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55 Perfect Rogerian Argument Topics and More

When most of us think of an argument, we automatically think of winners and losers. Especially nowadays, when any even remotely controversial issue has two polar opposite sides and an agreement between them seems as likely as hell freezing over. While that kind of approach can be effective in certain kinds of situations, it’s not applicable to all topics and issues. Here is where the Rogerian argument comes in, with its goal to find a middle ground. So, if you’re looking for additional information for your paper or simply need a good selection of Rogerian argument topics, check out our guide!

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Rogerian Method and Its Origins

The Rogerian method is also known as Invitational Argument and Collaborative Rhetoric. It was invented by psychologist Carl Rogers in his personal therapy sessions where he called it “empathetic listening”. Rogers’ main belief was that psychotherapy should deal with failures in communication, so you can see how the Rogerian model makes you think not in the “winner-loser” format, but rather pushes you to find common ground with the opposing side. It was later adapted for rhetoric by writing scholars Richard Young, Alton Becker and Kenneth Pike.

Rogerian Argument Definition, Goal, and Use

A good way to define Rogerian argument is to describe it as a negotiation tactic that aims to identify the opposing points of view as objectively as possible and then create a common ground so both sides can reach an agreement. It’s a good tactic to use when the other party is biased toward the topic you are discussing (for example, social norms). We should also mention that it can only be applied to subjective spheres like politics, religion, and social topics, and not to objective ones (position of Earth in the Solar system, etc.), so make sure to pick your Rogerian argument topics wisely!

Rogerian Essay Structure and Tips

A Rogerian argument essay is an argumentative essay, and each argumentative model you want to use has its own structure. The Rogerian model typically consists of four parts:

  • Introduction. Why the topic you’ve chosen is important?
  • Summary of the opposing views. Why does the opposing side care about it?
  • Your position. Why do you care about the topic?
  • Resolution. How can we find a common ground?

Here are some useful tips to help you with the specifics:

  • Choose Rogerian argument topics you are neutral about. That way you can stay objective about the issues.
  • Pick a controversial issue to discuss, so it will be easier to make your argument, research your opponents, and then reach a resolution.
  • Thoroughly research the other side of your argument, so you have solid facts to support your views.
  • Make sure you reach a workable compromise, as it’s the main goal of your essay.

Rogerian Argument Outline Sample

Let’s check a more detailed Rogerian argument essay outline, so you know how to flesh out your structure.

  1. Introduction. State the issue you want to explore and give some context for both sides of the argument.
  2. Summary of the opposing side. Explain the reason(s) the other side disagrees with your point of view.
  3. Statements of understanding the opposing side. Show that you understand the validity of the opposing point of view.
  4. Statement of your position. Explain your position and provide some quotes for its support.
  5. Context for your position. Show the merits of your point of view.
  6. Benefits of consensus. Demonstrate how your opponent might benefit from accepting at least parts of your argument.

How to Write a Rogerian Argument Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know the basics of Rogerian arguments, that is the definition and the structure, let’s check the perfect way how to write Rogerian argument. Our expert writers have put together a helpful step-by-step guide you can follow below.

  1. Find common ground. That is the main goal of the Rogerian argument, so think about what the other side might agree to, so you can have them meet you halfway.
  2. Know your audience. Are they going to be reluctant to change or more open-minded about the subject you choose? You need to know your audience’s perspective in order to build a successful argument.
  3. Introduce the problem. Make sure to do it in a clear way, so your reader understands your position.
  4. Acknowledge the other side. In this type of essay, you should do it right after the introduction. Do it in a way that the opposing side knows you understand their point of view.
  5. State your position. Be as attentive as possible in presenting the context of your position as well as your point of view, as you need to be persuasive for the other side of the argument.
  6. Bring two sides together. Explain the benefits of considering at least parts of your argument for the other side.
  7. Come to a conclusion. Briefly summarize the main points of your position and try to leave some food for thought for your audience, so they still have something to think about after reading your essay.
  8. Edit and proofread. Check not only for any stylistic or grammatical mistakes but review the logic of your essay.
  9. Ask for feedback. With argumentative essays, it’s always helpful to test out your logic by asking your friends to read your paper.

