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AIDA Approach

The chosen advertisement for Pepsi contains all of the essential AIDA elements. The design of the ad is colorful, has many blue tones, and is rich with details and different characters. Firstly, the element of awareness is present in the ad in the initial phrase "Is Pepsi OK?", which the waiter asked the visitor at the cafe. After it was said, the general action began. Cardi B appeared in the focus then and started proving that Pepsi is more than OK in her own special way by telling her distinctive "Okrrr!", and it represents the element of desire because the celebrity is shown in the ad. All of the people, present there, were trying to repeat this phrase as it interested them a lot. Everyone's endeavors to repeat after Cardi B demonstrated how the component of interest was used without even directly referring to any of the drink's features. Lastly, the call to action appeared at the end, when a man, who initially asked for Coke, changed his opinion and himself took a glass with Pepsi and said: "I wanted a Pepsi." Overall, the creators of the advertisement conducted a great job because it involved all of the AIDA elements natively and entertainingly.

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Student 1: In common, both the response and the ad are clear and precisely demonstrate the messages of the authors. Probably, in the ad itself, it would be good to add more drinks in the hands of the women, which would mean that all of them were able to act for the satisfaction of their desire. The rest of the advertisement is rather perfect in terms of AIDA.

Student 2: I was satisfied with the response as the author has provided a detailed analysis. However, in terms of AIDA, the ad was not effective because each separate message was presented in a very quick way, so there was not much time to receive and understand it.

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