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Effective Pharmacy School Application for High Flyers

Life-changing things always excite a whole bunch of emotions. So, submitting your pharmacy school application will make you both stressed out and happy. It is the experience that makes you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and how persistent you are on your way to a dream. The application committee will review piles of applications, thousands of recommendation letters, lots of reports on clinical experience. Only the best package will bring you success, but you have to be highly competitive in this struggle. Have you already made your choice of the degree you want to pursue? It is Pharm. M.S., D., or Ph.D.? Have you already done thorough research to understand which school you would like to enter? Have you studied all the requirements for their application packages? It is tough to take part in the competition if you want to participate in the best pharmacy programs. We do agree that the process is challenging, but the payoffs are outstanding. If you want to be a pharmacist, you are going to serve as a valuable asset in the industry of healthcare, being involved in research, patient care, and even improvement of the available drugs. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

So, where should you start from? For sure, the primary task is to learn all the requirements for pharmacy school, get to know about the deadlines for all study cycles, read everything about the best practices beforehand. Thus, you will not feel the pressure of the admission process as you will be well aware of all the peculiar features. You have to be extra careful as every school has its specific deadlines, guidelines on the content of your application, and even the papers you have to submit. It makes matters a lot more complicated, but if you start the research on time you will not find it hard. You have to navigate in the process of application without any failure as it goes about your future and your successful career.

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Is It Worth It? Should I Pursue My Dream to Go to the Pharmacy School?

People make decisions about their future careers after considering all pros and cons. Your decision to be a pharmacist is the result of much thought and self-reflection. Your GPA for pharmacy school should be high and you will study at the university for six years or even more. You will definitely be busy all the time and you will be loaded with tons of assignments and writing tasks. Besides, you will be responsible for the health of other people and even their lives. Finally, you need to consider the financial burden you will have all these years until you graduate.

Those are the minuses, but pharmacy also has a lot of pluses. It is the profession that brings numerous rewards. Going into clinical pharmacy, you will be in constant contact with colleagues, patients, their families, and all the staff of the healthcare facility. Your interaction with numerous people will take place on a daily basis. You will benefit from being among smart intelligent people and you would like to develop all the time. Moreover, the career of a pharmacist is among the well-paid ones and highly respected by the people. If you are ready to decide on the most effective drug treatment for your patients, it is high time for you to learn all the requirements on how to apply to pharmacy school.

Have you asked yourself if you have the traits of character of a successful pharmacist? First, you will cope with the position if you can pay attention to the minute details. Mistakes in prescriptions cause very serious problems. Errors in calculations can have devastating effects. Some of the patients can get drugs on their prescriptions too often. You need to be thoughtful and cautious not to miss any of the details.

Is pharmacy school hard for those who are reliable and responsible? Not so much. It is essential to be judgmental and meet the highest standards of ethics. You deal with potentially life-threatening substances, so you need to be extra careful. Besides, you have to be ready to learn all the time and acquire more and more knowledge. The stream of new medications and drug products is continuous on the market, and you have to know them all.

Do you feel that this is the right career for you? It is up to you to decide! We recommend you to prepare your pharmacy school application only if you are ready to take financial commitment and great responsibility.

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Prerequisites for Pharmacy School

Pharmacy school requirements differ among the programs, but there are some basic instructions you have to follow. You can apply only if you are confident in your knowledge of biology, math, chemistry, and physics. The PCAT exam requires taking all those courses and it is an important part of the application package. You will be able to pass the test only if you are good at math, biology, and chemistry.

Do you understand why these courses are essential for a pharmacist? Knowledge of math helps in calculating dosage and measuring out prescriptions for patients of various sizes, weights, and heights. If you own your own pharmacy, you will also need math to manage business math. Your knowledge of biology will help you figure out how the body will react to different drugs. It will be you who needs to know what is wrong. The behavior of different drugs can be explained with the rules of physics and chemistry. You will choose the needed ingredients to predict their reactions under certain conditions. For sure, you will get extensive knowledge of these courses at the pharmacy school of your choice, but you still need fundamentals of that knowledge before you start your studies.

Your pharmacy school average GPA is essential, but there are some additional courses that can also help you succeed in the degree program you have chosen. For instance, they are social sciences, in particular psychology, sociology, and English. Contacting the patients and your colleagues is much more effective if you are good at these subjects. PCAT also has sections on reading comprehension and verbal abilities, so your competence in English is crucial! You will get into the school of your dream if you have decent knowledge of all those disciplines.

Average Scores and GPA Requirements for a Pharmacy School

The standard GPA requirement is 3.0 minimum. Learning how to get into pharmacy school, you have to get to know about a specific GPA for your pharmacy school. On average, the admission score is from 3.2 to 3.4, but your chances to have a successful admission get much higher if your GPA is over 3.6.

