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Professional Assistance in Proofreading Papers

In case you want to get a high grade for the submitted paper, you should not forget about proofreading it. Otherwise, you may submit a good text, but it will be underestimated due to numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes what will result in a low grade. The following article will help you understand what proofreading papers implies, how to do it in the right manner and where to get assistance if needed.

Copy Editing and Proofreading: What’s the Difference?

In the process of paper production, two different processes take place. However, very often, these two procedures are confused due to their similar nature. They are “copy editing” and “proofreading”. These terms are not only different but also occur at different stages of writing.

Let us talk about proofreading in more details so that it’s clear to you what it is about. Checking your paper for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes is called proofreading. Unlike copy editing, the proofreading process occurs at the final stage of paper production. At the same time, copyediting is one of the first steps taken to make the script better. Generally, copy editing deals with correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in the script, as well as with improving some awkward sentence structure, correcting some confusing parts, etc. In its turn, proofreading is a process, which is aimed at improving the text content in a little bit different way. It is done to make sure that there are correct word breaks in the text, that different design elements are properly formatted, including headings, etc. Down below, there is constructive advice on how to do it properly.

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Detailed Guide to Proofreading

When the paper is completed, it is time for proofreading. However, how to know what to start the process with? What aspects to pay attention to? There are so many points to take into account? So, which of the following is part of the proofreading process? Syntax, wordiness, grammar, capitalization, etc.? To avoid these questions, we offer you to have a look at our helpful guide to proofreading prepared by the experts of our academic editing and proofreading service.

Examine Your College Paper

Make certain that you have revised the major points of your work. You should not start correcting mistakes in separate sentences until you organize the whole college paper properly. It means that you need to write the paper, structure it and then begin proofreading it. It is useful to put your completed paper aside and have some rest before proofreading it. In this way, you will be able to find and correct mistakes easily.

Before you start the proofreading procedure, you need to make sure that your paper is clear and does not contain irrelevant information. Be sure that you know what paper flaws to look for. Pay attention to your professor’s comments on previous texts and list the common mistakes you may need to correct.

Make a Printout

It is better to print your college paper and then proofread it. However, you may use a computer as well if it is more convenient for you. There are different computer programs using which you will not have problems with proofreading your work.

If you work on a computer, use the “Search” function to find the possible errors. For example, in order not to confuse “whose” and “who’s,” you should look for “who”. In the same way, you may search for punctuation marks, etc. If you know that you always make a lot of errors, you should check the paper for each type of mistake separately. Start with the major mistakes and move to the secondary ones.

Regardless of the chosen method, it is recommended to mark the mistakes with a bright color so they could be easily identified. It will help you avoid them in the future.

Read the Text Aloud

Thus, you will easily identify incoherent sentences and find the made mistakes. Use a ruler not to confuse the lines you are reading. This is a very simple and efficient way of noticing all mistakes.

For example, first, you may read the sentences and check whether the subject and predicate are in the right position. Then, you may read the text again and check whether all punctuation marks are placed correctly.

Pay Attention to Spelling

The last stage is a check for spelling. The importance of spelling cannot be underestimated. It is a finishing touch, which can greatly improve the quality of the written text. So, regardless of whether you are a student who writes an essay or a writer who works on a book, there is one golden rule, which has to be followed by everyone: spell thorough! You may either use a computer checker or read the paper backwards word by word. Note that homonyms or typos (e.g., “were,” “where”) will not be highlighted as mistakes by a computer checker.

It is easy to skip some common mistakes at the stage of academic editing and they are often corrected at the stage of proofreading. So, make sure to scan your text carefully and attentively not to skip the errors that may lower your college paper grade.

If you find it complicated to identify the aspects that are to be proofread, rely on our proofreading service for help. Just ask us, “Can you proofread my paper online?” Be sure of getting a quick and positive response!

Major Points to Consider When Proofreading Papers

Apart from the guide to proofreading papers provided above, we also want to give some more tips on what to pay meticulous attention to when checking your college paper or any other type of work for common mistakes, etc.

