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Things No-one Has Told You about Questions and Answers Tests (Free PDF Sample)

According to the last year statistics, around 12.5% of the orders were requesting help with Questions and Answers type of test. If you are not impressed with the percentage, let us tell you that there were 1337 orders over the year. Sounds impressive, right? Therefore, we decided to pay a closer look at this type of test and provide you with advice you may need for taking your next test.

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Question/Answer Format of the Test

Many professors and online course instructor love this type of assessment, as it is easy to prepare and quick to grade, you can choose any small piece of information and turn it into the question. As a general rule, students are given around 25 questions for the weekly assessment and around 100 to 125 questions for the whole course test. There are two basic ways they may be handled: either in class or at home. You are right that passing this test at home if much easier. Some teachers are conservative and ignore the tools for handling an online form of question/answer test. Imagine having a 120-question test on paper, sounds ridiculous, we know.

The question and answer format examples include every type of both closed and open-end questions (including but not limited to true/false, multiple choice, correct the mistakes or transformation), we would like to bust some myths and share some heart-breaking facts about test-taking, especially multiple-choice tasks:

  • Do not trust the rules of thumb in any of its forms, because: only about 34% of the longest answers end up to be the correct ones; about 25% of answers that have either ‘never’ or ‘always’ are correct (and some people say they are never correct one); less than 20% of B answers are correct for 5-answer questions;
  • Modern online testing systems are able to mix and match answer while displaying the question for different students, so there is no use in answers someone may give you;
  • Despite the idea of a test, you may be asked to answer few open-end questions and you are not allowed to copy your answer from the textbook;
  • About 7% of students fail this type of test if the answers are given with the lower case letters (for example a) gets confused with d)).
  • Over 17% of students will fail the question if the teacher switches the answer order of true/false to false/true even if they know the answer.

This is a statistics shared by many college professors and online test platforms that provide relevant services. Though this might seem unrealistic and silly, this is the sad reality many students experience on their own. So you see that taking a question and answer test requires a lot of attention, profound research, and patience.

After you receive your graded test, pay attention to ‘answer on my question’ points. Remember how you studied and how you knew this information was important. Mark this for your future studying process. Examine the questions you did not get. Define why you have not chosen the right answer. Try to understand the question and figure out what exactly you are supposed to do. If you have made any silly mistakes or typos, note that as well to work on your attention to details in the future.

How to Write a Short Answer Question Response?

If you have an open-end question that requires a short answer, do not rush to write anything. Re-read the question, think about the response you are about to give and make sure it is relevant, short and, of course, correct. If you have any doubts, it may be better to skip the question and return to it later on. Make sure to make a note!

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Civil Procedure

Civil procedure applies to the rules used by court of laws to conduct civil trials, which in this case are the resolutions made on judicial claims by individuals or groups. Civil procedures studies cases that are not criminal, and can be applied by any person to redress, enforse and protect the legal rights of others in the society through monetary awards and court orders...

Question and Answer Format Essay

Sometimes students are asked to prepare a question and answer essay. This means that you will have to provide answers for your questions given, add an introduction and conclusion, as well as sort the answers logically so they will create a cohesive text. The rules of regular essay writing and formatting are applicable in this case (e.g., you will have to submit a paper that is double-spaced, has 12 pt. font and one-inch margins).

Some teachers that are looking for a way to fail the class like to add  ‘write questions for these answers exercises’ or test tasks. When you think you are getting them right, it is so easy to fail. Any question and answer writing activity requires previous research of the topic as well as some profound background knowledge of the subject.

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If you believe you need professional assistance with passing your test, you just have to tell us ‘answer my question or answer to my question’ and fill in the order form. While placing your order you will be able to either give us a link to the set of questions, upload a pdf file or at least upload the photos of the printed document you were given. You will also have to calculate the number of pages (we have established that 1 page equals 5 questions of 300 words for open-end questions or question and answer essay).

Once you do this and make the payment, you will be assigned with the most suitable expert to work on your questions and answers. You will be able to:

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Remember, that placing on order with is completely confidential as your personal information is not shared even with the writer. And you can get qualified help at a reasonable price, as well as receive a 15% first-time discount along with an appealing life-time discount program. 

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