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Research Paper

Research paper is a type of standard academic writing required in higher educational establishments. Usually it is needed to pass final examination or to get a particular scholar grade. Sometimes the topic of the research paper may be similar to the topic of the term paper. The main difference is that the term paper is a terminal writing that is examined by professors and research paper requires the conduction of the thorough exploration of the issue. Such deep research needs persistence and continuous pieceof work. The research paper comprises the collection of the sources, their analysis, filtration and writing of the well-structured composition.

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The research paper can be reconstructed into the term paper

Usually, the research paper does not need the assistance of the professor, however, the instructor is sometimes recommended to help the student with the selection and organization of the material. The main task of the professor is to check whether the chosen resources and information are correct. That is why bibliography and references are required through the paper. It is strongly recommended to chose only written resources and do not use any verbal media, because all the information should be practically assured.

While selecting information it is better not to extract unreliable theories and pay more attention to practical value. Sometimes you can even use experimental material developed by research experts. Usually, the research paper consists of two chapters, theoretical and practical. The first chapter involves theory of the selected topic, and the second requires practical evaluation of the researched data. The head of the faculty, cathedra or department of the educational establishment recommends a supervisor to a student. This supervisor is to coordinate the structure of the research paper. The students can choose the instructor by themselves. They also have a right to do group research and write group arguments, discussions and to execute paper in cooperation.


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