You obviously need a good topic you are passionate about to build an excellent essay, so if you still haven’t thought of one, check our list of possible Rogerian argument topics next!

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General Ideas for Rogerian Argument Topics

A Rogerian argument is best suited and works best with mainly controversial issues. Fortunately for students looking for Rogerian argument topics, there are a lot of those nowadays. We’ve compiled a list of more general ideas for your paper, so you can pick one and see which of the specific Rogerian argument essay topics from our next list you want to choose.

  • Gun Control
  • Abortion
  • Immigration
  • Climate Change
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Racial Inequality
  • Mental Health
  • Animal Rights
  • Education
  • Women's Rights
  • Nuclear Energy
  • GMO Foods
  • Death Penalty
  • International Relations
  • Drug Legalization
  • Mass Surveillance
  • Health Care
  • Religion
  • Social Media
  • Privacy
  • Capitalism
  • Civil Rights
  • Bullying
  • Technology
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Trade
  • Military Spending
  • Euthanasia
  • Age of Consent
  • Censorship
  • Cyber Security
  • Animal Testing
  • Human Trafficking
  • Terrorism

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55 Thought-Provoking Rogerian Essay Topics

A good topic provides an extra push for a great essay, so check our list of topics for a Rogerian essay to find the one you’ve been looking for!

  1. Should school meal programs provide healthier food options?
  2. Should the health care system provide free services to those in need?
  3. Should companies be held accountable for their practices in developing countries?
  4. Is censorship of the internet necessary?
  5. Should public colleges and universities offer free tuition?
  6. Are standardized tests an effective measure of intelligence?
  7. Should scientists be allowed to conduct animal testing?
  8. Are video games beneficial to children's development?
  9. Should the government regulate the media?
  10. Should the government pass legislation to protect the rights of immigrants?
  11. Should the government pass legislation to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals?
  12. Should the government fund research into alternative forms of energy?
  13. Should the government limit the amount of chemicals and pollutants in the environment?
  14. Should the government pass stricter laws to regulate the use of pesticides?
  15. Should the government impose stricter regulations on the use of artificial intelligence?
  16. Should the government impose stricter regulations on the banking industry?
  17. Should the government fund research into renewable energy sources?
  18. Should schools be required to teach about sexual education?
  19. Should the legal age for voting be lowered?
  20. Should there be limits on the amount of money people can spend on campaigns?
  21. Should all citizens be required to vote?
  22. Should there be stricter laws for animal rights?
  23. Should euthanasia be legal?
  24. Should students be allowed to opt out of standardized tests?
  25. Should the government increase taxes on the wealthy?
  26. Should the government invest more in education?
  27. Should the government provide free childcare for low-income families?
  28. Should the government ban the sale of guns?
  29. Should the government require businesses to provide parental leave?
  30. Should marijuana be legalized in all states?
  31. Should there be more support for veterans?
  32. Should standardized tests be eliminated?
  33. Should the US education system be reformed?
  34. Should religious organizations be eligible for government funding?
  35. Should privacy rights be more strictly enforced?
  36. >Should the military budget be reduced?
  37. Should the US immigration system be reformed?
  38. Should government subsidies be given to renewable energy companies?
  39. Should there be strict limits on campaign contributions?
  40. Should the use of plastic be limited?
  41. Should there be an international limit on carbon emissions?
  42. Should the US reduce its military presence abroad?
  43. Should the US be involved in foreign conflicts?
  44. Should the US economy be deregulated?
  45. Should the US have a foreign policy of non-intervention?
  46. Should the US government acknowledge its role in human rights abuses?
  47. Should LGBT rights be more strictly enforced?
  48. Should the US government provide more aid to developing countries?
  49. Should the US provide more aid to refugees?
  50. Should the US government provide more assistance to poor communities?
  51. Should there be a limit on the size of school classrooms?
  52. Should employers be allowed to discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation?
  53. Should convicted criminals be allowed to vote?
  54. Should child vaccination be mandatory?
  55. Should companies be allowed to advertise to children?

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