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How to Write a Personality Essay

In a personality essay, the description of a personality includes the traits or characteristics that a person is made up of where these influence that person's psychological condition and environment. Indeed, in the essay's introduction, the scientific description of personality could be presented in the following way:

"A collection of structured and established psychosomatic mechanisms and characteristics in a person that influences the way that person interacts with and adapts to the social, physical, and psychological settings that they live in."

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Personality Traits

Working with the definition given above, this sample personality essay will focus on the following three important aspects:

  • Person Shows a Stable Personality

An individual's day-to-day personality remains unchanged and a small change would take considerable time. A personality change would involve something of a life-changing or traumatic nature in which the change would be extremely gradual and limited.

  • Personality is Made Up of Mechanisms and Properties

An individual's personality may be divided into different characteristics and components. Over a period of time, experts have identified and categorized a variety of personality characteristics.

  • Personality is Made Up of Mechanisms and Properties

An individual's personality may be divided into different characteristics and components. Over a period of time, experts have identified and categorized a variety of personality characteristics.

  • Personality - a Constant Presence

A person's personality is constantly present regardless of the individual's setting. The person's personality is constantly influenced by their behaviors, thoughts, and how they are feeling in accordance with the time and context of their interaction with their prevailing social setting. Personalities help players to adapt and adjust to the day-to-day challenges of the individuals' environment. Another possible argument for a personality essay is that individual personalities are influenced by the natural requirements and processes of each person's biological make-up.

Personality Types - Profiles of Each Type

The 16 personality types outlined below explore the profile for each type briefly. The associated codes were developed from the individual's preference out of two aspects of attitude i.e. Intuition (N) versus Sensing (S); Feeling (F) versus Thinking (T) or judging; Introverted (I) versus Extroverted (E); and perception.

  1. Person is Artistic - The ISFP Type (This is a sensitive, caring, thoughtful, and tranquil person; dislikes conflict and avoids it.)
  2. Person is a Caregiver - The ESFJ Type (This person is cautious-minded, much admired, has a warm heart, and tends to put others' needs ahead of self.)
  3. Person is a Doer - The ESTP Type (A flexible and welcoming person focused on taking action and getting results quickly.)
  4. Person is Dutiful - The ISTJ Type (This person is quiet, serious, responsible, dependable, and meticulous; is interested in security and wants to live peacefully.)
  5. Person has Executive Qualities - The ENTJ Type (This person is candid, confident, and a leader; is capable of understanding complex organizational issues and devising effective solutions.)
  6. Person is a Giver - The ENFJ Type (A thoughtful, communicative, admirable, and outward-looking person; has genuine concern for what other people think and feel.)
  7. Person is a Guardian - The ESTJ Type (An orderly, conventional, athletic, and down-to-earth person; has little interest in the abstract or in theory where these have no practical use.)
  8. Person is an Idealistic - The INFP Type (This person is an idealist, reflective and quiet; wants to serve humanity.)
  9. Person is an Inspirer - The ENFP Type (An individual who is creative, principled, and passionate; can do almost anything they take an interest in.)
  10. Person is a Mechanic - The ISTP Type (A reserved and quiet person with an interest in things of a mechanical nature; wants to know why and how various things are done or how they work.)
  11. Person is a Nurturer - The ISFJ Type (A careful, calm, dependable, selfless, and kind person; follows things through.)
  12. Person is a Performer - The ESFP Type (This person is people-oriented, high-spirited, and creates fun around and for others.)
  13. Person is a Protector - The INFJ Type (This person is original, sensitive, and forceful in a quiet way; wants to make sure things get done.)
  14. Person is a Scientist - The INTJ Type (This is an original, independent, determined, and analytical type; is able to turn theories into solid action plans.)
  15. Person is a Thinker - The INTP Type (This individual is innovative, a creative thinker, and rational; gets very excited about ideas and theories.)
  16. Person is a Visionary - The ENTP Type (An ingenious, imaginative, multi-talented person; is intellectually always in a hurry.)

The personality classifications above are commonly used when describing an individual's personality in essays on this subject.

