challenge in itself, and if you do not have a well-organized answer, try to choose something that reflects your interests and aspirations. Then you will need to link your decisions and choices to the courses and majors offered at MIT. You will need to provide information from your resume and application that justifies your choices. It must look like a coherent picture of your personal and professional development through your participation with MIT. Try your best to convince the admission officers at MIT that they have something to offer to you.

Do some research before you sit down to write a MIT acceptance letter. Take some time to review

  1. Courses
  2. Majors
  3. Departments
  4. Professors working at MIT.

Do not start your essay with general and boring statements like 'MIT is a great place to start a wonderful career.' Follow the basic recommendations below:

- Start with a brief review of your goals, expectations, aspirations, and interests

- Review and describe the courses or majors that best fit in your area of interest. Name a couple of professors you would like to contact and work with. Outline the way their accomplishments provide a foundation for your growth and development through MIT. Share your excitement and explain why you are so joyous about joining a particular department.

- Include a discussion of your career goals. This way you will also demonstrate how your expectations and goals fit in the overall philosophy and mission at MIT.

The general intent of this paper is to give you an opportunity to express your fascination and excitement about joining MIT. You must provide relevant information that justifies your decision to join the MIT team.

#3: MIT praises diversity and promotes cultural sensitivity. Students at MIT work side by side to promote community health and wellbeing. Most definitely, you have experience contributing to your community. Describe it.

Here you will have between 200 and 250 words to write. This way, you will have some more space to describe your experiences. You may want to include a brief introduction and a short conclusion. Just a couple of sentences for each will do.

Consider the following before you write:

What community contribution or experience do you want to describe?

  • Think about any situation when you gave away yourself to others.
  • Think of any situations when you formally or informally contributed to your community.
  • Think about any small gestures or moves that caused a huge wave of change.

If you focus on an informal situation, make sure that you describe the lessons you have learned from it.

  • Did it change your worldview?
  • Did it encourage you to contribute more to your community?
  • Did you discover anything new about yourself?
  • How did your participation or activity benefit other people?

Do not hesitate to include some information about your motivations in your paper:

  1. What was the main reason that led you to become a community-oriented person?
  2. What was the main lesson that you learned from your experience?
  3. How did it contribute to your personal growth?

While working on your essay, incorporate specific details of your participation in formal or informal volunteering activities.

#4: Describe your origins. What is the world in which you lived before MIT? This is one of the best examples of MIT essays that worked. Link the origins of your own life with the life of your future.

You will have 200-250 words to describe your previous experiences and link them to your present and future life. The question gives you freedom to decide what aspect of your world you want to discuss and how it impacts your life today. For example, you want to discuss the effects that your engagement in local church activities has had on your personality. However, it is still worth looking into the present and linking it to your past:

  1. What are your present goals and expectations?
  2. What do you plan to achieve through your involvement with MIT?
  3. How did you arrive to these goals and plans?

Review the major influences (e.g. friends, family, whatever) that changed your perceptions of the world and your place in it. It is quite likely that you observed how your friend's parents were developing their own business and decided that you wanted to pursue a degree in business administration.

How to write MIT essays? Begin with a thorough description of your origins or the community where you were growing. Provide an insight into family or community traditions that shaped your perceptions and experiences. Include a description of a situation or an anecdote to illustrate the meaning of those experiences to you. In your MIT essays, answer the following questions:

  1. What was the moment of truth or revelation?
  2. What was the conversation or encounter that changed your life?

#5: What was the biggest challenge that you encountered and how did you manage to face it without losing your dignity?

In an essay of 200-250 words, spend more time on discussing the solution than the challenge itself. In all MIT sample application essays, students should spend enough time describing their creativity and ability to get out of the most troubling situations.

Begin with a brief description of the problem that you faced. Outline its meaning and significance in your life. Do not waste your paper on challenges that are minor and ordinary. Choose a situation that was not usual for you or anyone you had previously known. Some of the most common topics described by students in these essays include going through physical injury in professional sports, facing death of a family member or a family pet, and so on. If you focus on any of these popular topics, make them more specific by including details or anecdotes. Remember that your story should stand out!

Once you have described the problem or challenge, switch over to discussing your solution or the strategy that you believed would help you get away with minor losses.

  • What did you do to face the challenge?
  • What was the result of your solution?
  • How did you grow or change following the incident?
  • What was the main lesson that you learned?

Ultimately, give yourself some time and space to reflect on the past experiences.

No matter how serious a challenge you faced, you must maintain a positive tone in your paper. It was a real difficulty, something that you had never faced before. Nevertheless, you got out of it with a huge amount of personal learning and knowledge that would help you in your future efforts.

Now to Conclude

Answer these questions before you are ready to seek admission to MIT. One of the critical things about this exercise is that it will allow you to learn more about your own self. Use this learning to produce a winning paper that will secure a place for you in a prominent team of MIT students and academicians. Edit and proofread the paper before you submit it for our review.

Follow your inspiration but do not forget to maintain an academic tone in writing. Your essay should closely align with the philosophy and mission of the MIT institution. Check out our resources to improve your MIT essay writing skills and competencies.

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