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There are numerous guidelines and requirements that graduate students need to be mindful of while preparing an application for a nursing program. Of these requirements, the nursing school essay - or personal statement - allows applicants to tell their own unique stories, so they are of the utmost importance.

Crafting a nursing school essay for an MSN degree program or an FNP (Family Nursing Practitioner) program is time-consuming, and some candidates find it challenging. In the same way that success can be hindered by a badly-prepared essay, an excellent one can distinguish a candidate. The three simple steps below will ensure your essay makes a good impression on an admissions board.

1. Create a Story Plan

When it comes to writing a nursing school essay, there are not many people who can immediately write a perfect essay or personal statement without first preparing. Figuring out how best to tell your life story can even take a number of weeks, so it is prudent to allow sufficient time for planning, writing thoughts down, and putting ideas into outline form. Below are some tips to help you collect the ideas and information needed to write a great essay.

  • Begin your nursing essay by reflecting on how your goals/objectives for the future have been shaped and influenced by any experience you have as an RN (registered nurse). In what way might advanced training in nursing help you grow and fit into a FNP role?
  • Examine some existing nursing essay examples to see why you should not confine your thinking to your existing resume. Think about accomplishments, traits, and strengths that your resume does not cover. Have you interests that might help you succeed on a nursing program? Include examples of leadership qualities, mentorships, growth, or goals that you have experienced or achieved. Make a note of these to use when you start writing.
  • Select a suitable essay topic. Issues of the soapbox variety and preaching should be avoided. This approach can appear condescending and cause key points to become obscured.
  • Check out the nursing program you are applying for.Use research to understand the nursing school's reputation and values. Do these match your values, and how?

Nursing School Essay

2. Write a Draft

  • When writing, try not to over-think the project. Find a voice that is natural. Write fearlessly and as though you were speaking to your friend - your work can be edited and polished during the next draft.
  • Clichés and general statements should be avoided. Look at an existing nursing school essay sample or a few samples to understand how over-used generic words e.g. 'compassionate,' 'caring,' 'people-focused,' no longer impress members of admissions committees. They additionally do not address the writer's personal nursing experience. Starting with such phrases as 'For some time past' can cause readers to stop reading.
  • The next of our nursing school essay tips concerns showing rather than telling. The essence of good storytelling involves providing details that show the real you, as both a person and a potential nurse. Describe your experience of managing patients (give numbers), why a supervisor commended your clinical skills and professionalism, what helped you get promoted, and so on. The following examples explain how showing and telling differ:

'I do my best work under intense pressure' is to tell something.

'Even though the patient reported a particular illness, I believed the symptoms he described pointed to acute infection. Consequently, my diagnosis prevented further harm' is to show something.

  • When describing experience of directly caring for patients, use particular examples and evidence. Use details to show how you used clinical knowledge to communicate, lead, maintain confidence, or advocate for patients.
  • Say how an MSN fits your future career objectives and your reasons for pursing a FNP career. Admission board members should know the exact reasons for your application to their nursing program and why you think that program is best. Refer to the research you did on the program and school and reflect on your findings.

3. Edit Your Essay to Make It Perfect

Having discussed how to start a nursing school essay and what to include, it is time to think about editing - even the work of the most experienced writers needs to be edited and polished. Review your work and revise it to ensure it is well-organized, clear, and error-free.

  • After completing your first or initial draft, rest and put a distance between you and your text. Then, with fresh eyes, undertake an objective review to identify possible errors and other issues.
  • Read your work out loud. How does it sound? Have your strongest and best points been adequately reflected?
  • Ensure your statement is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Even small errors can suggest carelessness. Excessive errors can suggest that you lack organization or are not really serious about your application. Check out the following tips and tools for achieving perfection in a written piece:
  • Get a member of your family or friend to read your essay. This is an excellent method of identifying awkward wording and errors.
  • Use a spellchecker - always - but remember these will not identify every error.
  • Use Grammarly or some other external grammar-checking tool.

Referring to a good nursing school essay sample will demonstrate how these essays should offer an insight into the writer's life. Be specific about any experience that has contributed to your decision to become a nurse. Sticking to accepted standards, being professional, and showing yourself in an open, honest and positive manner will enable readers to determine your suitability for their program and to see whether you have a future as a family nursing practitioner.

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Maternal & Child Health Nursing (Essay Sample)

The contiguous surrounding which is the family plays a central role in maternal and child care. The functioning of a family influences immensely the health status of its members. In a family where the functioning level is very low, the physical, emotional and social health of its members is negatively affected. In such families children who constitute the group of vulnerable members are usually indulged as a result of other family members not interacting properly.

On the other hand, a healthy family provides an environment favorable for growth and health promoting behaviors which play a crucial role in sustaining the family during crises. Moreover, the health of a family member and his or her functioning ability strongly affects the health of the other family members and the overall functioning of the entire family. Taking these principles into consideration, nurses are provided with an adequate understanding regarding the role of each family members and their effect on others hence are able to provide a holistic care.

Issues underpinning the behavior of the family members

The behavior of the family members portrays an unhealthy environment. The level of functioning in the family is extremely low and this is evident from the behavior of the child and his father. The child is spoilt but the father does not care much about it which implies an act of negligence on his part. As a result of the parents neglecting their roles in molding their child’s behavior, the society has taken over the role and is shaping it without any moral standards. During early childhood development, parents are role models to their children hence their behavior especially in front of their children should provide an environment conducive for growth and development of healthy attitudes.

Moreover, in an abusive family where one partner abuses the other, the other family members are adversely affected. This could be the case in this family as is observed by the behavior of the mother in presence of the father. The father does not want to leave the mother alone because she might end up revealing what goes on at home. In presence of the father, the mother feels intimidated hence could not give the correct answers to questions being asked. The mother might be trying to safeguard her health by giving answers that please the father.

Another issue that could be underpinning their behavior is culture. Different cultures have different norms hence shape behaviors of individuals differently. In this case, the culture gives the father more power and authority in the family than the mother. This implies that all individuals within the family look up to the father and hence cannot correct him when he goes astray. The father could have taken the wrong course in certain issues within the family but the mother could not tell him for fear of being punished.

Tackling the problem

In tackling this issues provision of nursing care would have been the best remedy. Employment of the four phases of health care concerning childbearing and childrearing might solve the problem. These phases are inclusive of promotion, maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation of health. Furthermore, it is imperative to take into consideration the culture of the family members and assess its strengths and weaknesses during provision of nursing care.

Home visiting programs can be recommended on the family to assist in bringing the family back to good health. According to a research done by Roberts, Kramer and Suissa, the study concluded that home visiting reduces cases of child abuse and neglect. Home visiting will be of much assistance in protecting the child and ensuring his good health. If an effective home visiting program can be arranged for the family it would be useful in bringing the family back to good health.

In addition, education should be provided to the parents to be wary of good health through teaching and role modeling since their children imitate them. The parents should be encouraged to intervene and maintain health when risk factors are present and in case of illness, the family should be prompted to seek diagnosis and treatment that brings good health faster. In addition to that, further complications from an illness should be avoided to ensure a healthy family is sustained.


Provision of nursing care to a child bearing and rearing family is essential in ensuring the health of the family is restored and adequately maintained. However, culture and the level of education should be taken into consideration since they strongly influence the behavior of the family members. In addition to that, the family should be considered as a unit where each member contributes to its well being. By having an adequate understanding of these principles, provision of a holistic family oriented nursing care is made easier and its chance of success is enhanced.

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