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Superb Personal Essay Example for High School

As the summer season is coming to an end, you need to be ready for the new academic year. You will have to write all new kinds of essays and courseworks, and a personal essay example for high school will certainly be among them. You are a high school learner now, and each high school essay that you write will add to your GPA.

This is also the time when you will have to think about your graduation and subsequent admission to college. Autumn is the season of admission paper writing. We receive hundreds and thousands of admission papers from students, and we want to share our knowledge and expertise to help you produce a brilliant personal statement for college or university. No matter what college or university you choose to pursue, the requirements for writing a personal statement will be generally the same. Review the best personal statement examples for high school senior students and follow our recommendations to get to the college of your choice.

 These are the 'how to' things that you will need to learn before you sit down to write your personal statement for college. Provided below are just the most basic tips. Look at high school personal statement examples to understand how you can produce a brilliant personal statement for your future college.

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Several Basic Rules on How to Write a Great Personal Essay for High School

  1. Be thorough and considerate. Consider every word and sentence that you write. Your personal statement should incorporate your major accomplishments and achievements. Do not hesitate to advertise yourself, but do not forget about the importance of humility and reason. You may want to share your GPA and other academic scores to substantiate your claims. It will take some time to systematize and organize your knowledge and learning. Numerous personal essay examples are available to you. Use them as your guide and do not hesitate to ask for help!
  2. Your personal essay must be 'personal'. You are most welcome to choose any of the personal narrative examples for high school that are available on our website. Frankly speaking, it does not matter what aspect of your life you decide to describe in your personal statement. It must be your aspect of life, and that is it. As long as you describe and discuss yourself in your paper, it will work for us. It will also work for any other institution that requires you to submit a personal essay a part of your application package.
  3. We do not want to know what you saw during your last trip to Africa. We want to know what you have learned from it and how it has changed your personal life narrative. Focus on learning. Do not limit yourself to facts. Tell us how your experiences have changed you and how they will benefit you in future.
  4. Look at a nice example of narrative essay about experience. You will see that they are written in an explicit and comprehensive language that leaves little room for ambiguity. Do not assume that your reader knows you. Do not make your audience read between the lines. Choose a topic that will be interesting to your readers and add enough excitement to it. Engage your reader. Make your reader live through your experiences once again. Create a realistic picture of your life events. Make your reader follow the course of those events with you.
  5. Your personal essay narrative is a great space for many fun and criticizing yourself for your past decisions and actions. If you are more creative than anyone in your family or surrounding, share it with us. However, it does not mean that your entire essay should look like a comedy stand up. It is a formal piece of writing, do not forget it! Find this delicate balance of humor and seriousness, and you will not have any rivals in it!
  6. Share something unique and new with us. Surprise us. We want to know something new about you and the world around you. Do not turn your essay into a summary of your life. Rather, present it as a narrative of your discoveries. Remember that even the most ordinary day can provide a space for learning. Try to find and see something that we would have never noticed without your help! This is a mutual process of discovery and rediscovery, and we are eager to try it with you!
  7. If you have difficulty outlining the best ideas for your personal essay example for high school, why not ask someone whom you know for assistance? Believe it or not, your teachers, friends, and even parents can share a ton of stories that will make the bulk of a winning personal statement. You do not need to tell us how great you are. However, you need to show it. The more stories you share with us, the more spectacular your personality will look. It does not mean that you need to ask someone to write a personal statement instead of you. However, there is nothing bad in asking someone to look at your narrative before you submit it for evaluation.
  8. Edit and proofread your paper before you send it to us. Done!

Personal Essay Example for High School

The last one year was an eye-opening experience for me. This begun when I was informed that I had been chosen as one of the foreign exchange students from my school. At first, I was scared, as I was not sure what lay ahead because of the different way of life between Kazakhstan and the U.S. I knew that I had to confront challenges in everyday life that I had never experienced before. When I arrived, everything was new, and I had to adjust to life in a foreign place with a completely different culture and language. Although I had been utterly frightened, things turned better. For starters, my host family was simply awesome, from the moment they came to pick me up from the airport to the day I left, they treated me as part of their family, and they helped me adjust to the new life. Being on exchange was always an emotional rollercoaster; the moments that were good were not just okay, they were unique, amazing, and beautiful all in one. On the contrary, the sad moments truly felt like the end of the world; at times, I was hit by homesickness and occasionally went through depression; however, these ended when I took the initiative to go out and enjoy my amazing life. Having enjoyed the good and survived the bad moments of the year abroad, I returned home with a newfound self-understanding, strength, and confidence.

My experience in class was also amazing, although during the first days some students used to stare at me whereas others laughed because of the way I dressed. One of the students went far to point that my clothes were hideous while another asked me if I was a lesbian. Short skirts, short dresses, long heels, and designer handbags were considered trendy. I became fashion conscious and started wearing clothing that were somehow revealing to avoid the judging stares and rude words. I gained acceptance with time and even became friends with some of the students who had previously ignored and ridiculed me. I learnt that I had to be open-minded to accept the new culture and make new friends in school so that my learning experience would be smooth. As for the classes, there were loads of independent assignments and studying; this was unlike Kazakhstan way of learning, which was teacher centered. It was difficult to access all the necessary information from the internet and library, but my newly found friends were ready to help me. My host family arranged for a tutor to help me with my studies. Am a first learner and by the end of the student exchange program, I attained good grades and was at the top of my class. Generally, my home and school experience in the U. S. turned out to be life changing, although there were obstacles here and there.

Looking back at my year in the U. S., it is hard to believe what I went through. All the memories are still vivid, as it was and still is my best year so far. My experience in the U. S. transformed me to a young adult with a more positive and broader insight of the world.


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