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Professional and Affordable Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services

Writing a resume is so much different from writing any other document, including an essay, application letter or proposal. Because so much depends on a resume and because we genuinely care for our clients, we decided to have a professional resume writing service at Just like with any other paper, students and job seekers can now entrust the entire thing into the hands of professional resume writers.  At Prime-Essay, we value each and every one of our clients and are ready to assist them not only during stressful college times but also throughout even more stressful career journey. While there may be many resume companies promising to take care of your job search needs, is the one that can deliver a fine product at an affordable price.

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If you are still hesitant whether you should pay our professional resume writing service to have your main marketing document crafted by experts, think about how a stellar resume can change your life. It is unlikely you will find another document that can have such a big impact on your future.

Professional Resume Writing Services from

As we have mentioned before, there are many companies that offer similar services. However, a few of them can be called professional resume writing services. We believe that hiring good writers and advertising services online isn’t what makes it professional. At Prime-Essay, we stand for our product. We guarantee quality and we know that our clients will have a much better shot at landing new job opportunities after using our services.

We take pride in our approach to the resume writing process and we believe this is what makes the service professional and one of the best on the Internet. The way we select professional resume writers, our newly designed online practices, affordable prices, guarantees, and benefits make us a top rated resume writing service recommended by our clients all over the world.                                                       

Professional Resume Writers Make a Difference

In order to create a powerful resume, it takes an understanding of how resumes are reviewed, assessed, and selected by the hiring managers. Obviously, some of the hiring practices differ from company to company but most of the things are pretty much the same. Our professional resume writers come from HR backgrounds so they know what employers will be looking for in your resume. Besides, our resume writers also come from different industries, including sales, construction, engineering, IT, education, healthcare, etc. This makes us qualified in providing our services to a wide range of job seekers.

However, our professional writers don’t only have an HR background and have an understanding of different industries. They are also experienced writers who know how to communicate concepts in a way that would attract the attention of your target audience (potential employers). They have all been trained in resume writing and have experience crafting hundreds of resumes for clients both in the United States and around other countries. So when you place your order at Prime-Essay, you know you will have one of our professional resume writers who will be able to turn things around for you career-wise. From there you don’t have to worry much about your resume at all because you are going to have a powerful marketing tool!

Online Resume Writing Services to Meet All Your Career Needs

Years ago when you needed to buy something, you had to find a local store and go there to get your thing. However, the Internet has changed the way we live. Now people buy things online and have them delivered without standing up from the couch. Resume writing services are no different in this context. You don’t need to look for ‘resume writing services near me’. Although some people prefer searching ‘local resume writing services near me’ or ‘resume writing services nyc’ in their browser tab to then go find a physical office of the company and get your resume done by professionals that is not necessary today. Resume writing services NYC are no different than online resume writing services. In fact, those who have a physical office near your place may be limited in the selection of professional writers if they want them to work in the office. offers online resume services which eliminates unnecessary travel. We have designed an efficient online system that allows for effective communication between our clients, resume writers, and support staff. By using our online resume writing services you can do everything from your computer: place an order, send the needed files, interact with the assigned resume writer, and evaluate the product. Online resume writing services significantly simplify life for job seekers.

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Affordable Resume Writing Services for All Job Seekers

Another aspect that makes our resume writing services so good is pricing. While it may seem that paying over $70 doesn’t seem like a good bargain and for sure it doesn’t appear like a cheap resume writing service. However, this is one of the best prices on the market. Taking into account that professional resume writers charge usually more than for the other types of writing as well as the fact that this is a much more complex kind of writing, the price is more than affordable. If you check the websites of other resume companies, you will be shocked to know that sometimes the price for this service can go up to $500.

At Prime-Essay, we always approach this sensitive subject of pricing carefully. We don’t want to charge an unreasonable amount of money from our clients just because other resume services do so. Quite the opposite, we would like to be fair both to our employees as well as to our customers. As a result, we are recognized as one of the cheap resume writing services that can be found online. The great thing about our product is that our cheap resume services have the same guarantees as those who charge $200-$400 per document.