A great PCAT score can help you out if there are some concerns with GPA.

On Application to a Pharmacy School

There is no specific application platform for pharmacy programs as all of them make use of PharmCAS. What are the elements applicants have to submit?

  • biography;
  • transcripts of academic performance;
  • PCAT scores (it is a common requirement for 80% of schools);
  • volunteer experience;
  • work experience;
  • application fees.

These are the basic requirements, but some schools also include recommendation letters and personal essays into the package. Check on all the requirements on the program website or the PharmCAS website not to miss any instructions.

The period of reviewing the submitted papers is approximately 4 weeks long. PharmCAS completes validation of the complete application and sends you a notification of the steps to take. For instance, some programs include on-site interviews in the process of selecting the best candidates.

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Are Deadlines for Application Strict?

After you have learned how to write a personal statement for pharmacy school, you have to clarify the deadline for your specific school. There is no universal urgency for all applications in all schools. Make a list of the schools with a specific deadline for each of them.

The cycle of PharmCAS admission starts in the middle of the summer. You have to check on the PharmCAS website whether the application is available there. The range of deadlines is from November to the beginning of the summer. So, you have to be careful with the dates and submit all the materials timely. For sure, it is recommended to apply as early as possible as it will give your papers a chance not to get lost in piles of PharmCAS applications.

According to the general instructions of PharmCAS, it is recommended to submit the materials 2 weeks or earlier before the deadline.

In some situations, the pharmacy school application deadline can be really strict. If your ambition is to apply in the flow of early decision applicants, your deadline will be by September not by November. Besides, if the school has rolling admission, you need to be quick. Otherwise, the positions can be filled before you decide to submit the papers.

10 Things to Consider to Improve Your Application to a Pharmacy School

1. Do not postpone important things

Collect all the materials for your application with no delay. The earlier you assemble the papers, the lower is the level of your stress.

2. Check on the checklist of PharmCAS

You will be able to organize all the steps to take much better if you follow a convenient checklist.

3. Study diligently to pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test, if you need that exam

The UF College of Pharmacy does not require the PCAT results. However, if you have got low GPA, you can make use of the PCAT scores. In the course of the pharmacy school application process, you can ensure its enhancement via taking this test. It can take several weeks to get ready, so you should give all your attention to the questions to answer. Study the format of the test and materials you need to get ready for the exam and you will realize your potential up to the maximal level.

4. Do not use random recommendation letters

You definitely have a lot of friends who will be happy to recommend you to the school. Your family also loves you much. However, we advise you not to submit a letter of recommendation for pharmacy school written by the closest people. It will look much more solid if it is given by your employer (preferably, a pharmacist) or a respected faculty member.

5. Be sincere in telling your story

Make use of your personal experience to impress the application committee. You surely have the stories to tell and they will be excited to hear about what motivates you. Why are you passionate about the field of pharmacy? How do you view the future of your career? Who has inspired you to pursue this career? Help the committee to gain an insight into your personal aspirations and desires and they will understand what you are looking for here in this pharmacy school.

6. Try to sell the story of your experience

Have you been volunteering in a health care environment? Have you been a part of any community service project? Have you taken part in any mission trips? You should mention all meaningful experiences in your essay as the admission committee has no other source of information than the information given by you as a potential pharmacy school student.

7. Give explanations of all “red flags”

Mistakes are possible, and admission committees accept that. Your application may have low test scores on some subjects, but your explanations of the circumstances that caused the problem can be enough for the committee. The best variant is to tell what you have learned from your poor performance and how you have managed to improve after that.

8. Show that you can take personal responsibility

Take responsibility for all your failures. You may have some “red flags” in your application or transcript, but the most important thing is to show that you are in charge of them. The wrong approach is to blame others for your failures. Honesty is what is always valued by admission committees.

9. Do not forget to do proofreading

Your personal statement for pharmacy school and the whole application package requires careful review. Submit the papers only after you have checked all spelling and grammar mistakes. It is better to get several days for proofreading and an overall review of the application. A fresh perspective on the papers will help you do effective editing.

10. Get a reliable proofreader

Although it is not a good idea to ask your friends for recommendation letters, they can proofread your application papers. Their advice can be really valuable as they will be able to notice the mistakes that slipped through the net before. In addition, paying for editing and proofreading services is a good idea. An expert writer or editor will carefully check every word, phrase, and sentence to make sure the text is excellent in terms of logicality, grammar, and writing mechanics. Most of the reputable custom writing companies offer such services.

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Expert Assistance with Your Pharmacy School Application

Your pharmacy school application essay requires a professional touch as it has to follow all the entrance requirements which are really strict. The admission committee notices not only the writing abilities of an applicant but also the general approach. Do not hesitate if you need the professional support of trustworthy writers. A reputable application writing service online can give you the help you have been looking for.

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