Theories Concerning Personality

Previous examples of personality essays gave rise to robust scholarly debate as to exactly how many categories of personality actually exist. The likes of Gordon Allport, for example, suggested 4,000 personality types/traits. Others, such as Raymond Cattell, suggested just 16 types. The majority of modern students/researchers lean towards the Five Type theory, which sets out five fairly broad types that comprise human personalities, identified as follows:

  1. Openness
  2. Neuroticism
  3. Extroverted-ness
  4. Conscientiousness
  5. Agreeableness

Personality Essay Example For Free

I am not sure of when and how my love for pharmacy was born. Probably this happened when I gave my dear sister to the cold hands of death through its agent (this was the breast cancer); or maybe during the time I had to live with my grandmother and to administer drugs to her. Whichever way it was, I developed a strong passion for pharmacy and decided to pursue the dream with all the vigor I could have mastered          ...Read more

Personality Illnesses and Disorders

If you are required to write an essay on personality, you need to clearly understand what certain terms mean. Personality illnesses and/or disorders are those that create conditions of dysfunction that make people mentally unstable to the extent that thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are brought to the fore in unhealthy and rigid patterns. This creates all sorts of problematic situations and difficulties for people surrounding the sufferer. A person may suffer from any one of a number of personality illnesses and disorders. These can be signaled by or result from the conditions outlined below.

Conditions Which Can Cause Personality Illnesses and Disorders


By reading a good personality essay sample, you will see that there are many challenges associated with personality illnesses since the nature of some is such that a patient may not understand or realize they are ill and blame their symptoms on those closest to them. The majority of these disorders begin during teenage years and in early adult years. At times, disorders are of a violent and radical nature while some are not so obvious.

Personality disorders fall into three main categories in accordance to how similar their characteristics and symptoms are. It is not possible to explore every disorder due to the number, but here are the three main categories.

Personality Disorders by Group or Cluster

Group A

This category of disorders is characterized by behavior and thoughts that are strange and unconventional, including:

  • Paranoia
  • Schizotypal
  • Schizoid

Group B

This cluster of disorders is characterized by erratic, highly-emotional, and dramatic behavior or thought process. Symptoms include:

  • Antisocial
  • Borderline
  • Histrionic and
  • Narcissistic personality disorders

Group C

This group of disorders is characterized by fearful and apprehensive thoughts and/or actions, including:

  • Obsessive/compulsive behavior
  • Dependency and
  • Avoidance

There are many personality essay topics one could write about, but if there are symptoms of a disorder, medical assistance should be sought if a person notices any symptoms in themselves or in someone else. Considerable harm can be caused to a patient and those close to them if mental disorders are not attended to

Personality Disorders - Causation

It is each person's responsibility to balance their thoughts, behavior, and emotions carefully. This involves the outward and inward perspectives prevalent in every person and social situation. Personalities are formed in early life when people begin socializing as children and it develops gradually as adulthood is reached, through these two facets:

Genetic factors: People can inherit genes that cause a certain condition (including temperament) to be passed to them by parents.

Environmental factors: This refers to the setting in which one was raised, events, family relationships, and societal relationships.

Personality disorders develop as a result of chance occurrence in both or just one of the factors described above. Genes can render an individual susceptible to various conditions, and a disorder may develop out of a traumatic event or situation.

Factors That May Cause a Personality Disorder to Develop

Even if a specific disorder has no obvious cause, certain factors are believed to increase the possibility of one developing.

Factors That May Cause a Personality Disorder to Develop

Resulting Complications

Both patients and people around them can be affected in extremely undesirable ways by a personality disorder. Such disorders have the potential to affect the patient's job or studies, and/or how they relate to other people in society. They can prevent socializing, causing the patient to be isolated or turn to drug and/or alcohol abuse. Very serious instances can lead to violent behavior with injury to all parties and there have even been reports of suicide.

If this subject is retrospectively analyzed in an essay, it seems clear that personality traits linked to culture remain unaltered over long periods of time in comparison to those linked to personal ethics and standards. It takes considerable time to design, create, mold, and establish culture and, consequently, personality traits linked to culture tend to adhere to similar trends.

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To Conclude

In examining personality, it can be said that the way individuals interact and socialize, and react to various societal phenomena, is defined by personality. Although it is difficult to change personalities, certain aspects can be influenced by circumstances that prevail at a given time.

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