Features of Our Resume Writing Service

What Do Our Resume Writers Guarantee?

When it comes to guarantees, our resume writers deliver no less than fancy and expensive resume writing companies. We do know how to deliver fine products and resume writing is one of our specialties. Here are our guarantees:

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

This is just a cliché that has been overused by the majority of professional resume writing services. But we do mean it when we say it. Our process is set up in a way that guarantees customer satisfaction. It is only when our clients are happy with the product received we consider the project completed. In other words, we will work on your resume for as long as needed until you are happy with your new marketing document.

On-time Delivery 

Our QA team is constantly monitoring all resume orders as well as the performance of our resume writers in order to make sure that all clients receive their products within the specified deadline. Many job openings have a deadline and it is vital to send your application within the given time frame, otherwise, the application will be rejected immediately. With Prime-Essay, you don’t need to worry about missing a deadline – our professional resume writers always deliver papers on time.

Increased Chance of Interview Invitations 

We guarantee that if you use a resume written by our company properly (i.e. apply for positions discussed with your writer), you will have a much better chance of getting interview invitations. This means your resume will accomplish its purpose – landing interviews. From there, you can work your way through the interview to get a job offer.

Additional Help 

If you need any kind of additional help, don’t hesitate to ask your writer. For example, if you feel worried about your upcoming interview and have some questions about that, you can message your writer who will be able to provide some actionable advice. More than that, we can help with finding employment agencies or crafting a thank you letter for you.

That said, you have no reason to doubt that our professional resume writers will deliver the document that will help you land your target job quickly. Just to give you a glimpse of what kind of products we deliver here, check our resume sample below.

Resume Writing Sample


Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

A resume isn’t the only job application document required by employers today. That’s why we decided to launch resume and cover letter writing services.

Sometimes, companies want candidates to send a cover letter along with their resume. Most candidates don’t think a cover letter is important but a lot of hiring managers would disagree with that statement. And since all job application documents are written for the employer (not for the self-gratification purposes as some people think), job seekers need to provide what the hiring managers expect. That said, resume and cover letter services can come in really handy for those job seekers who take their career challenges seriously. Why?

  1. Resume and cover letter service will help you market yourself as a stronger candidate because it will allow you to communicate more information to prospective employers.
  2. Ordering both resume and cover letter means you will have more jobs to apply for as some of them require a cover letter to be sent along with your resume.
  3. Adding a cover letter to your application will help you convey your career story. A resume format doesn’t allow that but a cover letter is a great tool to show how you are different from other candidates.

How Does This Resume Help Service Work?

If you need our professional resume help service, you are only a couple of clicks away from receiving it. All you have to do is to place your order on our website and provide the information to the writer either by uploading your old resume to the instructions section or just sending it in a message to the assigned writer. From there, our resume help service will ensure you will receive a fine product. If your writer needs additional information, they will contact you regarding this.

As the writer will be working on your resume, you will be free to contact them and ask about the progress. Also, you can ask for drafts to see where the writer is going with your professional experience. After the rough draft is finished, it will be sent to you for review. You will be able to ask your resume writer to incorporate changes free of charge. So we will work on your document until you are fully satisfied with the result. 

What Makes Prime-Essay a Top Rated Resume Writing Service? is the best and top rated resume writing service online. We are unique because we manage to provide top-notch resume preparation services at affordable prices. The great thing about our service is that we make no compromise on quality. Our resume papers are proofread by QA team members before they are sent to clients; therefore, our customers have nothing to worry about when they place their order with our company.

We have the best team of professional resume writers who come from different backgrounds and industries. That makes us qualified in helping clients who come from different environments, including retail sales, e-commerce, software engineering, education, sports, construction, real estate, healthcare, etc. Our core value is delivering a fine product at the right time to make job seekers succeed in their career pursuits. If you think like that’s a good culture for a resume service, place your order in this form below.

If you are interested in placing an order or you want to know more about our resume writing services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Professional and Affordable Resume Writing Services
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