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Applying a Perfect Rewriting Technique

It is known that each book or newspaper article is created by writing several drafts. Nevertheless, it is very hard to understand how it is possible to rewrite a piece that has been published not so long ago for a few times.

Can you imagine how Ernest Hemingway transformed a poor-quality draft into his novel “The Old Man and The Sea” or his story “Big Two-Hearted River“?

We can find the answer to this question in Hemingway’s archives. These files contain all the changes that Hemingway made when he was preparing a particular story. Surely, these tips can help you a lot. However, you should know that Ernest Hemingway, like any other professional writer, was ready to omit some fresh ideas just to stick to his concepts developed in his novels.

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Is it possible to distinguish an original novel from its rewrite?

First, it is necessary to pay attention to available retelling and translations if fairy tales, myths, and stories of other literary genres. The very concept of the text remains the same. It is just presented in other words.

No one can deny that there is strong relationship between the movie which we watch on TV and the film which we imagine while reading a book.

The author John Gardner says that writers try to create nothing but a gripping movie when they rewrite stories. Each rewrite can be compared to a film script.

Some aspects of rewriting will become more understandable when you realize one essential thing. Each piece of writing produced by a writer is an attempt to transform the ideas created by his/her imagination into interesting stories that will grab readers’ attention.

Do not spend too much time when writing your first draft.

It is clear that each sentence has to be written correctly, as it conveys your message to readers. It may take some time till you understand what and how exactly you want to express your thoughts. When your draft is ready, you can reconstruct your sentences and paragraphs.

Note that it is required to develop your ideas when writing different types of papers. However, not all writers pay attention to it.

Sometimes, the points that seem quite appropriate to the story do not help develop its plot, describe the characters, and cover the topic.

When you are certain that your rewriting contains all the major points you want to present, you may start evaluating it. You can check whether the sentences are built correctly. Make sure that your paper does not include mistakes in grammar or spelling. In addition, you should draw your attention to the meaning of the used words and expressions.

All the above steps seem to be quite clear. Nevertheless, how to know when it is time to introduce the changes that will make your story fantastic? How to know what information to add or delete in order not to lose the main idea?

Take the following summarizing advice into consideration:

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Take a break

Do not think that it is useful to write all the time without a rest. However, it does not mean that you should put away your project and do not work on it at all. If you have a good rest, you will find it easy to continue producing your paper.

Do not read the story quietly

Feel free to read your paper to one of your friends. Furthermore, you can record yourself by using a CD disk. Then, listen to it.

Remember that reading texts aloud helps us understand whether everything is presented correctly. Is the opening sentence written properly? What information do the readers get first? Is it necessary to shorten any parts of paper sections?

If you see that your rewriting differs from the original story, try to understand why it happens.

Write an outline

Try to present each paragraph of your draft in one sentence. In this way, you will achieve your goal and convey the fundamental message of your story appropriately.

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