Confusing spelling and word choice

  • Definite/indefinite articles
  • Homophones
  • Prepositions

Wrongly placed punctuation marks

  • Misused or missing commas
  • Bewilderment between em dashes and en dashes and hyphens
  • Wrong use of apostrophes

Formatting Aspects

  • Inappropriate formatting of citations/quotations
  • Incorrect spacing and paragraph indentation
  • Missing or wrongly placed number of pages, headings and footnotes

Other two important elements that have to be taken into consideration include orphans and widows. Even though these terms sound familiar, they do not mean what you think they do. In proofreading, the term “widow” stands for a line, which is separated from the main part of the paragraph and is presented on the following page. At the same time, “orphan” is also a line, which goes at the bottom of a page separated from the main part of the paragraph, which is placed at the following page. It is recommended to avoid both of them while proofreading the text.

The other things that have to be considered while proofreading are:

  • Numbers of pages in the table of contents;
  • Presence of blank pages, if necessary;
  • Graphs, pictures, tables, etc.

Even though the proofreading process requires additional time and making additional efforts, it is strongly recommended not to skip this part of work, as it can improve your paper substantially. Proofread your papers thoroughly if you want to reach a desired result.

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Questions to proofread a book

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Awesome Proofreading Services for Any Type of Work

It goes without saying that throughout studies, students deal with different types of papers. It follows that each of them has to be not only written but also checked for commo0n mistakes. If you need to check various types of papers for but have no idea how to do it, address our online proofreading service. We can proofread essay papers as well as:

  • Research papers
  • Movie/book/article reviews
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Memos
  • Reports
  • Research/grant proposals
  • Term papers, etc.

No matter the kind of academic work you are to bring to perfection, you are welcome to send your proofread my paper online application to us. We are aware of the specifics of different types of papers and can easily turn each of them into a masterpiece.

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Major Advantages of Using Our Valuable Proofreading Services

Without a doubt, is the agency that provides its customers with superior services in all terms. It means that all important service-related aspects are considered so that our clients could enjoy both our cooperation and the final outcome. So, what can you expect when opting for our proofread my essay service? Draw your attention to the following items:

  • Absolute Privacy

Are you worried that someone will find out about our deal? That’s not possible since our company never reveals any details about our users and the assignments they order from us. Every customer gets a special ID number, which means that even their names are unavailable to our writers. The personal data, which our customers provide us with, are used for the purpose of communication only.

  • Fair Prices

Without doubt, using editing and proofreading services requires additional expenses to pay for the work done, but in the end, they will be justified. The prices we charge are reasonable and won’t break someone’s budget. Whether you urgently need to proofread essay papers or not, rest assured that the cost of our expert service will be affordable.

  • Convenient Proofread My Paper Service

We believe that simplicity matters a lot when it comes to online services. For this reason, we have established a straightforward ordering procedure. Moreover, we have a customer care center operating around the clock. It means that you can address our support representatives whenever you need their help or advice.

  • Timely Expert Service

We know that meeting deadlines is of cardinal importance for our clients. That is why we always consider the time frames imposed by our customers. Whether your deadline is strict or not, be confident that it will be met by the expert assigned to your writing project. So, if you are pressed for time, contact us, say, “Proofread my essay,” and get ready to receive your completed work on time.

With our proofreading service, you will always succeed. All you have to do is submit your assignment to us! The rest will be handled by our team of qualified and experienced specialists who know exactly what aspects to pay attention to make customers’ papers perfect.

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Process of Using Our Expert Service

What do I do to hire one of your professionals to proofread my paper? We often get this question from our users. So, now, we will explain the ordering process in detail:

  1. Complete the order form. Provide clear instructions as to how your paper should be processed. Set the deadline, indicate the number of pages, academic level, and other details. Remember to attach the piece of writing that has to be proofread.
  2. Pay for the chosen service. The payment methods we offer vary, so pick the one which you find the most suitable. As soon as the payment goes through, one of our specialists will be assigned to your task.
  3. Download your piece of writing. On the date specified in the order form, log in to your account and get your completed paper.

See, everything is simple. So, don’t waste your time! Use our proofread my paper service to get your papers brought to perfection. No more need to burn the midnight oil looking for some examples of proofreading, tips, or prompts. Our qualified experts are here to assist you!

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